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/Warning: long post ahead! Read on at your own discretion.


Finals ended on 1 Dec, great way to start the month!

Let's recap:
(Because I always like to read blog entries from years ago and be able to recall very clearly the things I did back then, so cool it's like regaining my memory. Hi future me!)

Dinner with NY170

Dinner with the PW group! A few years ago we met up for chocolate fondue and this time round, our new target was... BUFFET! We decided on K Cook Korean BBQ Buffet, and I ate so much meat that night omg I was impressed with my own appetite :O

THEY HAD BACON!!! I ate so much bacon that I got sick of it (but only for awhile because I will never hate bacon).

KCOOK Korean BBQ Buffet
Rachel decided to dump loads of onions and enoki mushrooms there as well, and we started cooking them in the sauce from the marinated meats. Turned out tasting really good! 

Suite outing

Full attendance suite outing!
We met really early for brunch (like 10am omg?) @ Strangers' Reunion!
I find most cafes overrated because the food is always the same - waffles, eggs benedict, all-day breakfast, etc, but this is the one cafe I wouldn't mind revisiting.

Strangers' Reunion buttermilk waffles with fresh fruits and vanilla bean ice cream
The most amazing buttermilk waffles with blueberries, strawberries, bananas and vanilla bean ice cream!
The waffles are so fluffy and sweet! It's a nice mix of hot & cold, sweet & sour (from the strawberries) omg I love it.
Heehee Andrea looking so angelic and demure here! 0:) 
We started wandering around and ended up walking to Chinatown.
It was quite interesting actually, looking at the shops there which were clearly targeted at tourists. I mean, who else would buy merchandise with a merlion on it?


Continued wandering around and we ended up at... Clarke Quay!
We were so happy to see the Central building because it was bloody hot and humid and we wanted needed some air-condition ASAP.

Clarke Quay

Sat by the river for awhile because by then, we were feeling really nua from the walking and the heat. It's quite nice to just sit there and watch the boats go by. I love it when I'm out and there's no hurry to do anything or go anywhere. Just chill and relax. Plus, I love how colourful the buildings/shophouses are!

Clarke Quay
Pretty clouds that day!
Ooh, at night we borrowed a projector and screened The Little Mermaid and Boyhood on the wall of our suite!

My first time watching The Little Mermaid, and I don't understand why people would like Ariel because she really is quite annoying in my opinion. Giving up her voice for a guy she barely knew? And getting her father into trouble for it? Nope, too selfish and boy-crazy for me.

Boyhood was not bad! It follows the life of this boy from young till his college years, and it was actually filmed over 12 years. They used the same cast for 12 years and you literally watch them physically grow up. I thought that was rather interesting.

Amazing day with the suitemates! ♥ Really looking forward to living with them again, please put us back in the same suite!

Agnes's house

Went to Agnes's house to celebrate her birthday!
I love meeting up with T4, it's such a big group filled with diverse personalities and it's always fun when we get together :)

Had a great time playing cards, Dance Central and Wii!
Jeremy taught us this new card game called Yaniv (some Israeli card game) which turned out to be really fun :D

T4 at Agnes's house
Action 214 to the best OG ever!

Lunch with Nichol

Met Nichol for lunch!
I'm glad we got to meet a few times this semester before she flies off for exchange :)

Lunch at Concetto by Saveur was quite a letdown :(

Ordered the crab risotto and since it was my first time trying risotto, I had no idea how it's supposed to taste like. Nichol says the rice is not supposed to be hard, so yeah I think mine was undercooked? The creamy sauce they used was too jelat so I had quite a hard time finishing it :\

Concetto by Saveur crab risotto
Behold, the photogenic but disappointing risotto.
Shared the tiramisu, which was better! It's like this deconstructed tiramisu, so you have blobs of cream and chunks of cake instead of one whole tiramisu. Not bad though, considering how I don't usually like tiramisu!

Concetto by Saveur tiramisu
Because layered tiramisu is too mainstream.

Failed Cereal Pantry outing

Okay, so being called the Cereal Killers (random story behind our name), we wanted to try The Cereal Pantry for more than a year now. We finally stopped procrastinating and travelled all the way to Telok Blangah for it... only to realise that it has closed down -_-

They were still active on Facebook and everything, so we thought they were open... and we travelled all the way there for it... turns out they no longer have a physical shop and are only available for events now. To think we walked round and round the HDB estate trying to find for the shop...


Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay

Hmm... this was a bittersweet memory.

MBS and ArtScience Museum
I love love love this part of Singapore! The skyline is so pretty!

Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay
They had 'snow'!
I loved the musical light show! No videos because... I deleted the video... together with some photos. Ha ha, oops!

Always a sucker for pretty lights at night! ^v^ Sigh, I am such a hopeless romantic.

Dinner with clique

Jieyi is back from UK for awhile so we met up, yay!
I was so excited to finally try Miam Miam, but it was so overrated! DISAPPOINTMENT.

Dorothy was raving about the french toast, and I kept seeing photos of it all over Instagram and Snapchat so I had such high expectations for it...

