Sunday, 29 March 2015


Singapore has been in a week of mourning for Lee Kuan Yew and I have seen a side of Singapore I never knew existed till now.

Throughout the week, I never left school because I had no need to. I went for class, then went back to Tembusu. Today, I finally stepped out of my UTown bubble to head to town, and saw that LKY's face was everywhere. At the bus stop, on buildings, on newspapers -- everywhere.

Singaporeans are known for many things: being kiasu, being one of the most unhappy or selfish people in the world, loving to queue for anything, having no freedom, the list goes on. Lee Kuan Yew's death and the response that followed brought out both the good and the ugly.

Never before have I seen Singaporeans unite so strongly for a common cause. 

People across all generations, from the senior citizens to teenagers to parents bringing along their kids, are willing to queue for hours just to pay their respects at the Parliament House. I know Singaporeans love queuing, but never to such an extent. When you see 80-year-olds queuing for hours under the sun, you realise how much this man has impacted us. This week, we put aside our many differences and come together to pay our respects and show our gratitude. Regardless of race, language or religion.

Individuals and organisations are giving out free food, free drinks, setting out chairs, doing anything within their means to make the long queues more bearable. A university student distributing 20 McChicken, bought with his own money. Random strangers voluntarily picking up the trash in the aftermath. As cynical as I might be, this time I choose to believe that such actions were done out of their own goodwill, without expecting any recognition or reward. 

I think this Singapore spirit is something we can see for ourselves. My poor attempts at describing it will never fully capture what each individual personally feels, so there is no need for me to explain further. 

Unfortunately, this also brings out the ugly side of our Facebook generation. 

(lol the CNM geek in me)

Being the cynical person that I am, I sometimes question our reasons for wanting to pay respect in person. I do not doubt that everyone who turned up did so with good intentions, but surely the motivations vary. 

I guess the pioneer generation feel most strongly since they experienced the transformation firsthand -- they knew what Singapore was like before he stepped in and took action. This was the man who led them, during Singapore's infancy and through the hardships, into what Singapore is today. 

Meanwhile, I also wonder if some of us are also slightly enticed by the novelty of it all, or perhaps motivated by the fear of missing out (FOMO), in addition to our well intentions. 

It is fully understandable, with everyone being so interconnected these days, to be sucked into the hype. Everywhere on social media, you see people sharing about their visits to the Parliament House or sharing related news and articles. I saw someone post seven photos on Instagram after one visit to the Parliament House (oh wait, I see that he has uploaded several more today). This is a truly historical moment for Singapore, and the significance has been compounded by social media. 

There is nothing wrong with being partly motivated by the hype, but I think we need to learn where to draw the line. While I'm sure this is a history-textbook moment that everyone would like to document their involvement in, there is no pressing need to whip out your phones when paying respect. There is a time to share and there is a time to keep your phones away.

Just look at that.
It's as if they were at a concert.
I think that photo sums up my point rather succinctly. 

Also: herd mentality.

Anyone who points out something negative about LKY gets flamed. Even articles that take a neutral stance get flamed. They can do so in the most objective manner, without showing disrespect for him, and still be faced with criticisms and insults. (Is it an abomination to point out that LKY did not transform the country single-handedly?) It is as if people refuse to acknowledge that nobody is perfect and LKY was no exception. 

In class, the prof mentioned that surely this is not the mindless and unthinking Singaporeans LKY would like to see. And surely LKY himself would acknowledge that he was not perfect. 

I guess I can understand where they are coming from - perhaps it felt disrespectful to say anything but nice comments about someone who just passed away. Wrong timing, maybe?

I think we all need to learn where to draw the line. Outright disrespect is unacceptable (*cough* Amos Yee *cough*), but we should not reduce ourselves to mindless individuals incapable of thinking rationally or being too fearful of backlash to be objective. 

Regardless, I guess the good outweighed the bad. While certain responses leave us with much room for improvement, they do not override the incredibly heartwarming Singapore spirit that we have been witnessing this week.

I find it rather heartening that, after all he has done for us, we are able to come together in his death to pay tribute. It's like his final gift to Singapore.

All these years, we wondered what our 'Singapore Identity' is and can never seem reach a conclusion. Perhaps this is it.

So many tributes and articles going around on social media, but I particularly loved this one for its wit and bitchiness, hee.

