Friday, 3 April 2015


I have lost all motivation to study. Work is piling up but I do not feel the sense of urgency to study. As much as I wish to never grow up and forever remain a student, school sucks right now so enough about it. Let's talk about happier things.

Although projects can get annoying, I am so thankful to finally have amazing project mates!

The NM3236 group has the right balance of work and play, so we get things done but can also talk nonsense and make everything so much more fun. Headed down to the CBD to interview SPRG for our project, and we started talking about things like relationships, marriage, work-life balance, etc. I realised we tend to talk about such things a lot, ha ha ha.

After our presentation!
I look terrible here. Awkward face, awkward pose, unflattering clothes.
My NM2104 group tends to be very passive with work, but at least we can talk cock and have fun! The groups I've had previously just didn't have the right chemistry so it was always so boring. I think having the right chemistry is really important especially since it reflects in your group presentation, plus it never hurts to have fun while getting work done (in my opinion). Boring group = boring piece of work for the prof to read, and who would want that? I love it when our project group starts talking nonsense heehee.

Had an NM2104 project meeting today and we ended up talking nonsense, mostly by making fun of Ryan, heh. Only guy in the group, I guess it's inevitable that he becomes the butt of our joke :P

Ooh, went to watch Transcendence '15 as well! It's this concert organised by tKampung to raise funds for their OCIP, and it was gooood.

Initially I thought, aiya random concert to raise funds? Ok lor since Andrea and Liana are performing I'll go support. And then boom the performers were all so talented and had amazing voices and the quality of their performances far exceeded my expectations! I never knew Tembusu had so many amazing singers.

There was this band called wyd:syd which was the closing act, and damn they were out of this world. I never really cared much about bands and musicians (unless they are my friends), but this one sucked me right in. Gonna check out their social media pages soon!

Level 7 girls ft. Andy and Liana whooopwhooop!
Lazed around in my room after that, and then Desmond and I went to ShengShiong at freaking one in the morning to buy snacks for the NM Welfare Pack. Spent two hours there and finally lugged back boxes of food.

I completely lack upper body strength, omg. My arms cannot even remain stable when I use my phone now. Why so lousy, eve?

Aaaaand now it's 4am but I'm still awake. What am I even doing with my life? I sleep late and wake up late but no work gets done.

Get your shit together.

Week 12 of school is approaching. Looking forward to next week! Formal dinner, karaoke, hopefully dinner with the lovelies and another one with the cereal killers (what strange names we have). Eggcitedzxc!

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