Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I've been feeling really meh and unmotivated lately, but I finally got out of that funk!

Previously, I felt so lost about everything in life - relationships (friends and family), studies, internships and the very worrying uncertainty of my future (honours/no honours, securing a job, etc). The more I worry and think about it, the more discouraged I get and the less I can accomplish. Thankfully, I've snapped out of it. And right in time too, since school is starting next week!

Simply completing small and very manageable tasks can improve my mood and motivation! Did a teeny weeny bit of "spring cleaning" last night, good job to me! Cleaned up my bookmarks in Chrome, applied for a few internships, wrote down some to-do lists and rearranged my very messy bookshelf.

/Side-track down memory lane

I realised I used to read a lot more when I was younger. It's great that I had teachers who recommended books to us, which got me interested in reading in the first place!

books all american girl totto-chan chinese cinderella memoirs of a geisha the curious incident of the dog in the night time
The 5 books I loved when I was in primary school and got me started on reading more.
(3/5 books were recommended by my teachers)
All American Girl | My friend was reading this and I bought it to see what it's about. This is the book that sparked my obsession with all those young adult chick lit. I mean, come on, I was 11; I was a teenager-to-be, all eager to grow up and hoping to magically transform into a cool kid one day. All that 'American high school' lifestyle and culture was so fascinating and even a little bit appealing. So, yep. Thanks Meg Cabot, your books were always more expensive than the rest but I frittered my money away on them anyway.

Totto-Chan: The Little Girl At The Window | I read this when I was 8! So I wasn't too far off from Totto-Chan's age, which made it interesting since I was reading this with a similar naivety and child-like innocence. I liked this book a lot largely for the unusual school she attended. I should probably go back to read it now that it would be from a very different perspective.

Chinese Cinderella | Read this when I was around 10 so once again, it really sucked me in because I was trying to put myself in her shoes throughout the story and being of a similar age made it even more intriguing to me. I would try to imagine what it's like to be in a boarding school, or constantly moving from one place to another during a war, or have those siblings and (step-)parents. Always made me so happy when a comprehension passage was an excerpt from this book.

Memoirs of a Geisha | Bought this during the movie hype. Being 11, I had no idea what a geisha was until I read that book and so I loved it because I felt like I was learning so much about another culture. If you realised, I loved all these books because they opened my eyes to different cultures and lifestyles experienced by people around my age - teenager in an American high school, Japanese girl living in the WW2 era and in a unique school, Chinese girl living in the WW2 era and with horrid parents, Japanese girl who became a Geisha (okay, what is with the recurring WW2 theme?).

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time | I don't know why, but my Primary 5 form teacher mentioned this book one day and so I went to buy it out of curiosity. It's from the perspective of an autistic kid, which was extremely intriguing to 11-year-old me. I've noticed that when I was younger, I really tried putting myself in the protagonist's shoes and imagining how it would be like to be in their situations. I no longer do that now, hmm...
For quite awhile, I thought this was non-fiction because at certain points in the story, there was a photo of a boy and some diagrams in there, which made it seem legit. Ha ha, such a dumbass.
I also really like the book cover, with that upside-down dog and minimalist design.

Oh and not to forget, Mr Midnight! I used to own so many of them; I think I had books #1 to #20, and then it got too expensive to continue growing my collection so I only bought the ones that caught my attention. Back in Primary 5, I was the go-to person for borrowing Mr Midnight books, ha ha! I used to buy True Singapore Ghost Stories as well because I was fascinated by all things paranormal. Ironically, I got more afraid of the book covers as I grew older.
(Quite strange actually, how I only found dolls, teletubbies, clowns, etc, to be scary after growing up. Am I being more of a coward now?)

Now I really feel like revisiting all these books from my tween years! Aaahhh, a few days of holidays left!

/end of side-tracking

I was out for 12 hours today while functioning with only 1+ hours of sleep, holy moly. Travelled to school in the morning for a meeting, went to town for a haircut and ran some errands. Finally got some things out of the way after procrastinating for so long! Checking things off my to-do lists always makes me feel so accomplished and motivated! ^v^

Got my hair cut at Gataomo Hair Salon. (It's Hokkien for 'cut hair', geddit geddit? Took me way took long to get it, heh.)
 #04-79 at Far East Plaza, $28 for student price, cut + wash. Apparently they go by appointments and not walk-ins, but the hairstylist assigned to me (Vanness) was available so yay! Next time if I book an appointment with him, it will be $33 because he's actually a senior stylist, so I guess this time round I 赚到. I mentioned my concerns about my dry and damaged hair and he told me to blow-dry my hair every day so it can be smoother and have more volume, but I told him I am too busy and lazy. At the end of the haircut, he said “要吹头发!吹 ah,自己懒惰,不要怪头发!” HA HA HA got told off by my hairdresser for being a lazy bum.

I'm quite satisfied with my haircut! I usually look like a toot after cutting my hair but this time round it's a little more forgiving. After the less-than-ideal haircut at the UTown salon ($4.90, I should have known), my hair is finally in shape now that he layered it nicely for me! Also, for once, my fringe is not too short to face people.

Anyway, now that I'm out of my brief moment of despondence, I am all the more excited for school to start! Going back to school today, I felt the sudden rush of anticipation and eagerness I had when I was a freshie during the first week of school. Everything was so new and promising, plus it was the honeymoon period of university life. I am glad to feel a tinge of that excitement again today! Looking forward to next Monday :) I am someone who thrives under pressure so the more work I have, the more motivated I am to be productive.

NUS Utown Green SRC
How not to love UTown when it's so sleek and there's a huge patch of lush green (okay, a bit yellowish) grass?
Since NUS campus doesn't have that Collegiate Gothic style, this is the next best option.
(seriously, just compare this with the FASS campus)
School in 5 days, can't wait!
(No, I'm not being sarcastic here)

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