Thursday, 5 March 2015



Today is a good day. Or rather, yesterday was a good day, since it's already Thursday 3am.

Finally done with NM2104 mid-terms > took a 3-hour nap > dinner with Machiavelli > played air hockey, foozball, pool and Dance Central in the games room > chilled for a bit > drank and chilled at the lounge because we didn't finish Zen's bottle of whiskey the previous time so we decided to finish it today. I am totally over-rewarding myself just for completing one test (which was only 50 MCQ questions, lol). I guess all that studying during the past few days justify my day of rest?


Learned to play pool today!
Sigh, these are the things I'm really going to miss when I leave Tembusu. Dinner with friends, impromptu drinking or going to the games room, being able to take a nap in my room in the middle of my day. Things will never be spontaneous once I move back home :(


On a separate but related note, I am truly very glad that all my OGs have not disintegrated yet. When I signed up as OGL/AOGL for Tembusu camp and NM camp, my goal was to make sure they not only have fun during the camp but remain bonded after that, and I am glad that things seem to have turned out well during these two semesters. Having fun during orientation camps is useless if the group simply disperses after that. 

I think that the biggest takeaway you get from joining camps would be the friendships forged. Most of the time, you truly become friends and know each other better from the outings and interactions after the camp is over and school has started. The meals, outings or conversations in your daily life are what cement the friendship.

I know that some of these groups are not sustainable, and sometimes the groups disintegrate once we grow out of the context. The OG might die down after leaving Tembusu, or when we take different NM modules and don't see each other as often. Still, having good companions as you go through your university life is something we should really treasure, because these are the ones that really enrich my university life.

T4, moomoo and Machiavelli - I love all you guys!♥ And I shall end this random blog entry before I get too sappy and mushy :)

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