Wednesday, 15 April 2015


My life is officially boring since it is the final week of lessons before finals arrive. Still, friends make school bearable :)

Celebrated Esther's birthday on Sunday! After two semesters in Tembusu, there's no point making things that big a secret lah. So we were just decorating the suite really loudly although she was right there in her room (we sent Andrea in to distract her for ten whole minutes and Andy almost resorted to dancing with her just to kill time lol?)

Thanks to Dawn the artsy genius, it looked like legit decorations at those 21st birthday parties people have at MBS/chalets, heh.

Not bad sia, high level decorations that were done in one evening!
And birthday princess with her crown!

Monday and Tuesday were Welfare Pack days, which entailed me sitting at the bench along the stuffy and humid AS6 walkway for hours and waiting for people to collect their welfare packs. Entertained myself by people-watching, which kinda felt like a real-life version of Facebook stalking and browsing through friend lists and photos >:)

Look at our welfare packs!
Mostly food, but I think the highlight was the stickers and indomie!
Quite happy when people are happy over the welfare packs because they like the indomie or stickers! And especially when people say they like the sticker and shirt designs (even though I wasn't the one who designed them)! I procrastinate too much to do high-quality work for school but when it comes to such things, I cannot accept low quality. Cannot. So yay, thanks everyone who gave positive feedback! But more importantly, constructive criticism is even more welcome so feel free to give negative feedback too!

Oh and omg me and Nigel locked ourselves out of the CNM room today. Our matric cards have access to the room but we had no idea we needed a PIN number to enter the room once it's past 6pm. So we left our stuff in the room and went to distribute the leftover welfare packs to the profs, and after we were done we couldn't enter the room because they asked for our PIN and we were like "wth what PIN?!??!"


Spent 40 minutes wondering what to do, contacting Winter, contacting the NM office people, finding a prof for help (the only prof who was in, lol), asking random students in the playroom for help. 40 minutes later, I went online to google "NUS PIN" and realised we can actually retrieve our PIN online. I didn't even know we had a PIN number, wtf?

So thanks to Google, we finally opened the door. Wahlau, damn fail can? Locked ourselves out for 40 minutes thanks to our own ignorance? *facepalm* *cheekpalm* *slaps self*

Today was fun though, cos it was such a gossipy day~ Gossiping with 2104 group mates, gossiping with Model City group mates, heehee. I am not gossiping, I am just being inquisitive ;)

Okay I know that gossiping is not nice and I hate it when people talk about me without knowing my side of the story, but some things are just so interesting! Always good to be well-informed, no? But okay I told myself to control the amount of gossip, heh.


Recently, people keep mentioning my blog to me, lol. I really had no idea people actually read my blog. Or maybe they happened to stumble upon my blog once and that was it cos it's boring. But wah I feel so paiseh when they mention it, I don't even know why. Usually so shameless, why so shy now? Hahahaha.

Okay 230am and my brain has not been functioning well the past few days/weeks. TIME TO SLEEP. SWITCH OFF THIS USELESS BRAIN.

Goodnight and hang in there for the last few weeks of school! *\0/*

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