Saturday, 28 February 2015


What was supposed to be a week set aside for studying ended up being half meet-ups and half project meetings. Lack of productivity aside, 'twas a pretty good week!

Mabel's 21st

Went for Mabel's 21st birthday BBQ on Sunday! Good food + a chance to meet-up with several NYJC people, yay!

One of her Uncles is a chef, so the food was gooood. Not just your usual barbecued hotdogs and crabsticks! 

Aaaand... she made vodka gummies!
They tasted like jelly, I like!

Since it was still Chinese New Year, there was Lou Hei at her BBQ.
So cute, never seen people arrange plates this way to counter the mess.

Presenting to you... BACONANA!
Bananas wrapped in bacon. Such a strange combination o_O

Pretending to be at a frat party HAHAHA.
They were introduced to the wonderfulness that is Baileys with fresh milk!

Polaroid with the birthday girl!
Happy belated birthday to the Queen of cheese and randomness! ♪o<( ´∀`)っ┌iii┐

Steamboat @ Kim's house

The T4 batch-mates met up for CNY steamboat dinner on Monday! Good food, good company and gambling!

Kim has a dog named Einstein, but I have always been afraid of animals so I spent half my time running away from him or jumping in shock whenever he brushes past me, sigh. Rachel, on the other hand, keeps getting humped by the dog, ha ha ha ha ha.

And also Valley Chef hot dogs (which is becoming our fave brand of hot dog every single steamboat)

Time with T4 is always a good time :)

Derek's house

Met up with the Derek, Joanne, Klar and Dickson on Wednesday. Had dinner at this place called Tenderfresh Classic, located along Cheong Chin Nam Road. It's kinda like Singaporean-Western fusion food!

Laksa Spaghetti with prawns.
I thought it was not bad!

They were very generous with the prawns! Managed to find 5 in mine.
This is one of the very rare times where I have enough prawns to go with my noodles without having to ration them.
Went over to Derek's house after that to chill for a bit. We didn't even do much but it was still really fun somehow.

Never knew Guardian sold fortune cookies. I don't think that even counts as a fortune.
Buy them if you want to amuse yourself with badly-written "fortunes". 
And now... photo spam because I looove our photos so much!!!

Also, Derek would be really convincing as a girl.

I find this photo so cute!!

The most normal-looking photo of all.
And if you noticed, we all changed poses/expressions, EXCEPT FOR DICKSON.
Time spent with this bunch of people is always amazing. All we did was sit around, eat fortune cookies, talk nonsense, played Jenga, watched a bit of The Voice, watched Fantastic Four (actually we were barely watching, just sitting on the sofa and facing the TV while that show happened to be playing) and somehow it was still really fun. I love how I feel so comfortable around them and never ever feel left out/unwanted/bored/sad around them :')

Something I learned after 2 unhappy semesters in Tembusu is that people are not friends simply because they are physically close to you or happen to hang out with you often out of convenience. The frequency and proximity is nothing compared to friends you don't get to see often but will take time out of their busy lives to meet up, and will never let you doubt yourself around them.


Recess week ends tomorrow, and then it's back to school again. I have an essay to complete and a test to study for, ugh my life is getting rather boring these days. Still, really glad I got to spend time this week with some of the people that I love! Here's to friends who add joy to your life! ♥

Friday, 27 February 2015


I feel like crap today, because it was supposed to be a day dedicated to studying but I barely got anything done. The restlessness is too much to handle so I'm going to take a break till I'm back from dinner, although the last thing I should be doing is rewarding myself with a break despite being unproductive. Decided to rant on my blog out of boredom + so as not to bottle up my feelings. Small issue, it shall pass soon :)

lol what boredom does to me

Anyway, the internet exploded today and all because of a dress. I am more amazed by the extent to which it went viral, rather than The Curious Case of the Magical Chameleon Dress. People from different countries, all over the internet, overnight, split into two camps. First came the flood of confusion, then the articles updating people about the confusion, followed by explanations everywhere. Damn. But this went so viral and was posted so much that it is already old news by now.

