Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Monday was my first day of work, but my sleep cycle is still out of whack so I have been severely sleep deprived these two days.

Shall update more when I regain my energy but for now, a random photo I took today to fill up this space before it gets left to die.

I know this photo is no big deal but aiya the most exciting part of today's tour for me was seeing the casino, where photography is not allowed.

Okay, now that orientation has ended, work starts proper tomorrow! I have no idea what to expect, and I am really hoping I do not screw up and do a shittyass job.

Sigh, it feels like I am crossing another milestone and being one step closer to a grown-up. I am not ready for this.

Thursday, 25 June 2015


I am sofaking tired from crashing arts camp and coming home at 4am for the past three days. Finally feel sufficiently energised after hibernating today.


Monday was my last day working for FFFA, and I think I'll really miss working with Jeannie and Jac. It really feels more like an NM project than work. 

And thanks to Jeannie's sushi obsession, we got all hyped up about Japanese food and had lunch at The Sushi Bar on Tuesday! MY FAV JAPANESE RESTAURANT YAY.

We tried the new outlet at Ngee Ann City (#05-34/35), which looks more swanky than the one at Far East Plaza. It was pretty empty on a weekday afternoon.

Ordered my usual Scallop Mentaiyaki because it is super addictive. I love how the thinly-sliced scallops taste with the mentaiyaki sauce, but the sauce here was a little too overpowering. Too much sauce too little scallops!

the sushi bar scallop mentaiyaki
Jac added the chopsticks to the photo "for additional texture" haha

We decided to try this Unagi Avocado Roll (can't remember the exact name), but I'm not a fan of unagi so it was just normal to me. 

Sorry Ross.

the sushi bar unagi avocado roll
It was arranged to look like an eel ahaha A for effort

And the reason we visited The Sushi Bar... Salmon Aburi Roll!!! The only time I willingly eat cucumbers and don't find them gross. And that's saying something.

the sushi bar salmon aburi roll
I'm so upset that the photo is blur :(

And then someone noticed that the lump of wasabi looked quite cute, so we made ourselves a friend. I named him 'Wasabae'.

Wasabae ended up looking rather terrifying after we gave him a face lift.

Meet Wasabae, our new intern.
And finally a photo of us three! I'll miss all the Mr Bean sessions with y'all :(

We look like we're floating.

Signed my Employment Agreement today, which means the internship is confirmed. I am so nervous about screwing things up and doing a lousy job, omg (◍•﹏•)

On the other hand, I am glad to have this to take things off my mind. 

Recent events got me thinking a lot about people around me and how redundant it is to hold on to those who only bring negativity to my life. 

To be honest, I don't know why I tolerated being ignored or bossed around or spoken to condescendingly, something even others noticed with their own eyes, but I think it's about time I stop giving chances. 

In the past, I have been tempted several times to just phantom away from this, but I always stayed because there are some people whose company I really enjoy. I think it's about time I care more about my own happiness and distance myself from those who ruin my mood.

Regardless, I am very thankful to have friends who share my opinion and/or sympathise with my perspectives and these are the ones to keep in my life (⌒.⌒) I would've left long ago if not for some of them.

Sunday, 21 June 2015


Work has been so incredibly tiring the past few days. Pardon the boring and possibly incoherent post ahead.

Every night, I come home for dinner, shower and fall asleep by accident – with the lights still switched on and everything. I left a candle burning when I concussed last night, wtf so dangerous can?!

Monday shall be my last day of work, followed by crashing Arts Camp if I manage to drag myself there. I am starting to feel more detached and lazy, and it is only now that I realise how impressive it was for all those seniors to still actively come back and help out during camps.

I'm also really excited to meet up with Sam and Xingxing next week! After being a social recluse these few days, having drained all my energy at work, I will come out of hiding.


Anyway, I have been sucked into Reddit again this past week, so here are some random stuff to read! So that my post is not purely boring rants, heh.

I think this is pretty self-explanatory? Anyway, here are 3 that I quite liked!

Five zombies. Four bullets. Two holes. (I liked the multiple possible scenarios)

This subreddit is where people give possible story ideas, and you can reply by writing a story sticking to that idea. 

I love it when the stories are completely unexpected. And since I love all that supernatural/extraterrestrial/apocalyptic/time travel scenarios, a lot of these are really intriguing to me.

