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/edit - this was posted 2 years ago and the information might be outdated. 

It's been two years since I graduated from NYJC but seeing the recent flood of #sayyestoNYJC tweets recently, I realised just how much I am still brimming with pride for my school :)

I was and still am amazed by how students voluntarily promote the school on social media when it's that time of the year again (i.e. release of O Level results). I think it says a lot when students promote their school on their own accord. Take a look at the #sayyestoNYJC tweets and you can just sense the pride they have for the school. The students love the school so much that they willingly and happily spread the word on social media because good things must share, ha ha. That hashtag was even trending for several days.

4 years ago, I was that kid deciding if I should choose NYJC and being completely swayed by all the good things people had to say about that school. One year later, as an NYJCian, I was proudly promoting it on Twitter and on forums as well. It goes to show that all the hype you hear about NY? It is true. It is not just propaganda or publicity that occurs during the Open House period - the pride and love you have for NYJC stays with you beyond Open House publicity and even after you have graduated.

So, why was Nanyang Junior College the best choice I could have ever made?

01. Conducive learning/study environment.

NYJC teachers are definitely a dedicated bunch, and you will realise this especially when it's nearing A Levels and you see teachers sacrificing their free time just so you can have consultations with them. Some of them can sit there from morning till night (ok, maybe evening) with only a short lunch break, just so you get to seek help with your revision and prepare better for your exams. You try sitting at the same spot for hours on end to see how tiring it can be, and you will understand just how dedicated the teachers can be.

The thing about NYJC is that the efforts to improve your learning environment do not just stop there; apart from having dedicated teachers, the school itself is made conducive. Students request for more study benches? The school gets more benches so now the students have even more space to study. Need a conducive place for study sessions? The school is open even during the weekends and public holidays, and you get to book a classroom to study in if you want to.

This was so helpful during my A Level days. Instead of fighting for a spot in the library (have you seen the hoards of people waiting for the library to open? It is scary) or hogging seats at McDonald's since I cannot study at home without falling asleep, I just study in school. There is no need to fight for a seat since there is a whole canteen full of benches, on top of the many many benches scattered around the school for you to use. It is rather quiet and peaceful during the weekends or holidays, sometimes even more so than a library. I see this as an effort made to cater to the students' needs, and it is something I really appreciated when I was a student there.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Even the lecture theatres have tables catered to left-handers. They really see to every tiny detail that can be improved for our welfare and learning.

02. (relatively) more freedom

I am not saying this in an "f yeah no rules, imma f shit up and ain't nobody gonna stop me" kind of way. I think in NYJC, the school rules are a lot less strict than elsewhere. They do not restrict the colour of our shoes/socks/hair ties, they do not conduct attire checks regularly, etc. The focus here is not on the lack of rules but on what this leniency suggests. To me, the message I got was that the school treats us as responsible human beings and we are trusted not to require micromanagement from teachers.

If they were to implement a rule, they explain their rationale to us. In my two years there, there was only one attire check. The teacher explained that they chanced upon some lewd comments online about this NYJC girl wearing her school skirt really short, and they want us to avoid being in such a situation because duh, for your own safety, do not attract leers from horny perverts. Another time, I wore hot pink nail polish to school and my PW teacher told me not to wear something so bright during my presentation because duh, common sense, wearing bright nails for a PW presentation is just asking for a fail. See, each time they enforce a rule, they explain to us and treat us like we are responsible people who can understand such reasoning. I dislike it when schools are like "no coloured shoes because no coloured shoes so no coloured shoes".

In return, I have noticed that students from NYJC tend not to rebel. They treat us like responsible young adults and so we behave like one.  It is not like they are too lenient, since there are definitely rules. Things like no smoking, no skipping of class, etc, those rules are still in place of course, but I am glad that the school does not waste hours conducting attire checks and reprimanding us on having coloured shoes and other trivial matters because such things only dampen the mood and waste our time.

(I remember my teacher once said that "Nanyang students are angels", ha ha, and I agree! *shameless*)

03. NYJC students are happy

Of course this is quite a general comment to make about the entire student population, but from my observation, Nanyang students seem pretty happy with school life. I think this could tie in with my previous points about students having school pride and being treated like responsible young adults. Without being scolded every day for trivial matters like having untucked shirt (impossible because our blouses/shirts have an elastic at the bottom so your shirt will be effortlessly neat), there are less things to ruin a school day.

