Wednesday, 29 April 2015


My life (when I am not lazing in bed and putting my grades at stake).

Thinking about future plans to escape from the dreariness that is studying for finals.

An overly ambitious to-do list for the summer:

  • Thread brows
  • Cut hair
  • Learn Photoshop
  • Learn web design...?
  • Catch up on my reading list
  • Catch up on shows (especially Orphan Black!)
  • Find an internship/part-time job
  • Organise my room (maybe rearrange the furniture?)
  • Decorate my room (it has not changed since 2009)
  • Crash arts camp
  • Crash NM camp
  • Learn to put on makeup without looking like a tranny (hooded monolids problem)
Everything seems easy to accomplish except for learning Photoshop, web design and finding for a job. Wouldn't be considered ambitious otherwise.

How do I even go about learning Photoshop? Take a course? Find for online tutorials? HELP.

And I want a job so I have something to do with my next 3 months, instead of rotting away in my room because I am too lazy to leave the house. 

Okay. End of procrastination. Back to studying.

If you have any part-time job/internship lobang, or know how to learn Photoshop properly, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ^_^

Friday, 24 April 2015


It's nearing the end of reading week and I barely got anything done. It's the last few weeks of my stay here in Tembusu. I am going to be a Year 3 student soon. My student life is ending soon. In one or two years, I will (hopefully) be working.

What is this. I cannot deal with all these changes. If being out of Tembusu leaves me with such uneasiness, what is going to happen when I leave university and have to enter the working world?

Sigh, such troubles that plague me amidst my attempts at studying for finals.

I am in no mood to type anything too coherent so this is just going to be a random mix of the thoughts running through my mind.

Ok, I need to stop worrying about the inevitable.

On to sillier things.

I realised I cannot stand it when guys are passive. I think if you are interested in someone, you should be actively trying. Maybe there is no need to be too straightforward since it might be too much to handle, but you should at least be making the effort to communicate and interact more often, and to do so consistently. I think what I really dislike is this misconception that people need to play mind games when it comes to such things. No.

Or maybe it's not playing mind games but simply being too afraid or hesitant to pursue what you want. Want to meet then just ask to meet. Don't hint hint and passively hope that the person gets the hint. It's not a game show. (Not gonna give examples from personal experience because I don't know who is reading this, heh)

Hmm, I guess this was partly sparked by the flood of posts on NUSWhispers about relationship/BGR problems, most of which sound like they were posted by secondary school kids. I am reminded of past experiences and my pet peeves, lol.

I think I have a lot of pet peeves. Probably too many for my own good. I should list them all out one day and see just how many insignificant things annoy me. No wonder I can be so bitter at times.

Sometimes I am afraid of turning into one of those bitter and angry old ladies. Y'know, those old aunties who are constantly frowning and complaining about everything and snapping at everyone and cannot stand everything about "kids these days". Yeah, I worry about turning into one of them. I think I am already halfway there.

Never mind. Moving on to happier things that have brightened up my otherwise boring life!

Project submissions are finally over! Submitted 2104 on Monday morning and 3236 on Tuesday morning. YESSSS.

Then there was the hilarious incident on Tuesday when we were packing up the CNM room and the two guys decided to open up a sanitary pad to see how it actually looks like. HA HA HA. Queries and discovery ensued. They were so surprised that one side was sticky and also by how absorbent it was (because, yes, they poured water on it to test it out). I shall name this incident Winter and Desmond's Padventure.

Well, I think that all guys should be more educated on periods and maybe sex ed should teach everyone about both sexes and not just their own. Never hurts to know more and be more sympathetic, no? Or maybe I am being too simplistic about this. I shall leave this to ponder over in future.

Okay, apart from the exciting pad discovery... some exam welfare love!

Tembusu welfare pack! 
I love the two packets of Indomie + Nature Valley bar in my favourite flavour! 
Also, they gave us each a bottle of ketchup/chili sauce. No prizes for guessing who wins the Most Random Welfare pack this semester.

Pretty handwritten note + the most adorable post-its ever + chocolates from Dawn!

And the highlight of today... welfare packs flown all the way from Japan!
Sent by the very lovely Yu, who bothered packing everything neatly into bags and tying it up so nicely and including a really sweet handwritten letter!
So super duper touched by her efforts to put together this package filled with loads of matcha goodness!
Even in Japan, one year after her exchange here, she hasn't forgotten about us :')

I get so restless and bored when studying for finals but I also know that it is indeed a privilege to be able to actually complain about studying. Also, I really do enjoy studying, despite being so easily distracted most of the time.