Miam Miam french toast, Valrhona chocolate souffle and banana caramel souffle pancake
Verdict: French toast tasted like they were from Ya Kun, Souffle Pancakes tasted like McDonald's Hot Cakes.
Valrhona Chocolate Souffle was good though! We mixed soft serve from the pancakes together with the souffle and oh my god the mixture of cold ice cream with hot molten chocolate was divineee.

Failed TreeTop Walk outing


So... we wanted a suite hiking trip (although only 3 of us could make it), plus Dawn and Andrea really wanted to go to the TreeTop Walk, so off we went for our morning hike!

And then...
Macritchie Nature Trail TreeTop Walk
But that ain't gonna stop us from going on our morning hike, so off we went on a different trail!

Macritchie Nature Trail
Like Dora the Explorers, heehee so cute!
Had ice cream with waffles at Udders after our hike!
Yay, we earned it after waking up early in the morning and getting some exercise!

We're the Furballs

$8.50 to enter (weekday) and it came with a drink! I tried this iced chocolate tea which tasted terrible, ugh, like plain water infused with a teensy bit of chocolate flavouring.

I have always been afraid of going near animals, so this was supposed to be a chance to overcome that fear.


There were two girls hogging the dogs most of the time, sigh. I think they are regulars, because they seem to know the dogs really well and vice versa. So two of the dogs just kept going back to curl up on their laps and ignored everyone else.

There was this group of people just sitting there playing card games... I don't get it? You pay money to enter a dog cafe just to sit down and play cards...?

We're the Furballs Dog Cafe 1
Such a cutieeeee, I really like this dog!
We're the Furballs Dog Cafe 3
A lot of the dogs were just napping. Maybe it was the perfect nua weather cos it was raining outside, made me want to nap as well :\
We're the Furballs Dog Cafe 4
If you want the dogs' attention, just buy dog food from the cafe and they'll come to you.
See, money can buy you happiness after all!

Dickson's birthday

Celebrated Dickson's (belated) birthday with the lovelies! (Random whatsapp group name created by Derek, lol?)

We wanted to eat at 49 Seats but it was full. Told us we had to wait an hour, nooo :(
So we decided to try Supply and Demand, but the queue was crazy as well. Bumped into Housheng and he said he had to wait 2 hours, dafuq?!

After wandering around, we decided to eat at Medzs!

Dickson's birthday
Birthday boy with his cake and card!
Me and Joanne purposely picked the girliest card with lots of flowers on it >:)
Rainbow cake for the birthday boy! Tasted like those colourful sponge cakes you get from the neighbourhood bakery, but it was good! Quite fluffy and moist enough :)

Dickson Derek Klarissa Joanne and me
And we flew to Greece for his birthday, wheeeeeee!
#lol #wishfulthinking
Always a good time hanging out with this bunch :)
I am glad I took TS1101e, despite my shitty grades, because it brought me closer to them!

Orchard with Nichol

We continued our yearly tradition of walking along Orchard Road during Christmas Season to look at the Christmas lights!
This year's decoration was meh, so we didn't really care about the lights, ha ha.

Finally got to try Lady M! We had cake for dinner, my my, such grown-ups now aren't we?

I had the Strawberry Shortcake, which was so good. Fluffy layers of cream and cake, yumz. It's a little overpriced in my opinion though. $9 for this, when I can get a similar strawberry shortcake from Four Leaves at half the price? But it was really yummy so I didn't mind the price ^v^

I have decided that I like strawberry shortcake better than chocolate cake!

Nichol had the Signature Mille Crepe, which I didn't really like. I have no idea how it's supposed to taste, but it's just thin layers of custardy caramelly cake and cream. Not my kinda thing.

Lady M Strawberry Shortcake and Signatuer Mille Crepe
The strawberry shortcake looks so cute!
Lady M Orchard Central

I absolutely adore the Lady M outlet @ Orchard Central!
I did not expect it to be so huge! And they have huge windows so the whole place just felt so bright and spacious.

Went to Spotlight cos Nichol needed to find Christmas Decorations, and we started amusing ourselves with the costumes.

Me and Nichol 2
Spot the creepy pink man photobombing us.
I love their selection of helium balloons!
I wandered off to look at all the balloons and couldn't find Nichol in the end, oops!
But omg so many balloons and all so pretty! I like big floating balloons, ha ha does that make me sound childish? Good, I don't care :D

Chillax New Year's Eve Part 1

Met Chris for lunch on New Year's Eve!
We both live nearby which is great :D

Shared Yong Tau Foo and 小笼包 from the hawker centre above Beauty World. Apparently that area is his 地盘 and he knows the good food there, lolz. $7 for 10 小笼包, I guess that's not bad?

Headed to Carpenter and Cook for dessert!

Carpenter and Cook Banoffee Tart
Banoffee Tart!
I like the one from Humble Origins more though. Plus it's cheaper! This one was quite meh.

Chillax New Year's Eve Part 2

Went to Derek's house at night!
Bought food for steamboat, played Game of Life (which turned out more fun than I'd expected) and finally started cooking at 11pm.

Had steamboat while counting down on the rooftop @ Derek's house!
I love being on rooftops and sky gardens, the view is always so pretty!
Tadah, our steamboat!
Not bad, I love chilling around so this was a good end/start to the year!


School is starting in a week! Back to having no life :(

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