Wednesday, 18 February 2015


I think my obsession with Friends is bordering on addiction. *oops*

It's a great show to watch passively when I want a bit of entertainment while doing other things (e.g. cleaning my room), since I already know what's going to happen and can predict what their next line is. Plus, it's my #1 go-to comfort show :)

I love the chemistry between them, the unique dynamics between every pair of characters and how great their friendship is. Although, I must say, it is giving me too unrealistic a portrayal of adult life because who actually gets to sit around all day drinking coffee and talking with your friends and still get to keep a work that pays enough for a comfortable life?

I cannot even decide on which pair of friends is my favourite. Joey and Phoebe? Chandler and Rachel? Joey and Chandler? Maybe Joey and Janice (trololol). I love them all.

Here are some of my favourite scenes from my favourite show!
(Images and gifs collected from the internet)

1. Rachel and the eyedrops

It's so adorable how the whole gang tries to ambush Rachel and force the eyedrops on her since she is too afraid to do so herself. Seems rather trivial but it just gets to me somehow.

2. Phoebe's new bike

I've always found Ross's character rather annoying (and in so many ways, oh my goodness), but it was so incredibly sweet when he bought a bike for Phoebe after finding out that she never once owned a bike of her own. And he tries teaching her to ride a bike like how he did for his son, which really reflects how much of a family they are to each other. 

And each time the friends have their little disputes and then make up, it shows how it really is true friendship that can withstand the inherent conflicts in any close relationships.

3. Joey and Little Women

Seeing how much Joey cared about the characters in Little Women was a chance to see the sensitive and soft side of him. Joey might be unrealistically dumb but he's really sweet so I can look past that.

4. Ross's British accent

Because Ross is annoying and watching him do stupid and embarrassing things can be quite amusing, heh heh >:)

5. Damn all the jellyfish

Because there's something strangely cute and romantic about marrying a friend who once peed on your feet, teehee.

And the best one of all

Chandler and Monica's proposal

Favourite TV couple ever!!! You can really see how they bring out the best in each other and how they grow together as a couple. Chandler is my favourite <3

Those words. *awwwww*
brb melting into a puddle of goo.

It's also interesting to compare this show, which was first aired in 1994, to the present. Aired 20 years ago and yet still so relatable to audiences today. Even concepts like being friend-zoned are mentioned in here. To remain relevant despite several outdated aspects (e.g. using pagers and how they barely relied on their phones) must be quite an achievement.

No other show can ever replace Friends and its characters. I guess they really did a spectacular job with character development!

I'll be there for you, cause you're there for me too ~

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