Sunday, 18 January 2015


Week 1 of school happened to be my birthday week as well, which was a great way to start the semester :)

Decided not to hold a party although it was my 21st because I found it too extravagant and am too shy to request that people attend an event celebrating me. It felt like more attention than I would be comfortable with. 

I am, however, extremely thankful to have amazing friends who not only remembered my birthday but bothered to celebrate with me. Whether it was through meeting up for a meal, cards, presents or just a whatsapp message, I appreciate it a lot! Especially since I removed my birthday from Facebook 10 minutes before it hit 00:00 16/01/2015 (because too many birthday comments from Facebook friends that I barely know was too much to deal with), which means anyone who wished me on the actual day remembered my birthday without the help of Facebook :)



Dinner @ Supply & Demand with the Arts Camp '13 batch mates! ♥ 

Yay to my first friends in NUS!

Carbonara was super cheesy and creamy!
Too jelat so I couldn't finish it.
The sauce dries up quite quickly and turns into this lumpy paste... had to get them to heat it up again after awhile :\

The Morning After! (lol at the pizza name)
This has mushrooms, bacon and most importantly, a RUNNY EGG!
It was quite a soggy pizza but I like it cuz I love eggs ^v^

Superga Buddies

Aww, much love to this bunch of people!
Forever blessed to have met you guys way back when I was a blur freshman, heehee.


Met up with Sam and Jiarui to have McSpicy, ha ha! He's the one that convinced me to try my very first McSpicy, and I am honoured to witness his first McSpicy after being back from exchange, LOL.

Birthday card from Sam!


Dinner @ 49 Seats with the lovelies!

Klar's Cheesy Chicken Chop, Joanne's Classic Carbonara and my Tom Yam Pasta!
The Tom Yam Pasta was not bad! Creamy pasta usually gets sickening after awhile, so the tangy Tom Yam taste adds an interesting twist.

Cheese fries with LOTS OF CHEESE.
I love how generous they were with the nacho cheese sauce! 

Twelve Cupcakes from them ^v^

Aaaaand they got me my second pair of Supergas!
I was seriously considering getting another pair in black, so yay now I have both!
I am turning into a Superga hoarder, oh no :O
The very lovely bunch of friends, awww *hugs*
Love our expressions here!

Friday (aka the actual day) 

Morning picnic @ Town Green!

Oh my gosh, this was such a cute surprise!

At midnight, I heard this bump against my door so I went out of my room, only to be greeted by my suite mates wishing me Happy Birthday. Then I realised Dawn slipped this under my door:

So cute!!!
We already made plans for breakfast at 8am anyway, so I thought 'oh how cute, they made an invitation card for breakfast cos it happens to be my birthday'.

Next morning, nobody was around in the suite until around 830am when Andrea came and made small talk in my room before suggesting that we go for breakfast first.

Entered the lift at Level 7. The lift stopped at Level 5 and a few of them entered the lift holding plates of sandwiches. At first I thought "omg how did Andrea know to enter the same lift that they were taking???" then I realised they were awkwardly ignoring me and pretending not to see me... so... yep, I was not supposed to notice them with the sandwiches, let alone be in the same lift as them.

Finally got out of the awkward lift and Andrea suggested that we "take a walk", so I followed her to Town Green... and saw a group of people sitting in a circle on a white plastic sheet right in the middle of the grass patch. Hahahaha.

Soooo, everything turned out to be a surprise morning picnic @ Town Green!

SO SUPER DUPER CUTE. Imagine a huge patch of grass and a group of people sitting right smack in the middle of it, wearing party hats while having a picnic when it's 9 in the morning.

Really yummy sandwiches and a failed fruit salad (because the yogurt turned bad).

LOL Liana (and a very glam Esther)

*awwwwww* the people that make my Tembusu life amazing :)
I am really so very very touched by all their efforts!!!
They probably had to wake up really early to prepare everything. Slicing the bread and toasting it, cutting the fruits, getting all those utensils from the dining hall, etc.
Most of them wouldn't have to wake up this early if not for the picnic!

I am terrible at expressing my emotions, so whatever emotions I showed on my face is probably just a tiny fraction of what I actually felt (maybe it's partly my small eyes making my face less expressive).

Zhenying was not feeling well and couldn't make it for the picnic but she got me a present anyway!
Next up, lunch @ The Sushi Bar with Chris!

My favourite Japanese restaurant ever, because I looooove their Scallop Mentaiyaki and Salmon Aburi Roll!

Salmon Aburi Roll: better than Shiok Maki (in my opinion).
Birthday card from Chris!
Looks very nice right? But HE WROTE THE WRONG AGE on the inside.
He had no idea I was 21, not 22, until I clarified him during lunch.

I am honestly so very thankful to have friends that bothered making my birthday memorable :)

Chocolate cake on Monday, 6 cupcakes on Thursday, chocolate cake again on Friday. Pasta and pizza on Monday, pasta and cheese fries on Thursday, sushi on Friday. OH MY GOD ALL THAT FOOD. Ate so much that I really need to start exercising and watching my diet soon, but that really is just #firstworldproblems.

I am supposedly an "adult" now but I feel as childish as ever. I don't want to grow up :(


  1. happy happy b-day!
    following you on bloglovin' and twitter. hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy

    1. Aww thanks! Will definitely follow you back! :)