Also, some prompts or stories can really make you think – about assumptions we hold, or things we take for granted as the norm. I believe we can never know for certain what is real or what is the truth, and even the simplest thing on earth might not be what we think we know it as. Which is why I like the idea of many of these prompts.

If the prompt interests you, just click on the link to read the stories!

(Confession: I only read the top comment of each writing prompt because I am too lazy, ha ha.)

Okay, that's all, folks! *cue looney tunes music* (Aww man, how I miss my cartoon-watching childhood days.)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

"People who love to eat are always the best people."

FOOD, FOOD AND MORE FOOD — that pretty much sums up my day.

Finally met up with Nichol after her six months away on exchange! Her exchange life sounded so happening plus she got reborn into an alcoholic, hee hee (◠◡◕✿)

We decided to go all out and splurge on good food today, which is clearly money well spent ʕっ˘ڡ˘ςʔ

First stop...


I was so excited to eat here, I already went through tons of reviews and decided on my order days ago. I am such a joke.

This was located along South Buona Vista Road, which is actually quite near NUS (am I tempting you). It seemed rather out of the way but the directions given on this blog was extremely helpful.

paddy hills
"Rise and Grind"
I think they meant coffee beans ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

Tried squid ink pasta for the first time and the Squid Ink Tagliatelle was quite tasty actually, considering how unappetising a lump of squiggly black pasta can look. I liked the additional crunch from all that fish roe.

paddy hills Squid Ink Tagliatelle
Squid Ink Tagliatelle, $23

The Berry Ricotta Hotcake was gorgeous, so Instagram-worthy!

It resembled madeleines more than pancakes, which was fine by me since it tasted amazing anyway. Warm, sweet hotcakes paired with juicy, tangy berries. I am always a sucker for such contrasting yet complementary combinations (ooh look at that alliteration).

paddy hills berry ricotta hotcake
Berry Ricotta Hotcake, $19

I had my heart set on the Pinkish Lemonade the moment I saw a photo of it online, but it was unimpressive.

The floating bits of pomegranate and that leafy stem thingy (what is that?) made it seem really promising, but it just tasted like lemonade to me. Not worth $7.

paddy hills pinkish lemonade
Pinkish Lemonade, $7

For a hipster OOTD shot that appears to be a mandatory ritual when basic Singaporeans go cafe-hopping, there is always this cool mural by the alley (okay, I am in no position to judge, after taking numerous photos of my food before actually consuming them).

Right after lunch, we set off to our next food destination — such gluttony (◉۝◉)


I was first enticed by a photo of their cute, vintage-looking bottles and wanted to try this ever since.

The reviews I read were mostly good, so I had high hopes for it; I think I should learn to manage my expectations.

The Cold Brew White Coffee was quite mediocre in my opinion. To be fair, I am not a coffee-drinker so perhaps my judgment was unreliable. I guess this didn't cut it for me because I have a sweet tooth and usually drink bastardised versions of coffee that are more sugar than actual coffee.

Took a sip of Nichol's Valrhona Dark Cocoa and I liked it better! I'll be back for you (*ˊૢᵕ ˋૢ*)

I wanted to bring the bottles home so I shamelessly asked the waiter if he could rinse them for me. He just gave me new ones instead, aww so nice! I think they are used to having such requests, heh.

Old Hen coffee bar cold brew coffee creamy white valrhona dark cocoa
Cold brew white coffee and Valrhona Dark Cocoa, $6.50

Our stomachs were too full, so we had to go shopping to walk it off, ahaha.

Saw this sunhat at New Look that I really liked, but when will I ever wear a hat??!??! So instead, I settled for a photo of it (◕︿◕✿)

Do people actually wear hats in Singapore? You would think it's a trend given our weather, but I don't actually notice any. Anyway, I'll probably take up two seats on the bus if I wore a huge floppy sunhat. This is for the greater good of the public.

And then our stomachs were ready for more food. Yessss.


Nichol wanted to try this random Japanese restaurant to satisfy her udon cravings, and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of their food!

I wasn't very hungry so I ordered the Kokudashi Udon, which was just plain udon with soup. This was the most shiok bowl of udon I've ever had. I never thought much of udon because they were always so mushy and starchy, but this was not any ordinary udon.