There is joy in studying and learning, and the friends around me make everything better! :)

Will certainly miss the company of my suite mates when I move out of Tembusu, especially in times like this when misery loves company :'(

Okay, three in the morning, time to sleep!

P.S. some cute animals to chase away exam blues


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

random musings

Home is more of a feeling than a place.

Sometimes you build your home in a person and the person leaves and you are left with a sense of emptiness and placelessness.

But sometimes you build your home in the wrong place, and perhaps it's okay to wander aimlessly before eventually finding the right place.

Sentiments and comfort in familiarity can hold you back but do not let it overwhelm and limit you to settling for anything less than you deserve.

/random thoughts creeping in because my attention span is non-existent when I attempt to study. 

Friday, 17 April 2015



With my horrible CAP of 3.3 (which I am not proud of but see no point in hiding), I am in no position to give any advice about school and studies. Still, being one who has done rather badly, I have certainly made enough mistakes to tell people what to avoid doing.

Since finals are looming ahead and the ghosts of procrastinations past are catching up to me, I am once again regretting my past actions this semester. Hindsight is always 20/20, no?

*take this with a pinch of salt because nothing I say should be used as a definitive guide*


Seniors have been there done that. They know how each prof is like, which module is manageable, or how to study for certain modules. Don't be shy with asking seniors (just don't go overboard and be too annoying).


What was easy to your senior may not be easy for you, what they found interesting might bore the shit out of you. When I was a freshie, seniors told me NM2219 was manageable for a freshie. I took it without even knowing what it was about. During the very first tutorial, the tutor asked "so how many of you plan to go into PR?" and I was all "huh what PR semo lai de???" *facepalm*


After receiving my utterly shit results one semester, I decided to ask Jindao for advice and he told me to take modules I enjoy. Even if others dislike it, even if others find it difficult, even if you are taking the module alone, sometimes interest is just more crucial. I realise it now.

When I had no interest, churning out a few words for an assignment was such horrible torture. You can give me 10 weeks to do an assignment and I will be just as uninspired because it simply doesn't call out to me. On the other hand, I loved NM3236 and studying for midterms was actually bearable. My interest for the topic will fuel me through the endless readings.


This is a piece of advice I myself need to follow, because I am always so shy and awkward when it comes to consulting teachers. I always end up feeling like I'm pestering them so I just keep my questions to myself.

The worst module I have ever ever taken was NM2103. Holy crap, I was confused even up till my final exams. My experience with this module takes confusion to a whole new level. On hindsight, I should've consulted the prof. I asked seniors for help but the explanations weren't clear enough and it's never as certain as asking the prof who will be setting your exams anyway. Maybe if I bothered consulting the prof, I would've done better.

/update - it is now 2017 and I have since consulted several profs for essays and projects. It is really very useful! After discussing with your prof, you will feel so enlightened and motivated to get shit done. The profs were all so nice and eager to help! Before you go, just look through your materials, have a list of questions prepared and it will turn out fine :)


If you are doing well, don't get complacent and continue working hard. If you are doing badly, don't get demoralised but instead use it as motivation to work even harder. I have to remind myself this because it's so easy to fall into either trap.

I've been screwing up so much that it's also easy to lose hope and give up. It's even more difficult to continue believing things might improve, especially people around you are pretty vocal about their belief that if your CAP is shit up till now, it's just going to stay shit the rest of your uni life.

Well, I think that nothing will improve if you don't believe it will, so I'm just trying to tune out all the negativity.


Some introspection and self-awareness is always good. Different people study differently, different profs teach differently, so figure out which style suits you best.

The best grade I've gotten so far were modules were IEM (which was about expository writing) and NM2220 (which was about media writing). It took me 3 semesters to realise that perhaps modules that require writing skills would work better in my favour.


Choosing modules can get complicated because it is not only about the content, teaching style, etc. The big picture is your timetable, which you are stuck with for the rest of the semester so plan wisely.

Of course, there's the obvious advice: avoid having more than one exam per day, or having exams on consecutive days, unless you are sure you can handle it. Lecture and tutorial venues are also important, since it is best to avoid back-to-back lessons at different parts of the campus. Shuttle bus timings can be frustrating, and it would be exhausting to rush around and worry about being late for tutorials every single week.

More importantly, find a timetable that suits you. I once had a timetable with a free Wednesday and was so happy about it... but I ended up wasting every single free day slacking away. I have so little self-control and I burn out so easily that a free day in the middle of the week ends up being a day for me to rest and recharge, which was the exact opposite of my original intention which was to study.


