Saturday, 13 June 2015


So a bee chased me out of my own bathroom. Like, it literally flew towards me and hit me. Ew (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

I have this irrational hatred for winged insects. You know that clicking noise they make when their wings keep hitting the walls/ceiling/lights? That has got to be one of the worst sounds in the world.

It gets worse when they actually fly into you and you touch them by accident. I would rather touch lava than have a beetle brush past me.

Still haven't gotten over that bee incident *shudder*


Anyway, work has been really tiring but still enjoyable, as usual.

Traveling from the west to the east early in the morning gets so annoying, but it is all worthwhile when we interact with people that are so nice and friendly ・ᴗ・

This Malay auntie who couldn't speak English very well was thanking us and telling us to "take care" and said "I also take care for you", awww.

I think we got plenty of exercise from climbing several flights of stairs and walking from block to block. Under the blazing hot sun, no less. Last summer I got my exercise and sun from camps, this summer I get that from working. Give me tanned and toned legs please ᕙ[ ・ ∧ ・ ]ᕗ

We were at the top floor when Jacquelyn pointed out how nice the view was.

Look how pretty!

The east side of Singapore always looked so different from the west, and I think I've figured out why. The east just looks so... spacious. The high-rise flats are not as cramped together as they are in the west.


Really random but I am so excited to meet Nichol soon! Arts camp and T House's meet-the-freshies session are also coming up, whoop whoop can't wait!◝(・◇・)◜

T House huat ah!٩( ᐛ )و

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