First of all, the noodles were thinner than usual. And they were so springy and slightly chewy! I might be exaggerating a little, but I think I could have downed two bowls of this. 

kazokutei kokudashi udon
Kokudashi Udon, $7.90

My tummy has been sufficiently filled with good food, which makes today a good day!

Really glad we got to meet up despite our busy schedules to catch up on the past few months of our lives and complain about boys, he he. Friends since secondary 1 — it is interesting to look back and realise how much we have grown and changed, and how some things never change (e.g. boys being annoying ha ha ha).

Hello Nichol if you are reading this, the title is a quote since you like quotes, hehe (っ´ω`)っ☂⊂(´ω`⊂ )

Sunday, 14 June 2015


Today turned out to be an impulsive shopping day. I'm not even kidding -- I actually bought a pair of portable mini scissors. Although it doesn't trump the time I bought a blanket on impulse.

I think it's about time I start keeping track of my expenses and saving for my future, but that would be acknowledging the start of adulthood which I am still in denial of.

Anyway, I am very happy with what I bought/ate today, so I shall talk about it here! It is actually rather useful to keep a record of my life in a blog, and I sometimes refer to my old blog when I need to check the date of past events, hur hur.


Really glad that I got to spend some time alone at lunch! I actually chose to have lunch outside instead of eating at home, because time alone outside just feels different. Such logic.

In an attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle, I tried my first ever salad today! The conversion failed terribly and the only thing I enjoyed was the croutons (つ﹏<)

Okay, the broccoli was not too bad as well, which is already quite an accomplishment.

Why must healthy things taste so disgusting?

Next, finally went to get my glasses after procrastinating for so bloody long. I have been trying on glasses at Owndays and getting opinions from so many friends that it's about time I got them.

Their service was pretty good! The optician who helped me was really nice and friendly, plus I only had to wait 20 minutes to collect my glasses, just like they promised.

20 minutes passed faster than I expected, just walk around and shop for a bit and your glasses are done (which was when I bought the mini scissors on impulse *facepalm* although to be fair, I have been thinking of getting one after using my keys as makeshift scissors several times).

owndays PC glasses

And since Mabel was late, I just roamed around the Public Garden flea by myself. I looove the fleas by Public Garden, and this seems to be their biggest one yet. So happy when shopping, hee hee (▰˘◡˘▰)

public garden consumer trade show

So... I ended up spending $30 on accessories (-‸ლ) But everything was so pretty, how to resist?!

Knot ring, $8

Rose quartz necklace, $22

I love them both so no regrets! ʅ(*´◡`)ʃ

Fiiiinally met Mabel after that, and I got to choose what to eat since she was very late, ahaha. SATISFIED MY RISOTTO CRAVING, YESSSS (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

The last time I ate at Concetto, the risotto was disappointing but I decided to give it another shot.

I was torn between the Crab Risotto or Lobster Pasta, and decided on the former. THEN THE GIRL SITTING NEXT TO ME ORDERED THE LOBSTER PASTA╰(⊹◕۝◕ )╯The grass is always greener on the other side, so I spent half the time staring at her food. I bet her boyfriend noticed and thought I was a weird lesbian stalker.

Okay lah, the Crab Risotto was actually quite good! My tummy is pleased (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

concetto by saveur crab risotto
Actual crab meat on that spoon, yesssss.

And after dinner... MORE IMPULSIVE SHOPPING. Bought the breakfast scrub by Soap & Glory, which I could not resist because it smelled somotherfuckingdelicious.

soap and glory smoothie star breakfast scrub
Yes the maple scent is indeed really great. I could just eat this whole jar for dessert.

soap and glory smoothie star breakfast scrub

Award winning smoothie star

More soften than not

The breakfast scrub


I was supposed to go for Paint A Home today, which I cancelled because I wanted to go for the NBC career networking session, which I didn't sign up for because it was quite last-minute, and so I ended up spending money today instead.


Okay, end of my happy day rambling! (o˘◡˘o)

In other news, my mum kept her makeup remover wipes in the bathroom and my brother thought they were normal wet wipes, so he has been using it to wipe his ass. HAHAHAHA.


(If you haven't already notice, I love using Japanese emoticons because they convey emotions so much more effectively than words or American emoticons. And I happened to find this article about emoticons; quite interesting although validity of information might be questionable)

Saturday, 13 June 2015


So a bee chased me out of my own bathroom. Like, it literally flew towards me and hit me. Ew (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

I have this irrational hatred for winged insects. You know that clicking noise they make when their wings keep hitting the walls/ceiling/lights? That has got to be one of the worst sounds in the world.