Friday, 27 March 2015

So stressed out over everything + having a headache. Decided to get Starbucks at 12mn as a pick me up.

I AM GOING TO MISS UTOWN SO MUCH. Where else can I take the lift down and walk a few steps to get Starbucks when it's past midnight? And when you are up all night studying, and you feel demoralised, you look around you and see that there are people awake in UTown studying as well, and you feel less alone. I don't know how I am going to cope with studying alone in my room, with no Starbucks when I need some form of encouragement, with no company when I need to feel less like I'm suffering alone.

Sigh, despite the many disappointments I've encountered with Tembusu, it is still a place I never want to leave. I cannot imagine life without Tembusu. This is too much to get used to :(

Okay, end of my random sentimental ramble. Back to work!

(In need of a Tembusu reflection post soon. Shall do that when I finally have some time to spare!)

Monday, 23 March 2015


So I somehow managed to wake up at 7 this morning, without the aid of my alarm, to the sound of Vicky and Dawn's voice outside my room. And the first few things I overheard were about the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

I think many Singaporeans woke up this morning to the news of his passing. Social media is flooded with tributes and sentiments, which is not the least bit unusual. I think there is comfort in observing how this seemed to have brought most of Singapore together, despite our many differences. Love him or hate him, most seem to agree that there is no denying his contributions to the nation.

Halfway through our project meeting today, we decided to watch PM Lee's address on Lee Kuan Yew's death. You could see the tears welling up in PM Lee's eyes. I think it requires so much strength to stand there and address everyone, three separate times in three different languages, regarding your father's passing, much less doing so in such a formal manner. He couldn't even address him as "father", but as "Mr Lee Kuan Yew". Him and the rest of the family had to not only deal with the knowledge of the imminent death but also that of the whole nation being on standby for it. Death alone is already difficult to deal with, and I respect PM Lee for his strength.

Like I've mentioned previously, I know nothing about the political scene in Singapore, much less about politics in general. I will admit, I am ashamed to say that I know nothing about the MPs or ministers in Singapore, or what exactly is going on. I feel it is not my place to comment about his contributions, and much has already been said by countless people about it anyway. Yet, even with my shameful apathy and ignorance towards the political progress of Singapore, I am aware of how much dedication he had for Singapore, and his passing made me feel... something. I can't quite pinpoint what it is that I am feeling, but it has definitely impacted me somehow. Perhaps it is the knowledge that our founding father has passed, that soon the pioneer generation would pass, and eventually it would be our turn to step up. Perhaps it is sadness, over the fact that someone great has passed.

But even heroes have to die.

Maybe I'm being cheesy, but this has made me think about death. I do not think that death has to be associated with sadness alone (and I think 'sad' is sufficient and shall not think of a fancier way to describe that feeling). I think that to live to a ripe old age of 91 is an accomplishment worthy of celebration. More importantly, to have achieved so much in a lifetime, to have transformed Singapore and to have made such a mark in all our lives, is an accomplishment worthy of celebration.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew himself said that he wants a quick death. "It is the end of any aches and pains and suffering. So I hope the end will come quickly," he said, and I think it would be foolish to wish that he lives on forever. I think, knowing that he has ended his suffering and hopefully passed away the way he wanted would be good enough. Knowing that he is now reunited with his wife brings about a bittersweet form of comfort. This article in particular was rather heartwarming to read:

"He told us later that they had both discussed death. They had concluded that the one who died first would be the lucky one. The one remaining would suffer loneliness and grief."

This sketch as well, has made me realise that death does not always have to be paired with purely negative emotions.

(Honestly quite proud to say that the sketch was done by an ex-classmate, woah)

I think much has been said today regarding his passing, and I don't think there is much I can contribute. Nonetheless, even for someone as apathetic as me, it is something that has affected me, so where better voice out my sentiments but here?


I haven't really suffered from Monday blues this semester, thanks to my awesome timetable that gives me a free day on Monday. But, projects and assignments are piling up and my overdue work is starting to catch up with me. School is getting more dreadful and stressful :(

I think I am feeling so overwhelmed because I am afraid of letting others down. Individual revision and assignments don't stress me out as much as group projects and commitment to CNM Society do. At least for my own work, I am obligated to only myself. I give myself much higher expectations when I know that others will be implicated as well, if I don't finish my part of the project on time or if I slack from my duties in the society.