Ha ha, as if this advice ever works. Every semester before finals, I realise how little time I have left to study so many things and I wish I didn't procrastinate during the semester. At the start of every semester, I tell myself this sem I will do my readings before lecture and type of notes after each lecture. Bullshit. I break that promise the moment I attend my first lecture.

You realise how important this piece of advice can be, but to really carry it out requires so much self-control that I simply do not have. I would buy some self-control from the black market if I could.


Okay, that was basically a list of mistakes I have made since the very beginning of my NUS life, that I need to constantly remind myself to avoid.

Also, the title said "how to suck at school" but honestly, school is more than just studying. I told myself, if all I get from my 3 or 4 years in NUS is academic results, then I have failed university. This is my chance to make friends, try new things, find out what I like, the typical cheesy stuff. I am glad I got to experience life in Tembusu (although I did not make the most out of it), I am thankful for friends who brighten up my university life, I am glad to have joined SLF 2014 and CNM Society, and I am hoping to join more things in my last few semesters here at NUS :)

/update: the rollercoaster ride that is my CAP is now 3.5 > 3.33 > 3.38 > 3.59 > 3.78 > 3.97 > 4.05. So yeah, don't give up just because of one or two semesters of shitty results!!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


My life is officially boring since it is the final week of lessons before finals arrive. Still, friends make school bearable :)

Celebrated Esther's birthday on Sunday! After two semesters in Tembusu, there's no point making things that big a secret lah. So we were just decorating the suite really loudly although she was right there in her room (we sent Andrea in to distract her for ten whole minutes and Andy almost resorted to dancing with her just to kill time lol?)

Thanks to Dawn the artsy genius, it looked like legit decorations at those 21st birthday parties people have at MBS/chalets, heh.

Not bad sia, high level decorations that were done in one evening!
And birthday princess with her crown!

Monday and Tuesday were Welfare Pack days, which entailed me sitting at the bench along the stuffy and humid AS6 walkway for hours and waiting for people to collect their welfare packs. Entertained myself by people-watching, which kinda felt like a real-life version of Facebook stalking and browsing through friend lists and photos >:)

Look at our welfare packs!
Mostly food, but I think the highlight was the stickers and indomie!
Quite happy when people are happy over the welfare packs because they like the indomie or stickers! And especially when people say they like the sticker and shirt designs (even though I wasn't the one who designed them)! I procrastinate too much to do high-quality work for school but when it comes to such things, I cannot accept low quality. Cannot. So yay, thanks everyone who gave positive feedback! But more importantly, constructive criticism is even more welcome so feel free to give negative feedback too!

Oh and omg me and Nigel locked ourselves out of the CNM room today. Our matric cards have access to the room but we had no idea we needed a PIN number to enter the room once it's past 6pm. So we left our stuff in the room and went to distribute the leftover welfare packs to the profs, and after we were done we couldn't enter the room because they asked for our PIN and we were like "wth what PIN?!??!"


Spent 40 minutes wondering what to do, contacting Winter, contacting the NM office people, finding a prof for help (the only prof who was in, lol), asking random students in the playroom for help. 40 minutes later, I went online to google "NUS PIN" and realised we can actually retrieve our PIN online. I didn't even know we had a PIN number, wtf?

So thanks to Google, we finally opened the door. Wahlau, damn fail can? Locked ourselves out for 40 minutes thanks to our own ignorance? *facepalm* *cheekpalm* *slaps self*

Today was fun though, cos it was such a gossipy day~ Gossiping with 2104 group mates, gossiping with Model City group mates, heehee. I am not gossiping, I am just being inquisitive ;)

Okay I know that gossiping is not nice and I hate it when people talk about me without knowing my side of the story, but some things are just so interesting! Always good to be well-informed, no? But okay I told myself to control the amount of gossip, heh.


Recently, people keep mentioning my blog to me, lol. I really had no idea people actually read my blog. Or maybe they happened to stumble upon my blog once and that was it cos it's boring. But wah I feel so paiseh when they mention it, I don't even know why. Usually so shameless, why so shy now? Hahahaha.

Okay 230am and my brain has not been functioning well the past few days/weeks. TIME TO SLEEP. SWITCH OFF THIS USELESS BRAIN.

Goodnight and hang in there for the last few weeks of school! *\0/*

Saturday, 11 April 2015



One assignment down + dinner at Timbre with T4 batch mates yesterday! Time for a quick update before I get started with work. Blah, what a bore. On to happier things!

Buffalo wings!
I loved the sauce, but the wings were just too tiny for greedy me.