It gets worse when they actually fly into you and you touch them by accident. I would rather touch lava than have a beetle brush past me.

Still haven't gotten over that bee incident *shudder*


Anyway, work has been really tiring but still enjoyable, as usual.

Traveling from the west to the east early in the morning gets so annoying, but it is all worthwhile when we interact with people that are so nice and friendly ・ᴗ・

This Malay auntie who couldn't speak English very well was thanking us and telling us to "take care" and said "I also take care for you", awww.

I think we got plenty of exercise from climbing several flights of stairs and walking from block to block. Under the blazing hot sun, no less. Last summer I got my exercise and sun from camps, this summer I get that from working. Give me tanned and toned legs please ᕙ[ ・ ∧ ・ ]ᕗ

We were at the top floor when Jacquelyn pointed out how nice the view was.

Look how pretty!

The east side of Singapore always looked so different from the west, and I think I've figured out why. The east just looks so... spacious. The high-rise flats are not as cramped together as they are in the west.


Really random but I am so excited to meet Nichol soon! Arts camp and T House's meet-the-freshies session are also coming up, whoop whoop can't wait!◝(・◇・)◜

T House huat ah!٩( ᐛ )و

Monday, 8 June 2015


I am in such a good mood after satisfying my cravings for Nong Shim noodles with cheese that I feel like typing away on my blog (I KNOW IT MAKES NO SENSE).

Went to watch Take Two perform at Orchard Central today! I really love their songs and they are even better live.

In Your Arms is now stuck in my head because it has such a catchy tune. Oh, and the MV is awesome too. GO WATCH IT. I shall embed the video here so you have no excuse for being lazy, teehee.

I never really cared much about local bands, but this is an exception. And I really do like their songs -- I am not being biased just because I know Jeryl, ahaha.

take two sg
Take Two! 拿两个 ✌
Take Two + Llaollao + Sushi Express + random sitting around and talking, not a bad way to spend my Sunday! ♫꒰・◡・๑꒱

Friday, 5 June 2015


Life has been treating me well these days and I am thankful for everyone who has made my week! ^‿^


Work was so exhausting yesterday, with all that walking under a blistering hot sun. Still, we got to interact with more elderly people and that always makes my day!

This 80-year-old auntie was so adorable! She has a very 慈祥 vibe and I think anyone who talks to her will instantly cheer up because she was so smiley! One smile from her and it will brighten up your entire week. She kinda looks like this -> (◍•ᴗ•◍) aww I want to go back and chit chat with her some more.

Actually, I really wish I could stay and chat with them more, beyond the contents of the survey, but aiya short of time and need to hit the numbers. Also, if I interview 200 people, I can't possibly go back and visit all 200, hahaha.

Today's work was much more chill. Visited one house, had a meeting, and spent most of the time walking or sitting around with Jeannie to kill time. All that down time also meant HTHT sessions and finding good food for lunch! Pizza Hut yesterday, Itacho Sushi today. We are eating more than we are earning, oops.


Reunited with the suite yesterday! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶

We had dinner at GRUB, which of all the cafes I have visited probably had the most insects.

We were seated outside at first, and could constantly here this popping sound that turned out to be insects being electrocuted to death by this blue-light device thingythingy (what a description). We were not spared even when we moved indoors, because a huge bee was flying around and eventually fell into our water. Bee soup, how appetising.

I think I made bad decisions with my orders. Got the Truffled Bacon Baked Eggs, which costs $9. I know it was an appetiser, but the portion was so small. I expected 2 eggs and was disappointed to find only one. Also, I don't actually like mushrooms so I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered this. I think I let my love of eggs blind my judgment.

grub cafe truffled bacon baked eggs
I am unimpressed.

Shared the Chicken Drumlets with Salted Egg Sauce and Curry Leaves with Vicky! This was not bad, but nothing impressive either. The salted egg taste was barely noticeable, compared to Wah Chee's salted egg chicken.

grub cafe chicken drumlets salted egg
Tasted average. I would give this a B on the NUS bell curve.