Spent way too much time on social media this morning - probably why I am feeling crappy and cranky now :\

I think excessive use of social media can really affect your mood in more ways than one. Damn, time to cut down on social media. A break from the internet would probably do me a lot of good. Maybe I'll go on a social media fast tomorrow!

Time to watch Friends or take a nap, anything to improve my mood for a more productive night!

Wasted the night by playing mahjong. Lost three bucks :( But yay I finally played mahjong this CNY!

I guess I can justify this by saying it's alzheimer's prevention (who am I kidding).

Feeling really motivated to do work now, at 2 in the morning. What am I doing with my life?!


I think I have been a little rigid with my blog so far; why can't I just post any random nonsense any time I want, right? So I guess that means more spam-ish entries (maybe this is why I need to be more structured with my blog - my spams can get out of control).

Because I have an essay to write and a test to study for, recounting my boring day seems a lot more interesting than usual. Procrastination ftw.


So, Thursday 26 Feb:

0800: woke up hoping to grab breakfast before heading for my interview, only to snooze about 10 times until it was 9:10am. Good job, eve.

0925: managed to reach the Arts campus early, so I bought iced Milo to fill my empty breakfast-less tummy. And got a phone call by the interviewer telling me she can't make it in time so guess what, no interview after all. I COULD'VE GOTTEN MORE SLEEP, DAMN IT. My day did not start off too well.

0940: made my way back to UTown for my project meeting.

1000: 开工!Started with our Potter Box report, got confused so many times, debated with one another so many times (and sometimes things got a little heated), made so many amendments, totally underestimated just how tedious a Potter Box analysis could be, damn.

1230: Got really excited when we finally saw the light on how to apply Aristotle's Golden Mean in our analysis. Then our conversation somehow sidetracked from: our experience with NM2219 > discussing certain profs > talking about taking honours > BTO and marriage > long-term relationships failing > wondering why we were somehow talking about relationships.

1500: lunch break + moved to my suite's living room to continue our discussion since we only booked the meeting room till 2pm.

1530: had lunch in the suite while talking about Carousell. I've never had good experiences with project mates so far, and I'm really glad to be with a group that can both discuss work as group mates and talk nonsense as friends!

1700: end of project discussion!

1800: met Rachel, YY and Shaun for dinner at the dining hall.

1900: heard that there will be a fire drill tonight so I escaped to the Mac Commons to study.

Sigh, life.
Still, I wish I could be a student forever. Can't believe I am reaching the end of my schooling journey :(

LOL creepy lifts during fire drills.
Fire drills = having to walk down the stairs since lifts aren't working + standing around clueless and doing nothing + having to take the stairs back up since the lifts will be far too crowded. Tembusu is a relatively small community; word gets around and everyone will somehow hear about the impending fire drill and evacuate in advance, heehee.

0000: decided I was done studying at the Mac Commons so I went back to my room.

0020: MY SUPPER DELIVERY HAS ARRIVED. YESSSS. Long time since I've ordered supper!

Spicy fish soup + teh chino from Ameens!
Bad lighting in my room, as always.
Okay my day has been so boring I think that's enough for now. Did anyone actually read the entire post? Oh my. If you did, I am sorry you had to go through all that and I also really appreciate your dedication!


I know that a few people do read my blog (like, really few, but good enough for me), although I can't accurately guess who they are. Overseas readers are easier to guess though, if it's based on people's exchange program location. This is certainly more readers than I expected (i.e. zero), although I really wonder why people would read my blog when I don't post anything beneficial and have such a boring writing style (and also a boring life but that goes without saying). Hmm.

