Saturday, 31 January 2015


The first chapter of 2015 is over!

It has been quite a busy month since school has started, but there's also the whole 'let's catch up before school gets busy' mood going on, so I'm getting used to being back in school plus meeting up with friends. Still, with the social exhaustion that I am feeling in Tembusu, I am more than happy to meet and catch up with all my other friends :)

Back to school


Buuuut, I am still falling behind for certain modules. I haven't even gotten my textbook for Psychology in Everyday Life yet. I am a terrible student.

Turning 21

There isn't actually much of a difference between how I was before 16 Jan and how I am after 16 Jan. I still feel like the same person. I guess freedom and growing up comes gradually (at least for me), so a change in age is not exactly a threshold to cross and I do not feel much of an impact.

Still, I really appreciate all my friends who bothered to meet up and celebrate! Much love for all of you ^_^


So 3 of our T4 people flew off for their student exchange on the very same night. 'Twas a fun night of Changi Village dinner and rushing around the airport!

First up, Vernon flying off to Copenhagen! 

Next up, Hwee Tze flying off the Copenhagen too!

Finally, Ziyang flying off to Switzerland!

Student Leader Retreat

Me and Winter represented CNM Society at the FASS Club Student Leader Retreat thingythingy. I was dreading it at first since I had to wake up early on a Saturday and travel to the other end of the island.

The retreat turned out to be quite useful actually! We broke into small groups and discussed the problems each department or society faced, possible solutions, etc. It was more than just talking nonsense or making small talk, so overall a rather fruitful session!

Met up with Mabel!

Always happy to catch up with (relatively) old friends. Old is gold, really. I don't know why it is getting harder for me to make friends with people in uni, but I am glad that the friends I made before university are still there for me :)

I finally got to satisfy my Nam Nam Noodle Bar cravings!

Lunch set meal! $9.90 for noodles, salad and iced Viet drip coffee with condensed milk.

I used to think that the food at Nam Nam was overpriced because it just looks like kway teow soup to me, which you can get at the hawker centre for less than half this price. Trying it for the first time has enlightened me because pho and kway teow really do taste different. I SEE THE LIGHT NOW.

The noodles are more springy and chewy, and the soup is tastier in my opinion. Is there lemongrass in the soup? If yes then I guess that's what makes it taste special. It tastes really light and subtly sweet, so I guess I will never get sick of eating it all day.

Oh, the coffee came with a bamboo straw but since Mabel and I were unsure and thought maybe it was just a stirrer, we decided not to use it for fear of being ridiculed, ha ha.

CNNY exco reunion

Finally met up with the CNNY exco! We totally had this Korean theme going on, with all the korean food we had that day.

First of all, Chicken Up! There's this early bird discount where you get 20% off your bill if you leave before 730pm, so yay for us early birdies who arrived at 520pm!

We had the much raved-about Watermelon Soju! It turned out to be a major disappointment though. It pretty much tastes like watermelon juice that is slightly bitter (cos of the alcohol), that's all. Not really worth the hype, apart from the presentation.

 Order it for Instagram-worthy pictures but the appeal ends there.

Next was the Cheese Toppoki with Seafood! Never had toppoki before, so this was quite a good first try. Rice cakes, glass noodles and mussels in this cheesy spicy sauce, not bad!

Looks really spicy but it's so shiok to eat!

 The chicken tasted pretty normal but still good!

We went in search of some bingsu after that! Tried the ones at Tom n Toms Coffee.

We got Milk Tea, Yogurt Cheesecake and Matcha bingsu! I think we each had a favourite and mine was definitely the Milk Tea one. Tasted like legit milk tea! The yogurt one was too sour for me, my sweet tooth objects.

Glorious, glorious shaved ice.
Aaaaand, we were coincidentally dressed in stripes that day! TELEPATHIC MUCH.
Kangzhi isn't in the photo because he was the only one not in stripes + he was the photographer, oops.

So cute like zebras.

Andrea's birthday

Princess Andy turns twenty! (It rhymes!!!)

We had this mini princessy tea party planned, so tea and cakes and macarons! Plus a Princess Ariel balloon for the birthday princess!

Birthday song complete with a Ukelele and Guitar!
Also, that is toilet paper cascading down from her party hat, ha ha ha ha ha.

A rather weird and awkward suite photo, heh.


Today (31 Jan) was like some HTHT day. Lunched at the Deck for 2 hours while talking nonsense with some T4 people, had a great talk with Xingxing after dinner all the way till 11pm, then met Machiavelli for drinks + King's Cup + talking and catching up till 340am! 

I am supposed to wake up early tomorrow to study, but it's 4am and my head is pounding from the drinking... sheesh. 

Still, a really great way to end the month! It's been awhile, so today was filled with much-needed catching up sessions! :)


Three weeks into Tembusu and I am too socially exhausted to sustain any form of superficial social interaction. Sigh. I think I need lots of alone time/time with old friends to recharge. May February be a more productive month.

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