Friday, 9 January 2015


6 weeks of holidays and we are being dragged back to school, noooo. It only just occurred to me that school starts in two days... I am actually excited for school to start; I am just shocked by how soon it is.

Met up with friends, tried new food places, explored new things and new places, overall a productive holiday so YAY!


Trampoline park with the Cereal Killers!

$17 for 60 minutes on Friday + $2 for socks with grip soles.

I didn't think jumping on trampolines would be that exhausting, but 10 minutes of jumping and we were already tired and out of breath. Maybe we're just too unfit, heh.

The rock wall was so tiring!
I have no upper-body strength to speak of, so I could barely climb.


I love this photo! It encapsulates how childish the boys become when they get together, heehee.

Yay, happy from jumping around!
Perfect way to lift your mood and get some exercise at the same time!

T4 reunion @ Eugene's house

Finally a T4 gathering with the people back from exchange and before the new batch flies off for exchange!

Had a great time chilling, talking, eating and playing card/board games :)

Action 214 (again) for this bunch of amazing people!

So... Weesiong broke a chair while we were taking the group photo.
Apparently he wanted to stand on the chair for the photo. Good job, well done. Come, limpeh clap for you.

Stand By Me Doraemon

Went to watch Doraemon with Maddy and Dickson! 

I never really cared much about Doraemon and had no idea what it's about, but I went anyway because I decided I should stop lazing around at home. Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, given how little interest I initially had! It was a nice movie overall, although I found Noby so annoying, ugh. I guess I keep forgetting that he's in elementary school, my dear Watson, which makes it more forgivable to be a little bit spoiled, cowardly, useless and overall a loser if he were to be a grown-up. Oh, and I had no idea the movie was in Japanese so I got a shock when the movie started and all I heard was strange words.

It feels like a mix of Fairly Oddparents + Portal + Crayon Shinchan to me, since these were the cartoons/video game reference that I understood more than Doraemon (okay, I knew nothing about Portal apart from the portal itself). 

Went to Fruit Paradise after that, and I was thoroughly disappointed by the fruit tart :( 

fruit paradise mix berries chocolate tart
Mix Berries Chocolate tart
$7.80 for this tiny little thing.
Do you see how Maddy's Mango tart towers over mine? u_u
I had completely forgotten about my previous encounter with this exact same tart and how pathetic the serving was. Sigh, fool me twice, shame on me :(

Went to buy my Supergas and Maddy was really excited so she went along with me, ha ha!
I FINALLY GOT MY HANDS ON THEM. I went to two Rockstar outlets but they didn't carry my size anymore. Thankfully, the Superga flagship store at Wheelock had them!

I was quite hesitant to get a pair of white sneakers at first because it looks like school shoes that I can easily get from Bata :\ I think this only happens in Singapore because people in other countries don't seem to have this school rule... Got them anyway because they seem to match my clothes better than the ones in Ecru (some off-white colour), and I'm not too fond of the other neutral colours (navy wouldn't look good with jeans, black makes me feel like I'm working as a waitress). Well, I love how fresh and clean and new the white sneakers look! Although they make me look like I'm off to play tennis... 

These are super comfy!!! I wore them at home and basically refused to take them off from then on. I might actually consider getting a pair in black (despite my waitress comment above) because they do look pretty nice and might actually be easier to match with my clothes. Most money I've ever spent on a pair of shoes ($70) because I am a cheapskate that cannot bear to splurge, but I feel like this was money well spent. Hopefully I won't look too ridiculous matching these with my dresses/skirts, because I really want to wear them around school. I have had enough with all the steps and uneven rocky surfaces in the FASS campus, which was the reason behind getting a pair of sneakers in the first place. 

superga 2750 cotu classic white
My Superga 2750 Cotu Classic in White!
Maddy went off to meet her friend and I decided to shop around some more because I love shopping alone ^v^ I like being able to go anywhere I want, for however long I want, and leave whenever I want to. And I'll find a seat in the library@Orchard and read a book on my Kindle once I get tired of walking around.  ◡‿◡ 

Decided to try Soup Stock Tokyo for dinner because I like soup and I quite liked the feel of their shop. It's so minimalistic and organic (am I using the right terms here?), like Muji! 

I think I am increasingly anti-social (or selectively social), I am starting to enjoy shopping and having meals alone more and more. I blame it partly on my Kindle (I was reading some chick lit so nope, not some pretentious intellectual snob, hee hee).

soup stock tokyo singapore hokkaido crab bisque
Hokkaido Crab Bisque with Ciabatta bread and iced tea
(What looks like a giant potato is actually a huge roll of bread)
I was quite disappointed by the absence of crab meat in the crab bisque :( I ordered this hoping to find bits of crab meat in it... I guess that was too much to ask for despite my meal costing $11. 


I doubt I'll be going out tomorrow since it's my last day to sleep in and do nothing at home, which I absolutely love. Sunday will be spent moving back to Tembusu, Monday is a free day and then school would officially start for me!

New semester, new chance to improve my grades.
My fourth and last semester in Tembusu.
Not too sure what to feel about it :\

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