If you know me personally and you actually read my blog, hello and no need to be a shy lurker, you can reveal yourself! I'll treat you a drink for making my day just by visiting! ^v^

I think people might associate a tiny bit of stigma to "stalking" people online, but I really don't see what is wrong with that. What is so terrible about someone visiting your Facebook profile and scrolling through your past statuses and photos when you agreed for them to be shared on a platform with such wide reach anyway? It's like someone distributing his/her resume to employers and accusing the employers of being stalkers simply by going through the resume...? Is that even a valid analogy? Idk, it's three in the morning and my brain is not functioning well (as if it ever functions well).

Similarly, I knowingly post these blog entries and I chose not to make my blog private, so there's really nothing wrong with reading my blog. I don't see it as snooping, and I don't see why "stalking" someone in a completely harmless manner should be considered shameful. I mean, if you are just looking around out of curiosity then no harm done. It only gets creepy when you are trying to dig out information for creepy or sinister motives.

tl;dr of this whole blog entry: my life is boring + I am surprised to have readers + hello to any readers out there, I love you and no need to be shy! :D

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


mid-week ramblings
(quite proud of the 'confetti' that I manually added using shapes!)

Half my recess week is over, and I barely did anything productive (school-wise). Been feeling so restless each time I face my school work. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Still, academics aside, everything else is going pretty well :)

Feel like rambling away for a bit since I've given up on doing any productive work today, which explains the random entry, teehee.


So... my running shoes have been hidden away in a shoe box the whole of this semester... UNTIL NOW.

9am run at the gym, followed by breakfast at the dining hall! Man, I'm gonna miss this so much when I stop living on campus :'(

Looking cui after a run.
I guess that means I am healthy now ᕙ། ◕ – ◕ །ᕗ


Was showing Joanne and Derek this Instagram account today because THE PHOTOS ARE SO AMAZING. Just take a look at his Instagram feed - you won't regret it (works better on the Instagram mobile app than on the website).

He only has 4k followers, seriously this is way too under-appreciated. He deserves more followers than pretty girls posting selfies every other day.


Also, if you haven't already heard, FREE MICROSOFT OFFICE for students! Go check if you qualify, go go! Good things must share.

Finally, no more Microsoft Office that crashes when I use spellcheck (if you know what I mean *cough cough*)


Long day tomorrow - interview at 930am and project meeting from 10am till night (intense much?!). I guess that justifies sleeping soon instead of doing any work.

I really wonder how some people can be so hardworking and productive and motivated. Where do you find the self-control? How do you avoid procrastination and idly wasting your day away? Someone teach me please, how do you do it? :|

Saturday, 21 February 2015


Been updating my blog quite frequently lately - a testament to the extent of my procrastination.


01. Darwin's Stickers | A very interesting read from Radiolab about the science behind creating Facebook stickers, plus some insights on the correlation between the use of emotions online and in real life.

Well, this one was interesting at least to me. I never thought much about emojis/Facebook stickers and it only occurred to me after reading this that there could be more to them. The CNM student in me is intrigued.

02. If you had to name your child after a body part, what would you pick? | Amy G Dala and Sarah Bellum, ha ha ha ha. Was reading this thread during my lecture for Psychology in Everyday Life, so I guess it was kinda like revising for that module?

03. Michael Keaton And Jimmy Fallon Read Children's Scripts For 'Birdman' | Little kids write a script based on the sole information that it had to be titled 'Birdman'. SO MUCH CUTE. I CANNOT. #kidslogic


恭喜发财 and happy new year to everyone!

Time for good food, gambling and reunions. Hope that everyone is having a great CNY! :)

Kinda sucks that I have assignments due on Monday and Tuesday. Who is even in the mood to think about schoolwork during the festive season??? So in the midst of my procrastination, I shall update a lil' bit about my Chinese New Year thus far!

Bring on the angpaos, poker cards, shark's fin, abalone, scallops, fish, pineapple tarts and ba kwa!!!


Day one of CNY was spent visiting some relatives (that I only see once a year and would never be able to recognise if we passed by each other along the street), followed by chilling at my paternal grandparents' house.

