Friday, 24 April 2015


It's nearing the end of reading week and I barely got anything done. It's the last few weeks of my stay here in Tembusu. I am going to be a Year 3 student soon. My student life is ending soon. In one or two years, I will (hopefully) be working.

What is this. I cannot deal with all these changes. If being out of Tembusu leaves me with such uneasiness, what is going to happen when I leave university and have to enter the working world?

Sigh, such troubles that plague me amidst my attempts at studying for finals.

I am in no mood to type anything too coherent so this is just going to be a random mix of the thoughts running through my mind.

Ok, I need to stop worrying about the inevitable.

On to sillier things.

I realised I cannot stand it when guys are passive. I think if you are interested in someone, you should be actively trying. Maybe there is no need to be too straightforward since it might be too much to handle, but you should at least be making the effort to communicate and interact more often, and to do so consistently. I think what I really dislike is this misconception that people need to play mind games when it comes to such things. No.

Or maybe it's not playing mind games but simply being too afraid or hesitant to pursue what you want. Want to meet then just ask to meet. Don't hint hint and passively hope that the person gets the hint. It's not a game show. (Not gonna give examples from personal experience because I don't know who is reading this, heh)

Hmm, I guess this was partly sparked by the flood of posts on NUSWhispers about relationship/BGR problems, most of which sound like they were posted by secondary school kids. I am reminded of past experiences and my pet peeves, lol.

I think I have a lot of pet peeves. Probably too many for my own good. I should list them all out one day and see just how many insignificant things annoy me. No wonder I can be so bitter at times.

Sometimes I am afraid of turning into one of those bitter and angry old ladies. Y'know, those old aunties who are constantly frowning and complaining about everything and snapping at everyone and cannot stand everything about "kids these days". Yeah, I worry about turning into one of them. I think I am already halfway there.

Never mind. Moving on to happier things that have brightened up my otherwise boring life!

Project submissions are finally over! Submitted 2104 on Monday morning and 3236 on Tuesday morning. YESSSS.

Then there was the hilarious incident on Tuesday when we were packing up the CNM room and the two guys decided to open up a sanitary pad to see how it actually looks like. HA HA HA. Queries and discovery ensued. They were so surprised that one side was sticky and also by how absorbent it was (because, yes, they poured water on it to test it out). I shall name this incident Winter and Desmond's Padventure.

Well, I think that all guys should be more educated on periods and maybe sex ed should teach everyone about both sexes and not just their own. Never hurts to know more and be more sympathetic, no? Or maybe I am being too simplistic about this. I shall leave this to ponder over in future.

Okay, apart from the exciting pad discovery... some exam welfare love!

Tembusu welfare pack! 
I love the two packets of Indomie + Nature Valley bar in my favourite flavour! 
Also, they gave us each a bottle of ketchup/chili sauce. No prizes for guessing who wins the Most Random Welfare pack this semester.

Pretty handwritten note + the most adorable post-its ever + chocolates from Dawn!

And the highlight of today... welfare packs flown all the way from Japan!
Sent by the very lovely Yu, who bothered packing everything neatly into bags and tying it up so nicely and including a really sweet handwritten letter!
So super duper touched by her efforts to put together this package filled with loads of matcha goodness!
Even in Japan, one year after her exchange here, she hasn't forgotten about us :')

I get so restless and bored when studying for finals but I also know that it is indeed a privilege to be able to actually complain about studying. Also, I really do enjoy studying, despite being so easily distracted most of the time.

There is joy in studying and learning, and the friends around me make everything better! :)

Will certainly miss the company of my suite mates when I move out of Tembusu, especially in times like this when misery loves company :'(

Okay, three in the morning, time to sleep!

P.S. some cute animals to chase away exam blues


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