Wednesday, 29 April 2015


My life (when I am not lazing in bed and putting my grades at stake).

Thinking about future plans to escape from the dreariness that is studying for finals.

An overly ambitious to-do list for the summer:

  • Thread brows
  • Cut hair
  • Learn Photoshop
  • Learn web design...?
  • Catch up on my reading list
  • Catch up on shows (especially Orphan Black!)
  • Find an internship/part-time job
  • Organise my room (maybe rearrange the furniture?)
  • Decorate my room (it has not changed since 2009)
  • Crash arts camp
  • Crash NM camp
  • Learn to put on makeup without looking like a tranny (hooded monolids problem)
Everything seems easy to accomplish except for learning Photoshop, web design and finding for a job. Wouldn't be considered ambitious otherwise.

How do I even go about learning Photoshop? Take a course? Find for online tutorials? HELP.

And I want a job so I have something to do with my next 3 months, instead of rotting away in my room because I am too lazy to leave the house. 

Okay. End of procrastination. Back to studying.

If you have any part-time job/internship lobang, or know how to learn Photoshop properly, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ^_^


  1. hi!! i happened to stumble across your blog while googling online for nm2302 advice lol. i too am dreading this module's exam tomorrow omg. we have the same sentiments!!

    and also, we seem to have the same goals for summer. actually photoshop can learn online ourselves, but its always better to learn from a workshop.... wish u all ze best for nm2302 hahahah

    1. Hello!!! Haha I am probably the last person to be giving any advice about that mod :P ALL THE BEST TO YOU TOO!