And the legendary duck pizza!
To be honest, I barely tasted any duck meat.
Maybe that's why they spam heaps of the crispy spring roll skin on top. Smart move.
Still good anyway cos how can this go wrong?!

Truffle fries!
James randomly ordered this after we were done with most of our food, but damn this was so good.
Super thin and crispy, and the right amount of truffle taste (because too much is just too pungent for my liking).

Rach and YY kept wanting to order the Blowjob drink for Dickson (lol how apt).
Watching him attempt to drink this was rather scarring x_x

Good food but lousy drinks. Me and Rach ordered Sex on the Beach, and it was just so diluted they should be paying us $12 to drink it instead.

Waow we so hipsterz taking photos with graffiti walls yo.

T4 13/14 batch mates!
Ft. finger of the security guard we roped in as the photographer.
Thanks for the gradient effect at the edge of our photo.

We were so hungry that we finished eating really quickly, so we ended up roaming about in search of a place to chill until it was about 11pm?

Rushed back for my online project meeting, which lasted till 3am omg? This is why having fun group mates is important, it makes everything so much more bearable. 

Thought I would go to sleep after that but I went to the living room and saw Andrea, Lijie and some other girl so I joined them and ended up talking till 530am, hahahahaha. The super impromptu late-night talks that tend to happen when you live in Tembusu. Lijie is so full of nonsense it's so entertaining hahahahaha.

So super thankful for all these friends that make school life so much more than just studying and results :)

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Tuesday was Tembusu's formal dinner! AKA The Day I Was Tall (thanks to my heels).

It was also my very last formal dinner in Tembusu... Sigh, I am always far too sentimental to let go of things. As much as I have been disgruntled and jaded with certain aspects of Tembusu, I know that Tembusu is a place like no other. 

I am so lucky to have experienced life living on campus and to have met all these Tembusians. From living the suite life to meeting my OG, occasionally interacting with Shan people during meals at the dining hall, or the random unexpected people I've known through Tembusu. Even acquaintances and more superficial interactions are precious because just a quick smile and "hello", or casual conversations in the lift, can improve my mood :)

Okay, enough of my sentimental rambling. Time for a photo spam!


(Photos acquired from everyone all over the place, heh, no idea who to credit but certainly not myself)

The rest didn't attend formal dinner, or couldn't be found :(
But yay photobooth with ze OG! And karaoke at Teoheng afterwards, whoop whoop!

The Suite Life of #07-163!


Don't know what on earth we were doing here...

...but it led to this weird photo.

And now for the individual photos I managed to take!

From being freshies in the same Tembusu OG to being neighbours in the suite!
Thanks for your very noisy alarm that the everyone can hear except for yourself, because it managed to wake me up during the times I snooze my own alarm and oversleep, ha ha ha.

Princess Andy, the 小妹 of our suite!
Forever so adorable and giggly and sometimes super crazy, heehee.
When we all leave the suite next sem, you shall become the 大姐! Aww, like some sort of handover :'(

Eunice who can actually sing well and sometimes performs for Treblemakers but always keeps it a secret from us.
Ha ha why so shy!!!

The very lovely and sometimes quirky suite mate who is also be my judgey buddy at times, heehee.
Always fun having random talks and complaining to each other about Vicky's whining and alarm :P
And I love it when you sing in the shower cos your voice is ahhhmazing!

Dawn, who lives up to her name by being the ray of sunshine in our suite and always waking me up in the morning!
If not for her, I probably would've missed another semester's worth of breakfast credits, oops.
And thanks for decorating the suite so nicely with random notes of encouragement!

Liana mama! Shan House Captain, pizza lover, honorary suite member and my macs buddy!
Thanks for always jio-ing me for macs supper, we are going to die young together.
Tim the Pimp! Hahahahaha.
One of the few people in Tembusu that I can truly truly talk to. Thanks for being one of the best friend I can ever ask for in Tembusu, because my Tembusu experience would probably suck if not for you! :')

From 1134 to CNNY to Woodlands buddy to Tembusu to CNM to probably future colleagues this summer!
So much fate, heehee.
Also another good friend I treasure, although I think I don't show it very much, oops :\

One of the people I've unexpectedly met in Tembusu, thanks to the Tioman trip!
'twas a lovely night nua-ing by the beach, drinking and talking under the stars with the random bunch of Tioman people!
Will always remember how you got tricked into revealing your secret, heh.

My go-to source of information whenever a fire alarm goes off in UTown, lol.
And then people always ask me why I'm so updated about UTown fire news, ha ha ha.