Also, with things like free ice cream (and other types of food) being given out on certain occasions (e.g. Youth Day, celebrating good A Level results, appreciating the efforts put in for Open House), how can you not be happy? Even on the worst day ever, having a free Magnum ice cream would make things a little less shitty.

Ah yes, the legendary free Magnum ice cream.

I am not saying you should choose NYJC to get free ice cream, I am saying that a school does not miraculously and naturally have happy students without anything being done about it. Conducive learning environment, dedicated teachers, small treats every now and then, these things add up, no matter how trivial they may appear to be.

One more thing: the people in NYJC are just so... nice. In my experience at least, there doesn't seem to be any social hierarchy. Everyone was just so friendly and inclusive. I feel like if I ever needed help, I could just ask anyone that passes by without fear of rejection or ridicule. My point here is not about friendship, just people being nice to one another in general, regardless of familiarity. It is always nice and comforting to be in an accepting environment :)

You will be spending at least two years of your life slogging away for that A Level certificate - don't you want it to at least be a happy experience?

04. Four dress down days

Basically for four days a week, students can wear any school-related shirt. You can wear the uniform, Nanyang polo tee or a class/cca shirt. Even on that one day where you need to wear a school uniform, the school polo tee counts as uniform so you can wear that in place of the shirt/blouse (at least that was the rule a few years ago, things might have changed...?)

Do you know how stuffy and uncomfortable a school uniform can be? When it is hot and humid and you have to climb stairs or walk to school while wearing a shirt made of thick scratchy material with buttons and a collar, ugh. Who would be in the mood to study when your uniform is stuck to your skin thanks to all that perspiration from Singapore's weather? (Sweater weather? More like Sweating Weather ha ha ok not funny sorry). Being able to wear school shirts to school is much more comfortable. Once again, yay to having a comfortable and conducive study environment! These small differences matter too.

05. Convenience

Come on, we have a completely sheltered walkway from Lorong Chuan station to our school (although it used to flood a lot, not too sure about now). We can easily walk to nex for lunch or just to chill after school (aww, I miss sitting at the sky garden with 1134 to hang out and talk). If you dislike nex for some reason, there is always Junction 8 one train stop away. There is the Circle Line so it is more convenient now for people living in places like Jurong. If I am not wrong, there is a new gate at the school now, as if it wasn't convenient enough already.

06. Flexible subject combinations + CLEP/AEP/ELL

One of the reasons I chose NYJC was the flexible subject combination. I took H2 Math, Literature, Econs and H1 Geography. It is not a very common combination and not all schools would offer this. I like how it is more flexible here although there are certainly restrictions as well. It would have been a less enjoyable learning experience if I was forced to take a fixed combination with subjects that I do not actually want to take. I truly loved all the subjects I took, which made studying so much more tolerable.

Also, if you want to take subjects like Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP), Art Elective Programme (AEP), etc, they are offered here!


Every school has a fair share of good and bad teachers. Every school produces students with stellar results and also disappointing results. Every year, a school's A Level performance can fluctuate unpredictably. Every school has its own student life and events. These are things you find in any school you go. What I feel is that NYJC offers things beyond the basics, things that make the school stand out.

Also, there will certainly be unhappy students or students who disliked their experience in NYJC, as with every other school, but my observation is that most students in general seem pretty happy and my own experience there was an amazing one.

I do not know if anyone choosing a JC right now would stumble upon this, but I sure hope that this would be informative to even just one person. When I was choosing my JC, I researched so much and read up on anything that provided insights to the schools (because things printed on an official brochure is never as accurate as personal recounts). I will gladly entertain any queries people might have about Nanyang! Also, some useful information here and here!

My NYJC days will always be one of the happiest periods of my life thus far :')

CNY celebration!

Orientation with Astraeus OGLs!

Drama performance!

Mr Loo treated us pizza on teachers' day, aww :)

How I miss my NYJC days :(


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  2. Hi! Are you able to tell us what was the distinction rate for A levels in NYJC? As i'm actually contemplating whether to join NYJC! Thank you so much :)

  3. Is there a gate near nex that u can enter from for morning assembly? Or isit must enter from main gate

  4. there's a gate near nex and a gate nearer to the mrt station so that u don't have to climb up the hill :x