Wednesday, 31 December 2014


2014 has been a shitty year.

It has also been a long year, so for once, none of that "omg this year flew by so quickly!" bullshit. Nope. Things that happened at the start do not feel like "it's only been yesterday".

Which is why I am so glad it's over and am more excited for the new year than ever before.
For once, I am not being all sappy and sentimental.
(Aiyo, why so negative? Or is this just life getting to me?)

Anyway, some note to self:

Lessons learnt in 2014 and mistakes not to repeat in 2015:

Life in general
• I exercised a teeny bit more this sem, good job on being less of a lazy bum! Still, it's not enough. Looking forward to more runs around the school/to Wahchee with Dawn!

• Please learn to love vegetables soon. It can't do you any harm, can it?
Every time I tell people I don't eat vegetables, they're like, huh then how you shit?! HA HA HA thanks everyone for your concern regarding my bowel movements.

• I do miss having a blog just for me to ramble on about my own life. Hopefully this can help improve my writing skills too, even if it is just informal writing. Sounds nerdy, but I really do hope so!

• Don't be afraid of failure.
Screwed up my CAP? Relationship failed? Didn't meet my own expectation for whichever role (OGL, SLF, whatever committee) I signed up for? Some friendships died? Being all disheartened and demoralised will not help me at all. Nope, stop whining or wallowing in self-pity. Make the best out of your situation, use the failure as motivation to work even harder and find ways to improve yourself. I think we learn more when we fail than when we succeed.
I am glad that I managed to stay positive in spite of the challenges or failures that came my way :)

• This sem, I actually completed some of my assignments before the last minute. Granted, they were simple assignments (eg. composing a Facebook and Twitter post), but still, good for me! KEEP THIS UP, EVE.

• How many more semesters of disappointing results before I will learn? Your CAP is terribly low, find out what you're doing wrong and change it.
Talked to JD to ask for advice when I saw my CAP this sem, and although his advice was rather vague, it still helped :) Figure out why I am doing badly in certain mods, find my strengths, take modules that allow me to tap on my strength, stop being so shy about asking lecturers/tutors for help. Go eve, don't ever let yourself be disheartened! (And maybe stop talking to yourself so much on your blog)

• This got so longwinded that I decided to just have one post dedicated to it (which I have made private, sorry if you are feeling kaypoh but you can always ask me personally hehe)
Sigh, not a very good sign that I had so many mistakes to learn from, but I guess that's how we learn.
Long story short, trust your gut instincts and cliched relationship advices are a cliche for a reason so try not to dismiss them.

• Learn to manage expectations.

You make so many acquaintances in school, but most will remain as hi-bye friends (or just pretend-I-didn't-see-you friends). Just look at all the people you get to know from orientation camps and how many still remain.

Some people are friends out of circumstance, and once that part of your life is gone, so will they.

You treat some people as friends but realise that they don't actually care about you. These people do not deserve your time and efforts since they will not reciprocate it. Move on.

Some people will form their own exclusive little gang within a bigger group of "friends". Same as the previous point, it happens but it's not worth your time and efforts, their loss, move on. No need to suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out).

Ultimately, having a few friends who truly care and matter will be much more important than trying to sustain friendships with many many acquaintances. The latter only made me unhappy, so why not focus your energy on the ones who truly matter and make your life much more enjoyable?

Anyway, it's apparently proven that a person can only have about 5 close friends because we all have a finite amount of time and energy to spare (or something along those lines). Quality over quantity.

Okay, that's all I can think of for now.

2014 was a shitty year with regards to school, relationships and friendships, but in a way, I am glad to have made these mistakes because it is from there that I get to learn and improve. I think if things remained status quo, I would stagnate as well instead of learning and making progress.

Despite all that has happened, I'm still rather hopeful and optimistic. 船到桥头自然直, I hope!

May 2015 be a better year :)

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