Saturday, 28 February 2015


What was supposed to be a week set aside for studying ended up being half meet-ups and half project meetings. Lack of productivity aside, 'twas a pretty good week!

Mabel's 21st

Went for Mabel's 21st birthday BBQ on Sunday! Good food + a chance to meet-up with several NYJC people, yay!

One of her Uncles is a chef, so the food was gooood. Not just your usual barbecued hotdogs and crabsticks! 

Aaaand... she made vodka gummies!
They tasted like jelly, I like!

Since it was still Chinese New Year, there was Lou Hei at her BBQ.
So cute, never seen people arrange plates this way to counter the mess.

Presenting to you... BACONANA!
Bananas wrapped in bacon. Such a strange combination o_O

Pretending to be at a frat party HAHAHA.
They were introduced to the wonderfulness that is Baileys with fresh milk!

Polaroid with the birthday girl!
Happy belated birthday to the Queen of cheese and randomness! ♪o<( ´∀`)っ┌iii┐

Steamboat @ Kim's house

The T4 batch-mates met up for CNY steamboat dinner on Monday! Good food, good company and gambling!

Kim has a dog named Einstein, but I have always been afraid of animals so I spent half my time running away from him or jumping in shock whenever he brushes past me, sigh. Rachel, on the other hand, keeps getting humped by the dog, ha ha ha ha ha.

And also Valley Chef hot dogs (which is becoming our fave brand of hot dog every single steamboat)

Time with T4 is always a good time :)

Derek's house

Met up with the Derek, Joanne, Klar and Dickson on Wednesday. Had dinner at this place called Tenderfresh Classic, located along Cheong Chin Nam Road. It's kinda like Singaporean-Western fusion food!

Laksa Spaghetti with prawns.
I thought it was not bad!

They were very generous with the prawns! Managed to find 5 in mine.
This is one of the very rare times where I have enough prawns to go with my noodles without having to ration them.
Went over to Derek's house after that to chill for a bit. We didn't even do much but it was still really fun somehow.

Never knew Guardian sold fortune cookies. I don't think that even counts as a fortune.
Buy them if you want to amuse yourself with badly-written "fortunes". 
And now... photo spam because I looove our photos so much!!!

Also, Derek would be really convincing as a girl.

I find this photo so cute!!

The most normal-looking photo of all.
And if you noticed, we all changed poses/expressions, EXCEPT FOR DICKSON.
Time spent with this bunch of people is always amazing. All we did was sit around, eat fortune cookies, talk nonsense, played Jenga, watched a bit of The Voice, watched Fantastic Four (actually we were barely watching, just sitting on the sofa and facing the TV while that show happened to be playing) and somehow it was still really fun. I love how I feel so comfortable around them and never ever feel left out/unwanted/bored/sad around them :')

Something I learned after 2 unhappy semesters in Tembusu is that people are not friends simply because they are physically close to you or happen to hang out with you often out of convenience. The frequency and proximity is nothing compared to friends you don't get to see often but will take time out of their busy lives to meet up, and will never let you doubt yourself around them.


Recess week ends tomorrow, and then it's back to school again. I have an essay to complete and a test to study for, ugh my life is getting rather boring these days. Still, really glad I got to spend time this week with some of the people that I love! Here's to friends who add joy to your life! ♥

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