Monday, 12 January 2015


I am so excited that school has started and really glad to be back in Tembusu again (although I suspect this will die down soon)! School officially starts today but since I have no lessons, tomorrow shall be my first day back to school.

Moved back to Tembusu on Sunday, and I'm soooo happy to finally be with the suite again ~
Living with them just makes everything much better. The best company I can ever ask for in a suite!

Some random photos because I am just overflowing with enthusiasm right now.

"Good day, I am a friendly looking plant! Say hello to me! The table was feeling very lonely!"
Dawn decided to place a plant there because we added two new tables to the living room and the tables looked too empty.
So cute!

First meal/breakfast in Tembusu!
Noodles with sotong balls, cereal with milo (because milk is gross), iced milo and this tiny miniscule apple!

Some of my school supplies, wheeee.
I LOVE MUJI. Muji pencil case, notebooks and planner!
Also quite proud of my makeshift Starbucks stationery holder ^v^
Everything is on to a great start! Managed to wake up at 8am and had breakfast with the suite and a few people from Shan.

I was the first in the suite to wake up :O Andrea saw me in the washroom in the morning and squealed in shock because I am usually the one who wakes up at 3pm after going to bed at 5am, heh. YAY, PROUD OF MYSELF!

Hoping for a more productive and happy semester ahead :)

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