Saturday, 21 February 2015


恭喜发财 and happy new year to everyone!

Time for good food, gambling and reunions. Hope that everyone is having a great CNY! :)

Kinda sucks that I have assignments due on Monday and Tuesday. Who is even in the mood to think about schoolwork during the festive season??? So in the midst of my procrastination, I shall update a lil' bit about my Chinese New Year thus far!

Bring on the angpaos, poker cards, shark's fin, abalone, scallops, fish, pineapple tarts and ba kwa!!!


Day one of CNY was spent visiting some relatives (that I only see once a year and would never be able to recognise if we passed by each other along the street), followed by chilling at my paternal grandparents' house.

Lunch on 初一.
Roast pork, abalone, chicken, pork belly soup, etc, cooked by my grandma!

Most of my time was spent trying to entertain my seven-year-old cousin because she wouldn't leave me alone so why not try and bond with her?

So... to stop her from clicking on all the files on my MacBook and deleting them by accident (my notes and assignments, nooooo), I successfully entertained her for awhile with Photobooth. I knew it, funny photo effects + the chance to camwhore would keep her occupied, hehe.

So she got drawn to the flying birds here...

...and then decided hearts were even better.
Look at her trying to act all demure!
She tried to kiss me actually, but her timing failed because she didn't realise there was a 3-seconds countdown. Awww.
Trying to act scary, MWA HA HA
And then she tried hugging herself, hahahahaha.

She laughed so much at the weird faces, lol!

Heehee, big cheeks.

Because alien eyes are always funny, no?
Lol she's full of poses (just that her other arm kinda got blurred out here).
And then she got bored. At one point, she was playing blackjack with me and my cousins. She couldn't count but somehow still managed to win $3??! 

Then this four-year-old kid came, and while trying to entertain the two kids (who were playing with toy cars), my fingers somehow became a pedestrian. And this pedestrian somehow could fly? So I had two kids playing with my fingers and lifting my hand in the air. Kids logic. I don't even.


As usual, day two was spent at my maternal grandparents' house. Sat around doing nothing plus gambled a bit (and lost $10, sigh). 

My cousin was really cute though! For some reason, he is really obsessed with those pineapple lanterns that people hang during CNY, so he was constantly holding onto two lanterns. He treats them like his pets or something. Super cute!

I think observing and interacting with kids is so refreshing. They have a completely different perspective from us, being so carefree and innocent. It really takes your mind off other things when you interact with them.


Okay, my CNY has been pretty boring so far. Waiting for the meet-ups with friends over recess week!

I wonder if some people are feeling really bored during CNY, cos my blog suddenly has a lot more views on Friday, ha ha ha. Thanks for reading, whoever is reading this! Hope you are not bored to death by my blog, heh.

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