Friday, 27 February 2015


I feel like crap today, because it was supposed to be a day dedicated to studying but I barely got anything done. The restlessness is too much to handle so I'm going to take a break till I'm back from dinner, although the last thing I should be doing is rewarding myself with a break despite being unproductive. Decided to rant on my blog out of boredom + so as not to bottle up my feelings. Small issue, it shall pass soon :)

lol what boredom does to me

Anyway, the internet exploded today and all because of a dress. I am more amazed by the extent to which it went viral, rather than The Curious Case of the Magical Chameleon Dress. People from different countries, all over the internet, overnight, split into two camps. First came the flood of confusion, then the articles updating people about the confusion, followed by explanations everywhere. Damn. But this went so viral and was posted so much that it is already old news by now.

Spent way too much time on social media this morning - probably why I am feeling crappy and cranky now :\

I think excessive use of social media can really affect your mood in more ways than one. Damn, time to cut down on social media. A break from the internet would probably do me a lot of good. Maybe I'll go on a social media fast tomorrow!

Time to watch Friends or take a nap, anything to improve my mood for a more productive night!

Wasted the night by playing mahjong. Lost three bucks :( But yay I finally played mahjong this CNY!

I guess I can justify this by saying it's alzheimer's prevention (who am I kidding).

Feeling really motivated to do work now, at 2 in the morning. What am I doing with my life?!

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