Thursday, 1 January 2015


Okay, so there were shitty moments in 2014, but there were happy moments too!
Time to recall the more significant events in my 2014 life, because I really am glad for each and every experience :)
I should start the year on a positive note, yeah?

As usual, I went on my crazy rah-rah rampage and joined 3 camps as a senior... basically ate up my entire summer holidays, but so worth it.

I fell sick at the end of each camp, sigh. Signs of old-age :(

Councillor @ Arts Camp

NUS arts camp 2014
Last day of camp!

Roomed with Ze Cowgalz hahaha my fellow female councillors!
I still remember all our embarrassing nicknames and actions... lol what happens when you have five very exhausted girls room together that are too tired to remain sane.

This camp was so draining, omg. We basically had half strength for our councillors because 3 of them decided to do their own thing and were essentially useless. 2 OGLs, 2 councillors left, and thankfully 2 crashers (Nigel and Zhi An) who were of such great help.

CNM camp 2014

CNM camp 2014
Best OGLs award!
And so we got the 'Best OGL' award because everyone noticed us struggling with half the councillors gone and decided we deserve recognition for making things work anyway. Aww, really thankful for the support of our councillors/crashers, and also the OGLs from other OGs! Loved out bitching/gossiping session on the last night, heh heh >:)

Head OGL @ Tembusu Orientation Week
This was so stressful!!! I was really afraid that the freshies would get bored because... well... some of the programmes were not very exciting and we had a lot of spare time to do whatever we wanted.
We ended up going to Teoheng till 1am one night and walked all the way back to Tembusu, hehe that was quite fun!
Ooh and of all the camp social nights I've attended, this was the best! No responsibilities, lots of drinks (thanks to those who didn't turn up, 'cos we used up all your free drinks!) and basically felt so much less restrictive than other social nights. Closest I've ever gotten to being drunk (because we always have to ration the drinks at other social nights).

Tembusu Orientation Week 2014
I love our mummy with the dangling tassle hahaha.
Thanks to Ren Jie the paramedic, our mummy was wrapped up really neatly!

Crashed Arts Oweek
Heh heh, first time having no responsibilities at all!
Just turn up whenever I wanted, sat behind the LT to chill and talk and play games, and no responsibilities for social night!
Arts Oweek social night
We were supposed to repay Dickson the social night experience that we robbed him of back when he was a freshie, haha. 'Cos we were quite wary when we first met him and weren't very friendly with him, oops.

NUS arts oweek
All the crashers from T4! We can easily outnumber all the other OGs, teehee.

NUS arts oweek
Action 214!

2. Joining Student Life Fair (SLF)
Decided to join the SLF committee because my life felt rather boring and empty.
It was tiring mainly because it clashed with all the camps/Shan Experience, but I'm glad I decided against quitting.
Hmm, don't think I learned as much as I expected/hope, but it was still a good experience :)

NUS Student Life Fair 2014

3. Tioman trip with Tembusu
 I have never ever ever gone hiking on such a tough trail, omg. No proper paths, slippery slopes, steep slopes, and the constant fear of slipping and falling to my death.
The soles of my shoes came off during the trek and started hooking on to the branches on the ground, which made me trip so many times.
I am thankful for getting out of the mountain in one piece.

Tembusu Offtrek Tioman 2014

This was such a chill place to be. I really miss lying on the beach just doing nothing. We were just napping, reading, writing, etc. No stress, no hurry to do anything.
And then at night, a few of us just had a few drinks and talked while lying back on the beach chair and looking at the stars in the sky... perfect HTHT atmosphere.

Oh, and there were cats roaming around the island, so whenever we sat down for meals, the cats just nonchalantly walk under the table, brush your legs and scare the shit out of you, or jump onto your lap and scare even more shit out of you. I'm afraid of going near animals so I sat cross-legged throughout most of my meals and had to be on the constant lookout... u_u

4. Batam trip with the cereal killers
Yay short trip with my first friends in NUS!

If not for the company, this trip would have been so boring. It rained most of the time we were there so no water sports or anything outdoors, and the shopping malls had nothing. I just really loved the food and the company.

Played King's Cup and I had to drink Barcadi + Indomie seasoning + Sprite. Worst King's Cup ever.

Turi Beach Resort Batam

Turi Beach Resort Batam

5. CNM Society Exco
We haven't done much so far, and I think I really need to up my game as VP.
Time for me to be more proactive and procrastinate less!

NUS CNM Society Exco

6. Biggest scare of the year...
I look so shag here, hahaha. 
3am, post-supper @ Eusoff Hall!

Okay, lesson learned. Do not attempt to ride on a bike with 3 people, especially when you have only 2 helmets. If you do so, you will pass by a police car because murphy's law.


I'm really glad to have gone through all these experiences. I made new friends from camps and other unexpected places, realised more clearly who are the people who matter, learned to be a better friend, and pushed myself physically/mentally/emotionally through all the camps/SLF/breakups/shitty friends.

It's finally 2015, yay!

For the first time ever, the year ahead is so unpredictable because I have no idea where I will be. 3-month internship? 6-month internship? 6-month internship + summer exchange? No internship until Y3S2? NOC? I really don't know.

In a way, the uncertainty scares me and pushes me away from my comfort zone, but it also means more possibilities ahead.

Really and truly looking forward to a fresh new start -- new year, new semester and hopefully positive changes to my life :)
I believe that if you want to improve the circumstances you are in, you have to start from improving yourself and your mindset.

Happy new year, everyone! ☆ 

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