Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Not something to be proud of, but I have been buying lots of things on impulse lately. Especially FOOD.

Black Pepper Cheese Puffs from MUJI

Recently bought these Black Pepper Cheese Puffs from MUJI and oh my god am I addicted to them.

Think of them as a classier version of Cheezels, if you will. The cheese powder has a subtle and natural taste, so none of that obviously fake and orangey cheese gunk (which I actually love a lot as well). That, coupled with the specks of black pepper, is just soooo yummy I eat the entire pack in one sitting every time (because yes, I have gone back to get more of these).

Black Pepper Cheese Puffs from MUJI

Black Pepper Cheese Puffs from MUJI
$2.90 per pack, which I found a little overpriced at first but after tasting it I don't care anymore that this will make me fat and broke.

I love MUJI. I love their food and stationery. I would buy the entire store if I had the means.

All hail MUJI.

Ghiradelli Premium Hot Chocolate

Was craving for some hot chocolate and got this Ghiradelli Double Chocolate on impulse from Jasons the Gourmet Grocer at ION! I know right, people go to town to shop for clothes and stuff, I end up buying food. The pig life chose me.

I was too lazy and it was too inconvenient to heat up milk with a stove and everything, so I just added some hot water to dissolve the powder, then added some fresh milk. Tasted like the Signature Hot Chocolate from Starbucks! A little too sugary for my liking, but that could be my fault for dumping about four heaped spoonfuls into my mug, oops.

Ghiradelli Double Chocolate
Love the resealable packaging!

Ghiradelli Double Chocolate
Hot chocolate and Friends. THE PERFECT LIFE.

It has been really cold and windy recently, so hot chocolate seems like the perfect comforting drink!

String cheese

I have only just realised how amazing string cheese is! Sadly, it's not very common in Singapore so I could only find them in Cold Storage. 

It's basically a tube of cheese that you can peel off in strings - so fun to eat! Apparently, it is stringy because milk proteins in the mozzarella line up in a row after being heated to 140 degrees. IT IS MOZZARELLA CHEESE. I LOVE MOZZARELLA. 


So... yeah... been buying and eating lots of food lately. Nearly half the semester has passed and I have not gone running at all, this is not good. 

Maybe I'll start cutting down on my snacking and going running... after Chinese New Year. I can't possibly say no to pineapple tarts and cornflake cookies, can I?

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