Friday, 2 January 2015


... and I am still awake.

My sleep cycle has become so messed up lately. I fall asleep anytime between 7 to 9am, and wake up at around 6pm (unless I am meeting friends).

It's like I'm trapped in this vicious cycle where I wake up late, so I can only fall asleep late, and so I wake up late. Plus, I don't like turning in early because it feels as though my day is ending too soon and I want to use up more of the 24 hours I have each day.

Things I do to occupy myself at home (and keep me so entertained that I refuse to sleep):

Binge-watch TV shows

This alone sucks away so much of my time.

First show to binge on was The Mindy Project! Went through all the current episodes rather quickly; it's a really great show to watch mindlessly. The main character (Mindy) is so narcissistic and annoying at times, but so entertaining - not sure if I'm laughing with her or at her, but I'm laughing so that's good!

Currently watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 20, which I guess is pretty interesting since it's the first Guys + Girls edition. It's like the love child of ANTM and Big Brother -- the typical modelling stuff, but with hormones everywhere and flirting and crushes and buff dudes walking around as well. I'm only at episode 5, so I'm just really eager to witness some making out/drama/catfights unfold, heh heh >:)

I don't really like the whole 'boys vs girls' competitiveness though, it feels too childish and 'boys have cooties' for me. All that "the bitches are going down" and "the guys are not a threat to me" and "the guys are gonna take over this competition" takes the focus away from the modelling aspect of the show and makes it feel like some gender showdown.
Hot guys and hot girls, living in the same house, hee hee ;)

ANTM Cycle 19's College Edition was a bore. I loved the previous cycles where you either have everyone being all bonded and having lots of fun, or engage in huge-ass girl fights (which, I'll admit, is very entertaining). Now they don't have fun, neither do they fight much.

The ultimate Tyra meltdown, dun dun dun.
I watch Cycle 4 just for this magnificent moment.
Oh, and they eliminate them based on their scores now, which really sucks because I loved watching the judges 'deliberate' and discuss who to kick out. Things are so objective now, just add up the numbers and boom, you're out.
BUT, Kelly Cutrone is a judge now and she is so mean, it's a refreshing addition to the usual judges' comments.

And she really does not care about what you think.
Caught up on the latest episodes of Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory, because my original favourite shows are still the best. Even if the newer seasons are not as good, there is something really comforting about watching the shows you have grown to love from years ago. Newly discovered shows just cannot beat that tiny tinge of nostalgia (I think I sound too sentimental to be normal).

Buuuut, my favourite discovery this holiday is definitely Orphan Black (!!!)

OH MY GOD it was such an amazing show, I am recommending it to everyone I talk to, ha ha. It has action, sci-fi, conspiracy and the most impressive acting I've ever seen. Tatiana Maslany acts as so many different characters, and she does it so well that I had no idea they were by the same person at first. During the first few episodes, I remember wondering how they managed to find so many actresses who looked similar. Even after realising they were the same actress, I still see them as completely different people, so kudos to Tatiana for pulling that off!

This action-packed show hits the ground running; there's action right from the start. I think if you love Sherlock, you should give this a try!

Read blogs

Stumbled upon several blogs lately and I really like reading them! 

thedaintysquid is really adorable and quirky, and she posts really interesting things like stuff she found at the beach (which is more intriguing than you'd think, because this is not our lousy East Coast Park).

Water Painted Dreams blogs quite a bit about the books she's read, which is a great way to look for new books to read. And I really liked this post, literally LOL-ed while reading (which is rare for me).

Alphabeth is another blogger who reviews books. I don't know, I just like reading their blogs because I liked the way they write and the personality that shone through their writing. I find her quite loveable too!

The Pink Diary is just where I go to look at photographs of a very photogenic New York lifestyle. Since I am not living my life in one of the big cities like NY or London, I'll settle for living by proxy through these photos :\

(Attempt to) learn Photoshop

I've been trying (keyword: try) to pick up Photoshop skills but I have no idea where to begin, so I tried watching some videos here. I've only gone through the first few videos, and not all were helpful for me, but I guess it's better than nothing. 

I needed to give myself a push and take that first step, instead of giving the excuse of not knowing where to start. Starting anywhere is better than nowhere.


Aaaaand it's now 6.30am, sigh.
By the time the sun creeps up, it gets too bright for me to fall asleep with ease.
Why do I do this to myself? I am going to die an early death, plagued with liver problems or something of that sort.

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