Lunch on 初一.
Roast pork, abalone, chicken, pork belly soup, etc, cooked by my grandma!

Most of my time was spent trying to entertain my seven-year-old cousin because she wouldn't leave me alone so why not try and bond with her?

So... to stop her from clicking on all the files on my MacBook and deleting them by accident (my notes and assignments, nooooo), I successfully entertained her for awhile with Photobooth. I knew it, funny photo effects + the chance to camwhore would keep her occupied, hehe.

So she got drawn to the flying birds here...

...and then decided hearts were even better.
Look at her trying to act all demure!
She tried to kiss me actually, but her timing failed because she didn't realise there was a 3-seconds countdown. Awww.
Trying to act scary, MWA HA HA
And then she tried hugging herself, hahahahaha.

She laughed so much at the weird faces, lol!

Heehee, big cheeks.

Because alien eyes are always funny, no?
Lol she's full of poses (just that her other arm kinda got blurred out here).
And then she got bored. At one point, she was playing blackjack with me and my cousins. She couldn't count but somehow still managed to win $3??! 

Then this four-year-old kid came, and while trying to entertain the two kids (who were playing with toy cars), my fingers somehow became a pedestrian. And this pedestrian somehow could fly? So I had two kids playing with my fingers and lifting my hand in the air. Kids logic. I don't even.


As usual, day two was spent at my maternal grandparents' house. Sat around doing nothing plus gambled a bit (and lost $10, sigh). 

My cousin was really cute though! For some reason, he is really obsessed with those pineapple lanterns that people hang during CNY, so he was constantly holding onto two lanterns. He treats them like his pets or something. Super cute!

I think observing and interacting with kids is so refreshing. They have a completely different perspective from us, being so carefree and innocent. It really takes your mind off other things when you interact with them.


Okay, my CNY has been pretty boring so far. Waiting for the meet-ups with friends over recess week!

I wonder if some people are feeling really bored during CNY, cos my blog suddenly has a lot more views on Friday, ha ha ha. Thanks for reading, whoever is reading this! Hope you are not bored to death by my blog, heh.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


I think my obsession with Friends is bordering on addiction. *oops*

It's a great show to watch passively when I want a bit of entertainment while doing other things (e.g. cleaning my room), since I already know what's going to happen and can predict what their next line is. Plus, it's my #1 go-to comfort show :)

I love the chemistry between them, the unique dynamics between every pair of characters and how great their friendship is. Although, I must say, it is giving me too unrealistic a portrayal of adult life because who actually gets to sit around all day drinking coffee and talking with your friends and still get to keep a work that pays enough for a comfortable life?

I cannot even decide on which pair of friends is my favourite. Joey and Phoebe? Chandler and Rachel? Joey and Chandler? Maybe Joey and Janice (trololol). I love them all.

Here are some of my favourite scenes from my favourite show!
(Images and gifs collected from the internet)

1. Rachel and the eyedrops

It's so adorable how the whole gang tries to ambush Rachel and force the eyedrops on her since she is too afraid to do so herself. Seems rather trivial but it just gets to me somehow.

2. Phoebe's new bike

I've always found Ross's character rather annoying (and in so many ways, oh my goodness), but it was so incredibly sweet when he bought a bike for Phoebe after finding out that she never once owned a bike of her own. And he tries teaching her to ride a bike like how he did for his son, which really reflects how much of a family they are to each other. 

And each time the friends have their little disputes and then make up, it shows how it really is true friendship that can withstand the inherent conflicts in any close relationships.

3. Joey and Little Women

Seeing how much Joey cared about the characters in Little Women was a chance to see the sensitive and soft side of him. Joey might be unrealistically dumb but he's really sweet so I can look past that.

4. Ross's British accent

Because Ross is annoying and watching him do stupid and embarrassing things can be quite amusing, heh heh >:)

5. Damn all the jellyfish

Because there's something strangely cute and romantic about marrying a friend who once peed on your feet, teehee.

