Sunday, 5 April 2015


So a week ago, we went to watch Rachel and Zhiwen perform at their voices concert.

A few of them sang MediaCorp Drama Medleys -- so nostalgic!!! All the theme songs from Holland V, that swimming show (with the girls running down Orchard Road in bikinis), etc. THE SHOWS I WATCHED EVERY NIGHT WHEN I WAS YOUNG.

So after that, I went to YouTube to listen to some of them, hehe.

I've never actually watched this show, but the theme song is just so recognisable. I'm actually considering watching this one day! I was only 5 when this aired I think.

Ah yes, all the NKF shows last time! Quite depressing to watch, with all the kids suffering from kidney failure, cancer, etc. Watching this as a kid was rather impactful, since the characters are the same age as me. Always made me wonder how I would react if I was in their shoes.

My favourite Ch8 show ever!!! I'm not sure why I liked it so much. Also, this show made me fall in love with Jesseca Liu hehe.

The Nasi Lemak show ha ha ha. Who could forget this one?

My childhood TV time, 7pm and 9pm every weeknight. Sigh, those were the carefree days.

Week 12 is here! All the assignment and project deadlines, plus finals to study for. CHIONGAHHHHH!!!!!

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