Had no idea Chris was from T4! Who knew I would meet a laolao in Tembusu, let alone Shan?
Thanks for writing cards with nice calligraphy font. For the very pretty fonts, I shall forgive you for getting my age wrong in my birthday card, heehee.
And of course, for sending random cute animal photos to cheer me up and being an ever-ready listening ear :)

Wah this Arts Project Director, too swag for formal wear.
Also another unexpected friend that I met at TOW 2014 cos we were both from CNM!
Supposed to be my NM2220 buddy last semester, but we didn't get the same tutorial slot and he never turned up for lecture, ha ha ha.

Okay, that's about all the photos I managed to collect! Shall update this post whenever new photos are uploaded!

I don't know why I'm typing personal dedications here, lulz. Maybe I will compile all these into a Facebook album and paste the dedications there, since I doubt most of them will read this! It's certainly easier to type dedications here since it's a more personal platform.

Sunday, 5 April 2015


So a week ago, we went to watch Rachel and Zhiwen perform at their voices concert.

A few of them sang MediaCorp Drama Medleys -- so nostalgic!!! All the theme songs from Holland V, that swimming show (with the girls running down Orchard Road in bikinis), etc. THE SHOWS I WATCHED EVERY NIGHT WHEN I WAS YOUNG.

So after that, I went to YouTube to listen to some of them, hehe.

I've never actually watched this show, but the theme song is just so recognisable. I'm actually considering watching this one day! I was only 5 when this aired I think.

Ah yes, all the NKF shows last time! Quite depressing to watch, with all the kids suffering from kidney failure, cancer, etc. Watching this as a kid was rather impactful, since the characters are the same age as me. Always made me wonder how I would react if I was in their shoes.

My favourite Ch8 show ever!!! I'm not sure why I liked it so much. Also, this show made me fall in love with Jesseca Liu hehe.

The Nasi Lemak show ha ha ha. Who could forget this one?

My childhood TV time, 7pm and 9pm every weeknight. Sigh, those were the carefree days.

Week 12 is here! All the assignment and project deadlines, plus finals to study for. CHIONGAHHHHH!!!!!

Friday, 3 April 2015


I have lost all motivation to study. Work is piling up but I do not feel the sense of urgency to study. As much as I wish to never grow up and forever remain a student, school sucks right now so enough about it. Let's talk about happier things.

Although projects can get annoying, I am so thankful to finally have amazing project mates!

The NM3236 group has the right balance of work and play, so we get things done but can also talk nonsense and make everything so much more fun. Headed down to the CBD to interview SPRG for our project, and we started talking about things like relationships, marriage, work-life balance, etc. I realised we tend to talk about such things a lot, ha ha ha.

After our presentation!
I look terrible here. Awkward face, awkward pose, unflattering clothes.
My NM2104 group tends to be very passive with work, but at least we can talk cock and have fun! The groups I've had previously just didn't have the right chemistry so it was always so boring. I think having the right chemistry is really important especially since it reflects in your group presentation, plus it never hurts to have fun while getting work done (in my opinion). Boring group = boring piece of work for the prof to read, and who would want that? I love it when our project group starts talking nonsense heehee.

Had an NM2104 project meeting today and we ended up talking nonsense, mostly by making fun of Ryan, heh. Only guy in the group, I guess it's inevitable that he becomes the butt of our joke :P

Ooh, went to watch Transcendence '15 as well! It's this concert organised by tKampung to raise funds for their OCIP, and it was gooood.

Initially I thought, aiya random concert to raise funds? Ok lor since Andrea and Liana are performing I'll go support. And then boom the performers were all so talented and had amazing voices and the quality of their performances far exceeded my expectations! I never knew Tembusu had so many amazing singers.

There was this band called wyd:syd which was the closing act, and damn they were out of this world. I never really cared much about bands and musicians (unless they are my friends), but this one sucked me right in. Gonna check out their social media pages soon!

Level 7 girls ft. Andy and Liana whooopwhooop!
Lazed around in my room after that, and then Desmond and I went to ShengShiong at freaking one in the morning to buy snacks for the NM Welfare Pack. Spent two hours there and finally lugged back boxes of food.

I completely lack upper body strength, omg. My arms cannot even remain stable when I use my phone now. Why so lousy, eve?

Aaaaand now it's 4am but I'm still awake. What am I even doing with my life? I sleep late and wake up late but no work gets done.

Get your shit together.

Week 12 of school is approaching. Looking forward to next week! Formal dinner, karaoke, hopefully dinner with the lovelies and another one with the cereal killers (what strange names we have). Eggcitedzxc!