Wednesday, 25 February 2015


mid-week ramblings
(quite proud of the 'confetti' that I manually added using shapes!)

Half my recess week is over, and I barely did anything productive (school-wise). Been feeling so restless each time I face my school work. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Still, academics aside, everything else is going pretty well :)

Feel like rambling away for a bit since I've given up on doing any productive work today, which explains the random entry, teehee.


So... my running shoes have been hidden away in a shoe box the whole of this semester... UNTIL NOW.

9am run at the gym, followed by breakfast at the dining hall! Man, I'm gonna miss this so much when I stop living on campus :'(

Looking cui after a run.
I guess that means I am healthy now ᕙ། ◕ – ◕ །ᕗ


Was showing Joanne and Derek this Instagram account today because THE PHOTOS ARE SO AMAZING. Just take a look at his Instagram feed - you won't regret it (works better on the Instagram mobile app than on the website).

He only has 4k followers, seriously this is way too under-appreciated. He deserves more followers than pretty girls posting selfies every other day.


Also, if you haven't already heard, FREE MICROSOFT OFFICE for students! Go check if you qualify, go go! Good things must share.

Finally, no more Microsoft Office that crashes when I use spellcheck (if you know what I mean *cough cough*)


Long day tomorrow - interview at 930am and project meeting from 10am till night (intense much?!). I guess that justifies sleeping soon instead of doing any work.

I really wonder how some people can be so hardworking and productive and motivated. Where do you find the self-control? How do you avoid procrastination and idly wasting your day away? Someone teach me please, how do you do it? :|

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