Saturday, 21 February 2015


Been updating my blog quite frequently lately - a testament to the extent of my procrastination.


01. Darwin's Stickers | A very interesting read from Radiolab about the science behind creating Facebook stickers, plus some insights on the correlation between the use of emotions online and in real life.

Well, this one was interesting at least to me. I never thought much about emojis/Facebook stickers and it only occurred to me after reading this that there could be more to them. The CNM student in me is intrigued.

02. If you had to name your child after a body part, what would you pick? | Amy G Dala and Sarah Bellum, ha ha ha ha. Was reading this thread during my lecture for Psychology in Everyday Life, so I guess it was kinda like revising for that module?

03. Michael Keaton And Jimmy Fallon Read Children's Scripts For 'Birdman' | Little kids write a script based on the sole information that it had to be titled 'Birdman'. SO MUCH CUTE. I CANNOT. #kidslogic

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