And the best one of all

Chandler and Monica's proposal

Favourite TV couple ever!!! You can really see how they bring out the best in each other and how they grow together as a couple. Chandler is my favourite <3

Those words. *awwwww*
brb melting into a puddle of goo.

It's also interesting to compare this show, which was first aired in 1994, to the present. Aired 20 years ago and yet still so relatable to audiences today. Even concepts like being friend-zoned are mentioned in here. To remain relevant despite several outdated aspects (e.g. using pagers and how they barely relied on their phones) must be quite an achievement.

No other show can ever replace Friends and its characters. I guess they really did a spectacular job with character development!

I'll be there for you, cause you're there for me too ~

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Midterms and assignment deadlines are looming ahead :(

I am getting really bored and distracted with studying for my ethics test, so here's a quick blog update instead!

07-163 ready for Chinese New Year!

Dawn eagerly showed us the CNY decorations she bought and they were so cute!

So many goat puns everywhere since it's the year of the goat. I cannot stand the ones that try to be puns but were nowhere near (LOL IKEA's Goat Xi Fa Cai... seriously?!). This was hilarious though, ha ha ha ha ha. Good job, Breadtalk.

Lunch with Mabel

We wanted to eat at Sunday Folks but they were closed on Mondays :'( Ended up eating at D' Good Cafe instead.

Bangers and Mash.
$12 for 2 sausages and some mashed potatoes. I find it ovepriced.
Threaded my eyebrows while Mabel watched intently, LOL I have the weirdest friends (but we are good friends cos we are both weirdos, awww). I think the Rupinis outlet at Holland V does a way better job at threading my brows than the outlet at Midpoint Orchard! Plus it's next to Plain Vanilla, so bonus points for that!

Meeting up with Mabel always leads to talking about the most random things ever. Probably the foundation of our friendship, hee.

Valentine's day

Much love for the suitemates for the flower and chocolates and notes! Vicky actually got us all a rose, OMG so shocked but so touched! Mine is now in a Pokka bottle.

We had a suite picnic on Saturday morning while watching ICG Frisbee!

Sandwich with Lotus cookie butter, ham and cheese sandwich, brownies, fruit juice, Roller Coaster and red velvet cake!

And then I got fascinated by the ants carrying crumbs. Tsk, easily amused.

Aaaand the rest of the weekends were/will be spent studying for Tuesday's test, sigh.
Back to work! (Or rather, back to trying to study while constantly switching between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

Friday, 13 February 2015


If you are lonely when you're alone, you are in bad company

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow ~ Heart-shaped balloons and flowers everywhere you go, and #foreveralone jokes all over social media. There's no avoiding it - I think you would have to live in a cave to genuinely forget that tomorrow is a commercialised occasion set aside to celebrate love. Still, as much as some of us might be reminded of being alone, I don't see it as necessarily a bad thing.

One thing I've been increasingly aware of is that being alone does not equate to being lonely. I love being alone, but I hate feeling lonely. 

(I've been thinking about this for awhile now, but never got around to penning down my thoughts)

I like to go shopping alone, study alone and eat alone. It's not that I dislike doing these things with friends - I am just equally happy to be alone. 

It's quite liberating actually, being able to go wherever you want for however long you want without feeling like you are burdening your friends by making them wait as you drag them from store to store. I love shopping with friends especially when we can give each other advice or scold each other for spending too much money (hahaha), but wandering around town alone is fun in a different way. Sometimes I get tired from shopping and go to the Library@Orchard to read for awhile. It's more difficult to do that when you're shopping with someone. 

I think we all get socially exhausted sometimes (or at least I do), especially after spending so much time in social situations that require constant effort to navigate through conversations and having to keep in mind the social etiquettes to be followed. For me, spending some time alone is a great way to recharge. I like having the chance to be alone with my thoughts and do whatever I want without having to care about behaving in a social situation. Sometimes, I just want to have dinner in my room while I watch Friends. 