My to-do list is starting to overflow and that is not good. So much overdue readings and lectures to catch up on.

Well, school hasn't been all bad lately. Went for Vox Flante (this concert organised by FASS) because Derek was performing so I decided to show some support! Somehow managed to convince 2 freshies from 2 separate OGs to go with me, haha. Thanks Haozhe and Clar for accompanying me :)

Clarissa is very happy with her 豆奶 ha ha ha.
Went for Xingxing's farewell after that, cos she's starting her hospital attachment and moved out of Tembusu a few days ago. Sigh, one of my closer friends in Tembusu, i iz sad :'( She's one of the people that made my Tembusu experience worthwhile despite the several disappointments I've encountered.

Okay, I've whined enough over here to feel a little better. Back to memorising my script for the group presentation on Tuesday. Really must thank my Guzheng days for improving my memory skills. All the times I had to memorise the scores for performances and guzheng exams sure paid off :)

Woke up on Monday morning to the news of LKY passing away. Well, for what it's worth, I hope he passed quickly and painlessly like he wanted. At 91, and with all his contributions and dedications over the many many years, I suppose it could also be more of a celebration of him than just a mourning of his passing.

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Started this list out of boredom a few weeks ago, and decided to complete it today out of boredom again.

I rarely like drawing attention to myself in such a shameless manner, so I'll just indulge in this brief moment of narcissism and all will be back to normal soon.

So, presenting to you...

Even putting this individual photo of myself makes me feel weird, heh.


"You major in Comms and New Media? No wonder you use Facebook so much." I have received this comment from at least three people so far.

Not a veggie lover. Don't you dare spam my laksa with beansprouts disguising as 粗米粉, I will pick out every single beansprout so that I can eat my noodles uninterrupted.

I am a nocturnal night owl who wishes to be a morning person. Trying but not quite there yet. (fyi, typing this at 5 in the morning because essay-writing got unbearable)

I wish I had better design skills, but I never really got around to learning Photoshop and am not artistically inclined in any other ways either. Which is why I always make images on for fun, because I can "design" (using that term really loosely here) without having any actual skills.

I need to take a chill pill. Seriously, I just simply have no chill.

I think I am probably the least cool person to ever walk this earth.

Sometimes I dislike how I laugh so loudly and crudely and get excited over the stupidest thing. Like I said, least cool person ever.

I admire people who can write in a clever, witty manner and wish I could effortlessly write like that as well.

I think I am too negative/cynical for my own good.

I have a strange interest in conspiracy theories (probably because I am so cynical), life in ancient times and all things related to extraterrestrial intelligence (I once chose to write about Active SETI as my essay topic, lol).

I sometimes get crazy paranoid about suffering symptoms of certain illnesses. I have done a fair bit of Google diagnosis for appendicitis, large intestine cancer, receding gum lines, diabetes and liver problems (I know, I'm a crazy paranoid bitch).

Never owned or played with a Barbie doll my whole life. As a child, I never saw the appeal and I guess my parents didn't think I needed one either.

My Instagram name is 'nutellagorilla' so people just keep associating me with Nutella. Received a jar of Nutella when playing Angel/Mortal in Tembusu, ha ha ha.

I dislike it when my posts have lots of narcissistic words like "I" and "me". So this whole narcissistic post is making me feel a little conscious.

I secretly love the idea of living a Gossip Girl life (live in New York, own nice clothes, looking put-together all the time, but minus the backstabbing and scheming).

When I was younger, I wanted to be a lawyer because I liked arguing and debating with people.

Then I decided I wanted to study Psychology because psychoanalysing people seems like fun.

I get awkward around adults, old people and kids. Basically anyone outside my age group.

I was a mean bitch when I was 13. Things got better after Secondary 1.

I know absolutely nothing about politics and I sometimes wish I was less apathetic. It's starting to get embarrassing just how little I know about the political scene in Singapore, let alone the rest of the world.


Congratulations! If you have read the entire post, you have just passed EVE1101e! 

I have no idea who would bother reading an entire post about my boring self, but I had fun reflecting on myself in a candid manner :)

Thursday, 19 March 2015


Psych test tomorrow, welfare packs to settle, group presentation on Tuesday. Aaaahhh, I'm not used to having so many things on my plate, although it's already very mild compared to some people's schedules.

