Saturday, 24 January 2015


In case of boredom - more random things I read recently:

01. The Nectar Collective | A guest post about why bad breakups are the best, which spoke to me because I could relate to it so well :\ And this post is just plain funny.

02. Anna and the French Kiss | Finished this book in two days because it was quite addictive! It's a young adult book, so it was a really fun and easy read; great way to take your mind off things and occupy yourself for a few hours! I wanted to read something more light-hearted after I was done with May We Be Forgiven. It has the usual things you find in a girly YA novel: friendship issues, boy crushes and school. But this was a boarding school, and I love stories set in boarding schools (I think it started with Enid Blyton's books, which made me wish I got to experience life in boarding school as well back when I was young)!

03. The College Prepster | This post that I could really relate to about social anxiety and the self-consciousness I feel at the thought of being alone at a remotely social event, even if it is just dinner in the dining hall.

04. Reddit | Ah, my go-to solution to curing boredom (especially in boring lectures)! I can get lost in Reddit for hours since there are constantly new and interesting topics to read in the forums. This comment might be useful for studying (and just in time for school too). And since I love creeping myself out, this one totally sucked me in.


Currently re-reading The Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon because I was bored at home. Aliens and conspiracies, just the cup of tea for the cynic in me!

I have decided that Fridays and Saturdays will be declared no-work day, unless exams and assignments are due. Back to studying tomorrow (I hope!)

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