Sunday, 8 February 2015


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School has been quite enjoyable lately, thanks to the company around me :)

As much as I might complain about being socially exhausted at times, I know I will miss my Tembusu life so much after I leave. Mundane things that happen day to day make school life so much more bearable, I don't know how to cope with living at home after getting used to such a lifestyle.

Monday: Vicky's (belated) 21st birthday celebration

We decided to go with a Bollywood theme for her birthday, ha ha ha not racist okay! 

Party hat, balloons, muruku, Awfully Chocolate cupcake and a garland for the MP-to-be!

As usual, I was the saikang warrior running around town to get the balloons and stuff. We ended up giving her 21 balloons (20 normal white balloons and 1 helium balloon) and the white balloons have been nonchalantly floating around the suite this whole week. It's quite an amusing sight at first, then it just gets annoying, haha.

Had a fun but awkward time trying to dance along to Indian music and getting Vicky to teach us, although she knew nothing about Indian dance as well so we were all just looking like complete idiots. 

Wednesday: Supper with Machiavelli

I love how convenient it is to meet up and chat, since we all live in the same building. Had an impromptu McDonald's supper while talking and playing cards in the lounge. Something so simple yet so treasured especially since it is my last semester in Tembusu :(

How did we even end up playing Tai Di and talking about... ethics and education etc... at 2 in the morning??!
We somehow ended up talking about ethics? I love how conversations in Tembusu always lead to the most random but intriguing topics that normally would not occur elsewhere. I think we were talking (or maybe more of discussing or even debating) about whether learning ethics is necessary, since Taufeeq finds it useless to learn about ethics when he's in Medicine and thinks that since you have no choice to follow the law then just follow law, why still care about ethics? And me, loving my ethics in PR module quite a lot, tried explaining why I found it important. Woah, intense considering how it was 2 in the morning.

Such spontaneous events will never happen if I were to live at home. Sigh, feeling the nostalgia even before I leave.

Friday: NUSChoir Varsity Voices '15

A few of us Shan people went to support Andrea for her choir concert!

YAY Andy!
Went to Max Brenner after that! Shared the Crystal Sugar Churros Fondue with Liana.

Churros and chocolate, I can die happy now.
I've always liked choir performances and chocolate and churros so yay to a great night!


The past week has been really great because of Tembusu. Dinners and the conversations that naturally occur (we sat in the dining hall for 1-2 hours just to talk, omg), meeting up with the OG for supper and conversations, random interactions with the suite every day, these little things that seem really mundane in a typical Tembusu life will become memories I will definitely treasure a lot after I leave.

I have been a little jaded and exhausted lately (and I know I am not the only one) but ultimately, I know fully well that this would be one of the most precious memories I will hold on to when I graduate and enter the working world.

At the end of the day, the little things mean the most :)

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