We also decided to surprise Liana and Eunice with an early birthday celebration. They were conveniently seated with their backs facing the restaurant, so the waiter presented the cake completely to their oblivion until we burst out singing. 成功!(•̀ᴗ•́)و

The best thing Tembusu could have ever given me :')

After living together for two semesters together, one dinner session was certainly not enough. We took forever hugging and saying goodbye and talking some more and missing traffic lights and hugging and saying goodbye again until we finally pried ourselves away from each other, ha ha.

'Twas a great catch-up session and I really hope we can meet again soon once everybody is done flying everywhere!


Went back to crash pre-camp today! I love going back for camps because it is always the time for T4 reunion ヽ(゜∀゜)メ(゜∀゜)メ(゜∀゜)ノ

Dinnered at Wah Chee, sat around and talk cock for super long, then suppered at Ameens -- more catching up and laughing over nonsense! At one point, I laughed till I drooled, HA HA HA why am I even sharing this (⊃‿⊂)

Left the house at 10am and reached home at 2am, so draining but it was completely worth the exhaustion. Much love for my first friends in NUS who played a significant role in shaping the foundation of my university life and making it so much more enjoyable!

Action 214!
(Oh man, my eyebrows are still pointy and weird after my terrible threading experience last week with this lady who over plucked my brows and made it look so unnatural, grrr.)

It has been a tiring but amazing week. Looking forward to nua-ing at home this weekend to catch up on some much-needed rest!

I am so very thankful for each and every one who has made my summer so amazing thus far (*´◡`*)

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


2 JUNE. RELEASE OF RESULTS. *dun dun dunnn*

Despite only falling asleep at 4am, I woke up naturally at 8 in the morning. Since when was I an early riser, and without the help of my alarm??!?!! Opened my eyes and thought to myself "wtf why am I awake," before realising why. 

Hmm. I am happy because there is finally an improvement in my results (first time seeing a pointy 'A' in my entire university life), but I am not yet satisfied because my current CAP is still far from ideal. 

I will not give in to any negativity, and shall keep in mind that a decent CAP is still possible if I put in the effort. Started from the bottom, but I will claw my way out if I have to.

This is rather similar to my A Level situation actually. Being so demoralised by my utterly disastrous mid-term results (second last in class and failing everything), forcing myself to keep trying, attempting to figure out how to improve and study better for each subject, finally studying hard (and studying smart), and eventually getting a decent A Level grade.

I am not an overly-high achiever and am not aiming for first class honours, just a good enough CAP that comes from effort and hard work. At the end of the day, 对得起自己就好. There is no point fighting to be at the top just for the sake of being better than others, because the fight is ultimately with myself. 

Right now, my CAP is still so low that I cannot afford to screw up a single module. I am treading on thin ice here, so the next two (or perhaps four) semesters must not tolerate anymore slacking and excessive procrastination. 

Okay, I shall revisit this motivational pep talk the next time I am going back to school, which is possibly next year (fingers crossed the internship and LOA works out). 

MOVING ON, because there is more to life than results.

I am glad today was a busy day, because my overthinking self will certainly dwell on my results otherwise.

Work was really fun today! Went to the Wellness Centre to chat with some of the elderly, then visited a few more people to interview them.

I have always been really awkward talking to people outside of my age group, but I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone today.

Talking to old people is really fun because they are so adorable! Some are grumpier and less willing to talk, but the friendly ones are really so nice and helpful, awww ^ _ ^ 

I quite admire the outlook many of them seem to share. They are very easily contented and have a really cheerful disposition. 

This uncle was constantly laughing and said he likes to joke a lot. You can tell he loves making people laugh and cannot help but laugh along with him cos he was so smiley ^▽^  Really 笑口常开。

The centre holds this karaoke session on Tuesdays, and they were all so excited to sing! They ballot to see who gets to sing first (and they all wanted to go first because it means a chance to sing more), and they will bring their own DVDs there to sing their choice of song.

Visited some houses to interview more people, and they were all so accommodating as well. Everyone was so jovial and welcoming towards us, which really made my day too! Some of them may find themselves in less-than-ideal circumstances, but it did not seem to affect their attitude in life.

One thing I realised was that your own happiness and contentment can be independent from the situations you find yourself in, because it is a matter of your mindset more than the factors beyond your control.

The sceptical side of me wonders if they were just being friendly towards us strangers, but I think you can tell the difference between politeness and smiles that come from within :)

All these interactions really made work more tolerable today, because the heat was unbearable and my lack of sleep certainly did not help.