In a way, I like being busy because it keeps me motivated to do work. I'm just afraid I'll disappoint others.

Just a random quick update, because I feel like taking a break from typing my psych notes so I shall type this instead.

Suite "photoshoot"

Hahahaha we decided to wear our Tembusu shirts and take photos under the Tembusu umbrellas on Wednesday.

(minus Vicky who refused to wake up)

And of all the photos, I simply must upload this...
She looks like a newborn baby.

Tembusu fire

HAHAHAHA okay this was actually a relatively minor fire. Apparently a wok in the dining hall kitchen caught fire, but they extinguished it before the firemen arrived (and they arrived in 2 minutes, woah). 

Still, it was the very first evacuation that was caused by a real fire and not a fire drill, so being the uncool loser that I am, I got very excited. Hahahahahahaha. 

My Whatsapp chats got flooded with conversations and photos that somehow the non-Tembusians managed to get their hands on and send to me. So... some photos that I don't know who to credit.


This happened during dinnertime, but the dining hall was back in operation by breakfast the next day. Just that it still smelled of smoke for awhile.

And since my life is so boring, smoke in the dining hall was probably one of the most exciting events in my life so far, heehee.


MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN MY FAVOUR (and yours too if you are going through hell week as well)

Sunday, 15 March 2015


Some Instagram feeds worth checking out! (I know this is not technically a "read" but aiya a picture is worth a thousand words)

Kay, that's all for now.

Saturday, 14 March 2015



Had a really tiring but fulfilling 10 hours explaining to prospective students more about CNM!

NUS Communications and New Media CNm

10 hours of smiling and explaining and answering people's questions. NO JOKE LEH SERIOUSLY. Face is numb from the non-stop smiling, mouth is dry and cramping from the talking. I am just going to spam water, put on my resting bitch face and watch Gossip Girl or take a nap.

At the end of the day, all that effort was worth it. Being my usual rahrah self, I really like contributing back to whatever I join so I guess this is one way of contributing back to CNM!

Two years ago, I was just like them; I asked those exact same questions. What the hell is Communications and New Media? What's the difference between NUS Communications and New Media, and NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communications? What are the job prospects (because when you are choosing a major and everyone is making jokes about social science degrees being toilet papers, you get very worried about your future career although you haven't even entered university yet)? 

Not gonna talk about that on my blog since it would give the wrong impression that I have sufficient authority and expertise, so you can check out the NUS CNM page to find out more or check out our Facebook page if you want to contact us regarding any queries!


Looking back, I really had such a hard time deciding between all the schools and courses.

I was deciding between NTU and NUS, communications/social sciences and business. Eventually received offers from NTU business and NUS FASS.

I am so indecisive and such an overthinker that a lot a lot of thought process went into making my final choice of NUS, FASS, Communications and New Media.

1. NUS over NTU

I think I thrive where student life is vibrant. I loved the vibrancy in NYJC, and I decided I wanted to go to a school that seemed a lot more happening, which in my opinion was NUS.

Also, a huge bonus NUS had over NTU was the residential programmes! I wanted to join Tembusu soooo badly since I really loved the concept of living and learning in the same building with the same people. Since NTU only offered halls, one point goes to NUS!

2. FASS over Business

I think a part of me considered business only because I was flattered that my results allowed me to enter business courses, considering my usual bad results in JC. So, after a brief period of confusion, I had to dig deep within me and ask myself, why do I suddenly want a business degree? Am I actually interested in what the course has to offer? Would I really enjoy studying a business course? No. I was just flattered for a moment.

3. NUS vs NTU communications

NUS focuses more on new media, NTU focuses more on mass communications. This was the information I received when I attended the open houses and read up about it online. I think I was ultimately more interested in studying about new media, especially since knowledge about new media seemed more relevant than that of traditional media. That partly influenced me when I was deciding, *though I really have no idea how the course in NTU would be like since I haven't attended any before*

4. Communications and New Media (as opposed to other FASS majors)

All through secondary school, I thought I would want to major in Psychology since I found it so fascinating. And then I learned about communications courses and thought that seemed like fun as well. Then for a brief period of time as a freshie, I thought maybe CNM was not for me, and I would like sociology better. Such a confused kid, heehee.

