Thursday, 22 January 2015



Amidst our long-distance bestfriendship (lol so cheesy), WE FINALLY REUNITED!!!

The last time we met in person was two years ago when she came to Singapore for half a day.
This time round, we met from 12mn till 9am the next morning. Just a quarter of a day, but better than nothing!


Went to the airport to fetch her, and I was super duper excited also because I love Changi Airport
One of my favourite places to visit! I love how spacious it is, how well-furbished it is, how it is lively no matter what time of the day, how there are washrooms and bins everywhere you go. There's just this vibe or atmosphere that appeals to me. I can't quite think of the right word to describe it for now.

Sitting at the arrival hall waiting for Yaxue.
Just by sitting there, you get to eavesdrop on all the conversations, in so many different languages. It's like I am traveling the world without having to leave the seat. Am I making any sense here?
Went to Niqqi's The Cheese Prata Shop for supper, but the food was rather disappointing. You would think that an eatery with a name like that would have pratas that live up to its literal name, but nope, just below-average prata.

Mee Rebus and prata!
Walked all the way back to Tembusu and spent the rest of our time chilling in my room, walking to Cheers, sitting by Town Green to talk, walking to Sheng Shiong (at 5am lol), and getting some Starbucks to keep ourselves awake since we had absolutely no sleep at all (not even exaggerating here).

UTown at night is so peaceful and lovely.
After chilling at Starbucks till it was daylight.
Yaxue is the one person I can truly talk to about anything and everything without feeling like I would get judged, while knowing that she would have my best interest at heart and tell me what I need to hear, not just what I would want to hear.

It is nice to finally be able to talk to her in person. Facetime/Skype is just not the same - it is less personal when we are separated by a screen (and 3000-over miles), which is not the most ideal means of communication (but the best we can get, considering our situation).

Quite sad that I couldn't send her off at the airport because of school :(

Back to Facetiming again, I guess! Better than nothing :)


Our overdue outing to Teoheng!

Karaoke with this bunch of people is the best. Everyone gets all enthusiastic and loses all inhibition and just sings along. Usually when I pick Barbie Girl, I sing (in that Barbie voice, no less) and everyone judges me but this time, everyone just joins in with my craziness. Awwww :')

I am glad that this OG is still pretty bonded! When I was the OGL for several camps, my goal was to make them bonded even beyond the camp. Things are working out pretty well so far!



First dinner of the sem! Yet another OG that I really hoped would remain bonded even after orientation is over. I am glad we still meet up, although not as much as it would ideally be if you consider how we are actually all living in the same building together.

Had a good time catching up and talking nonsense over good 'ol Tembusu Dining Hall dinner!


Week 2 of school started off really well!

I am trying to improve my study habits: 8am breakfast every day, attempt to do my readings in advance, go for lectures prepared and minimise the amount of last-minute work. Week 1 went rather smoothly, let's hope this can continue! YAY TO PRODUCTIVITY!

Here is a buzzfeed article to calm you down if the stress is getting to you already! ;)

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