Had some time to spare before meeting Machiavelli for dinner, so I sat on a comfy couch at Dr Cafe and nua-ed for awhile. It was so tempting to just nap there but I didn't want to get judged or robbed, ahahaha.

Dinner at Peperoni Pizzeria!

We ordered the large pizza, chicken wings and wedges, which was too little food for us. I think we underestimated our appetite (or rather, overestimated the size of their pizza), oops.

Pepperoni pizzeria suntec city large
According to their online menu, this feeds 2-3 pax. NO WONDER.

None of us felt full after dinner, which calls for some dessert! Tuesdays = half-priced waffles at Geláre, whoop whoop! ( •⌄• ू )✧

gelare waffles tuesday half price white chocolate raspberry chocolate chip waffles
Chocolate chip waffles with white chocolate raspberry ice cream and yuzu soft serve!

Shared this with Yunheng since I can never finish my food, so the white chocolate raspberry ice cream was mine.

It does not look presentable, but it was gooood. Warm, fluffy and sweet waffles topped with super thick and sticky ice cream!

Their ice cream always has this thick and sticky consistency, which I think indicates good quality (as opposed to cheapo ice cream with more air bubbles than actual ingredients).

Oh, the half-priced is only for waffles but not ice cream, so it was not exactly 50% off. We were confused by the menu for a moment. Still, I am not complaining about the Tuesday promotion!

Although... I suspect this is actually their normal price and they just charge you more for all other days, heh.

So many things that made my day today, and I am thankful! ◠ ◡ ◠

Monday, 1 June 2015


Couldn't be arsed to update my blog the past week and so I left it to die, oops. In my defence, I was sick and ended up staying at home for three days straight so there wasn't much to talk about.

Some stuff I've been meaning to update but procrastinated for an entire week, hehe.

Pitch Perfect 2

Watched Pitch Perfect with the H2 Math people after A Levels two years ago, so we decided to watch Pitch Perfect 2 now that finals have ended, hur hur.

Pitch Perfect 2
ANNA KENDRICK <3 I love that outfit btw.

Most of them seemed rather unimpressed with the movie but I quite liked it actually!

Okay, there was no plot and the movie wasn't amazing, but it was a great feel-good movie. Caught myself smiling at certain parts of the movie, aww :')

Also, I love Das Sound Machine! Powerful song choices (e.g. Uprising by Muse) that were a fresh addition to the other acapella groups. I think they were better than the Bellas actually.

The final performance by the Bellas was not impressive because the "voice" that they "found" on their retreat seem to be the same snoozefest they started with in Pitch Perfect 1 before Becca swooped in to save them. Still, it was really heartwarming so I'm happy with the ending!

I'm just sad they didn't show more of Becca and Jesse together because they were so adorable! Maybe I will rewatch Pitch Perfect 1 to get my dosage of Jesse, hehe.

Buffet lunch at TODAI  

Went for buffet with Yong Shin because there was a 1-for-1 promotion.

FREE FLOW CRAB, need I say more?!??!!?

todai restaurant buffet alaska crab
(That photo above happens to my 1000th post on Instagram, oops. I need to maintain.)

It is usually very bo hua for me to go for buffets because I am so picky, but I think the crabs alone earned back my $25.

todai restaurant buffet
Round 1 of crabs

todai restaurant buffet dessert
Oreo swiss roll, chocolate cookie, creme brulee, lemon tart, some fruit cake, chocolate mousse and chocolate gateau!

I had 2 rounds of crabs and dessert and seafood risotto (you can see my plate of risotto in the background above, hehe)! Those were the main highlights of my lunch, everything else were just random stuff I took to fill up my plate, heh. Still good, but not my favourites.

Super shiok especially with the 1-for-1 deal, so happy just thinking about it hahaha this is making me so hungry now (ˆ ڡ ˆ)

I'm just sad I missed all the other seafood (abalone and scallops!!!) because they were not available for lunch buffets :(

Somebody bring me back for their buffet dinner please ( ´༎ຶㅂ༎ຶ`) <- these are tears of hunger


Okay, work and meet-ups ahead now that my week of nua-ing is over! Looking forward to eating more good food! But not looking forward to the release of results on Tuesday noooo .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.