Eventually decided that I might have a misconception of what psychology really is about, since it's not all fun and games and reading minds and psychoanalysing people like I thought was all I got to do. And then I took the introduction module for sociology and realised, holy crap I suck at this and I think I am just not cut out for it. 

On the other hand, the things I learned about in CNM were things I found interesting. I would stumble upon a random article online and be like "oohhh I learned about this in class/I can use this example in class!!!" I guess if I can be genuinely interested in the module's content even outside the classroom context, it would make the whole studying process a lot more bearable.


Aiya at the end of they day, really really ask yourself what is it that you want, and which environment you would thrive better in. Only you would know what's best for you :)

Aww, can't believe I am already halfway through my NUS life :( I want to be Forever Freshie, ha ha ha. 

Okay, enough of trying to recall my past experiences. I am sofaking tired that I am probably making no sense here anyway.

I slept for 15 hours, holymacaroni. I think the whole of this entry made no sense since I was desperately in need of some rest.

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Life's been great recently, thanks to awesome groups of friends in school! E-learning sucks balls though >:(

Milkcow with Daphy

Finally settled our Honeycreme date! Although we ended up getting Milkcow instead of Honeycreme.

Mmmmm, honeycomb with vanilla soft serve! 
I think Milkcow beats Honeycreme in terms of value for money. Honeycreme's soft serve was rather icy and thin, considering how much they were charging me. Milkcow's ice cream was so much thicker and creamier. It's reeeeally milky though, like the ice version of 白兔奶糖! Can be a strength or a weakness, depending on your preference I guess.

A few years ago, I suddenly thought it would be a great idea to stir honey into milk, so I tried it but it tasted strange. The taste of Honeycreme/Milkcow is exactly the outcome I was hoping for, so yay for finally tasting what I had conjured in my weird weird brain!

Oh we had dinner at Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe too! Had this cream sauce pasta with scallops, which looked more impressive than it tasted :(

The pasta was good, cos their cream sauce pasta has always been amazing. BUT THE SCALLOPS. I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. SEAFOOD WITH BAKED CHEESE, ONE OF THE BEST COMBINATIONS EVER. But the scallops were overcooked or something, and ended up being extremely dry and mushy and tasteless :(

Ooh I ended up dragging daphy around Plaza Sing to look at random makeup stuff and ended up spending money, sigh :(

Supper with T4

Met T4 for supper at Bedok 85 on Sunday! Time with T4 is always a good time (that is becoming my T4 motto or something, hehe).

Super thankful for this trusty bunch of friends. I was such a burden, in need of transport and portable charger, and lo and behold, they offered their help :)

Traveled from the west to the east for the company and not the food, so I barely ate anything since I was already full from dinner. Man, I'll be so sad when all the seniors graduate and leave NUS one by one... this is like Perks of Being A Wallflower when Charlie's friends had to leave. It's not like we meet up that frequently in school, but soon everyone will be too busy to meet for things like supper :\

Anyway, we were done eating and catching up but Weesiong didn't want to go home yet so we were thinking of places we can go and I suggested we hang out at the Tembusu games room. AND THEY AGREED, YESSSS. So we ended up playing pool, foosball, air hockey and dance central till it was about 3-4am.

And then a few of us sat down and continued talking a little more after we were done with the games room.
Just because.
Always enjoy hanging out and catching up with this bunch. Aaaahh I am dreading the moment when we all grow up and become too busy for this :(

Machiavelli's midnight supper adventures!

We planned to meet up and hang out on Tuesday night, but it somehow became an impromptu trip to Swee Choon. Being dumbdumbs, we completely forgot that Swee Choon closes on Tuesdays, so we ended up at the 24H Tim Ho Wan instead.

Yay to 24h dimsum places!

Stomach was about to burst from the suite steamboat previously, so all I ate was the char siew pau. Because they were too good to pass up on. Man, I'm craving for them now :(

The kind of tic-tac-toe I like to play.
So cute, when it was time to foot the bills, Zen and Haozhe started fighting over who got to pay. Me, Jiarui and Yunheng just sat there not knowing what to do, heh. Then they were both at the cashier pushing away each other's money or something. Ha ha ha gentlemanly freshies ^_^ It was quite expensive though, so we all paid them $10 each and they obliged.