In fact, being in the company of bad friends/acquaintances only make me feel worse about myself. I would much rather be alone than be around people who make me feel like crap. Some people you just cannot click with because let's face it, it's near impossible to be able to get along with every single person you ever meet. Some people just make you end up feeling like an unwanted outsider being neglected. After several of such encounters, I realised there's no obligation for us to turn up for every single social situation anyway, so why not just be with people who make us happy and decline the company of those who ruin your mood?

Ironically, I sometimes feel lonelier around people than when I'm alone. You see, it all boils down to who you are with. Being around "friends" might make you feel lonely despite having the physical company of people around you, while being around friends will never fail to brighten up your day and make you feel blessed and loved even after they leave. This is what keeps you from feeling lonely despite being alone - knowing that there are friends who care about you and friends you can be silly with, even if they are not physically present at the moment. 

Ultimately, spending quality me-time is underrated. 

Saw this article on Buzzfeed and I think I relate to this so much!


And since I reminded myself about Valentine's Day at the beginning of this entry, I realised memories of my museum outing with Mabel and Crimson on 14 Feb a few years ago are fonder than memories of Valentine's Day with him last year (lol tbh it was quite a shitty one). I guess that only goes to show how our relationship went downhill so quickly and more importantly, that you should never neglect your friends because of a relationship. I know I've made several mistakes during the relationship but one thing I am very glad I kept in mind was to never treat my friends as second-fiddle to my relationship.

Been receiving flowers and random gifts from the suite mates and I hope we all remember that Valentine's Day can be celebrated with friends too :)

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Not something to be proud of, but I have been buying lots of things on impulse lately. Especially FOOD.

Black Pepper Cheese Puffs from MUJI

Recently bought these Black Pepper Cheese Puffs from MUJI and oh my god am I addicted to them.

Think of them as a classier version of Cheezels, if you will. The cheese powder has a subtle and natural taste, so none of that obviously fake and orangey cheese gunk (which I actually love a lot as well). That, coupled with the specks of black pepper, is just soooo yummy I eat the entire pack in one sitting every time (because yes, I have gone back to get more of these).

Black Pepper Cheese Puffs from MUJI

Black Pepper Cheese Puffs from MUJI
$2.90 per pack, which I found a little overpriced at first but after tasting it I don't care anymore that this will make me fat and broke.

I love MUJI. I love their food and stationery. I would buy the entire store if I had the means.

All hail MUJI.

Ghiradelli Premium Hot Chocolate

Was craving for some hot chocolate and got this Ghiradelli Double Chocolate on impulse from Jasons the Gourmet Grocer at ION! I know right, people go to town to shop for clothes and stuff, I end up buying food. The pig life chose me.

I was too lazy and it was too inconvenient to heat up milk with a stove and everything, so I just added some hot water to dissolve the powder, then added some fresh milk. Tasted like the Signature Hot Chocolate from Starbucks! A little too sugary for my liking, but that could be my fault for dumping about four heaped spoonfuls into my mug, oops.

Ghiradelli Double Chocolate
Love the resealable packaging!

Ghiradelli Double Chocolate
Hot chocolate and Friends. THE PERFECT LIFE.

It has been really cold and windy recently, so hot chocolate seems like the perfect comforting drink!

String cheese

I have only just realised how amazing string cheese is! Sadly, it's not very common in Singapore so I could only find them in Cold Storage. 

It's basically a tube of cheese that you can peel off in strings - so fun to eat! Apparently, it is stringy because milk proteins in the mozzarella line up in a row after being heated to 140 degrees. IT IS MOZZARELLA CHEESE. I LOVE MOZZARELLA. 


So... yeah... been buying and eating lots of food lately. Nearly half the semester has passed and I have not gone running at all, this is not good. 

Maybe I'll start cutting down on my snacking and going running... after Chinese New Year. I can't possibly say no to pineapple tarts and cornflake cookies, can I?