And then we decided we were still wide awake and have space in our stomachs, so we went for round 2 -- beancurd!

While navigating the streets of Geylang in search of our beancurd, we accidentally turned into this lane filled with prostitutes and huge groups of what I am assuming are their clients. Not to sound too country bumpkin or anything, but it was quite shocking. I mean, I have always been aware that there are prostitutes in Singapore, especially at Geylang. I just never expected to be in the midst of such a crowd of them. We were in a car, so I guess things could've been more shocking.

After navigating through the lorongs of Geylang.
It's a tricky situation, turn into the wrong one and you get to eat 豆腐 instead of 豆花.

My cold beancurd with extra sugar... which, strangely, had a vague bird's nest taste o_o

Finally got back to Tembusu at 2-3am! Thanks to Zen, who drove from home to Tembusu, to fetch us from Tembusu to the supper places, then drive us back to Tembusu before finally driving back home. #1 好人 haha!


Okay, enough boring ramblings about my life, which must be quite a chore to read because I am basically transcribing what happened. It's not even worded very well, especially since I tend to blog right before sleeping, so my current 2am brain is not at its peak.

Anyway, e-learning sucks and I absolutely loathe class "discussions" in online forums, where people spam nonsense that do not value-add to the "discussions" just for the sake of earning participation marks and not because they truly have something useful to share. "Discussion" is a very loose term for what really goes on in those forums. Ugh.

My e-learning week seems busier than a normal school week, sigh. I bet most profs are doing this e-learning crap because they have no choice too.

Thursday, 5 March 2015



Today is a good day. Or rather, yesterday was a good day, since it's already Thursday 3am.

Finally done with NM2104 mid-terms > took a 3-hour nap > dinner with Machiavelli > played air hockey, foozball, pool and Dance Central in the games room > chilled for a bit > drank and chilled at the lounge because we didn't finish Zen's bottle of whiskey the previous time so we decided to finish it today. I am totally over-rewarding myself just for completing one test (which was only 50 MCQ questions, lol). I guess all that studying during the past few days justify my day of rest?


Learned to play pool today!
Sigh, these are the things I'm really going to miss when I leave Tembusu. Dinner with friends, impromptu drinking or going to the games room, being able to take a nap in my room in the middle of my day. Things will never be spontaneous once I move back home :(


On a separate but related note, I am truly very glad that all my OGs have not disintegrated yet. When I signed up as OGL/AOGL for Tembusu camp and NM camp, my goal was to make sure they not only have fun during the camp but remain bonded after that, and I am glad that things seem to have turned out well during these two semesters. Having fun during orientation camps is useless if the group simply disperses after that. 

I think that the biggest takeaway you get from joining camps would be the friendships forged. Most of the time, you truly become friends and know each other better from the outings and interactions after the camp is over and school has started. The meals, outings or conversations in your daily life are what cement the friendship.

I know that some of these groups are not sustainable, and sometimes the groups disintegrate once we grow out of the context. The OG might die down after leaving Tembusu, or when we take different NM modules and don't see each other as often. Still, having good companions as you go through your university life is something we should really treasure, because these are the ones that really enrich my university life.

T4, moomoo and Machiavelli - I love all you guys!♥ And I shall end this random blog entry before I get too sappy and mushy :)

Monday, 2 March 2015


It's week 7 of school, which also means mid-terms are here. I think that calls for some injection of cuteness into our lives!

01. THIS. I never knew Pokemon could reach such levels of cuteness. I was not expecting this much cuteness when I clicked on the link. I want one. I want them all. Felt pokemon use cute. It's super effective!

02. Because what's cuter than a baby? A baby wrapped in a burrito blanket. Combining cute babies and food. Best of both worlds.

03. And why stop at babies? Wrap all other living creatures up like a burrito too.

04. Illustrations of children's photos. Not exactly the *squeeee it's so cute I want to hyperventilate* type of cuteness but still cute nonetheless.


May this cure your Monday blues! ^v^

P.S. seriously, just look at that tiny felt Totoro. How to feel sad when you're looking at it?! CANNOT RESIST.

P.P.S oh and since the lagger says she reads my blog... HELLO DAPHY 你好! ^v^