Tuesday, 2 June 2015


2 JUNE. RELEASE OF RESULTS. *dun dun dunnn*

Despite only falling asleep at 4am, I woke up naturally at 8 in the morning. Since when was I an early riser, and without the help of my alarm??!?!! Opened my eyes and thought to myself "wtf why am I awake," before realising why. 

Hmm. I am happy because there is finally an improvement in my results (first time seeing a pointy 'A' in my entire university life), but I am not yet satisfied because my current CAP is still far from ideal. 

I will not give in to any negativity, and shall keep in mind that a decent CAP is still possible if I put in the effort. Started from the bottom, but I will claw my way out if I have to.

This is rather similar to my A Level situation actually. Being so demoralised by my utterly disastrous mid-term results (second last in class and failing everything), forcing myself to keep trying, attempting to figure out how to improve and study better for each subject, finally studying hard (and studying smart), and eventually getting a decent A Level grade.

I am not an overly-high achiever and am not aiming for first class honours, just a good enough CAP that comes from effort and hard work. At the end of the day, 对得起自己就好. There is no point fighting to be at the top just for the sake of being better than others, because the fight is ultimately with myself. 

Right now, my CAP is still so low that I cannot afford to screw up a single module. I am treading on thin ice here, so the next two (or perhaps four) semesters must not tolerate anymore slacking and excessive procrastination. 

Okay, I shall revisit this motivational pep talk the next time I am going back to school, which is possibly next year (fingers crossed the internship and LOA works out). 

MOVING ON, because there is more to life than results.

I am glad today was a busy day, because my overthinking self will certainly dwell on my results otherwise.

Work was really fun today! Went to the Wellness Centre to chat with some of the elderly, then visited a few more people to interview them.

I have always been really awkward talking to people outside of my age group, but I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone today.

Talking to old people is really fun because they are so adorable! Some are grumpier and less willing to talk, but the friendly ones are really so nice and helpful, awww ^ _ ^ 

I quite admire the outlook many of them seem to share. They are very easily contented and have a really cheerful disposition. 

This uncle was constantly laughing and said he likes to joke a lot. You can tell he loves making people laugh and cannot help but laugh along with him cos he was so smiley ^▽^  Really 笑口常开。

The centre holds this karaoke session on Tuesdays, and they were all so excited to sing! They ballot to see who gets to sing first (and they all wanted to go first because it means a chance to sing more), and they will bring their own DVDs there to sing their choice of song.

Visited some houses to interview more people, and they were all so accommodating as well. Everyone was so jovial and welcoming towards us, which really made my day too! Some of them may find themselves in less-than-ideal circumstances, but it did not seem to affect their attitude in life.

One thing I realised was that your own happiness and contentment can be independent from the situations you find yourself in, because it is a matter of your mindset more than the factors beyond your control.

The sceptical side of me wonders if they were just being friendly towards us strangers, but I think you can tell the difference between politeness and smiles that come from within :)

All these interactions really made work more tolerable today, because the heat was unbearable and my lack of sleep certainly did not help.

Had some time to spare before meeting Machiavelli for dinner, so I sat on a comfy couch at Dr Cafe and nua-ed for awhile. It was so tempting to just nap there but I didn't want to get judged or robbed, ahahaha.

Dinner at Peperoni Pizzeria!

We ordered the large pizza, chicken wings and wedges, which was too little food for us. I think we underestimated our appetite (or rather, overestimated the size of their pizza), oops.

Pepperoni pizzeria suntec city large
According to their online menu, this feeds 2-3 pax. NO WONDER.

None of us felt full after dinner, which calls for some dessert! Tuesdays = half-priced waffles at Geláre, whoop whoop! ( •⌄• ू )✧

gelare waffles tuesday half price white chocolate raspberry chocolate chip waffles
Chocolate chip waffles with white chocolate raspberry ice cream and yuzu soft serve!

Shared this with Yunheng since I can never finish my food, so the white chocolate raspberry ice cream was mine.

It does not look presentable, but it was gooood. Warm, fluffy and sweet waffles topped with super thick and sticky ice cream!

Their ice cream always has this thick and sticky consistency, which I think indicates good quality (as opposed to cheapo ice cream with more air bubbles than actual ingredients).

Oh, the half-priced is only for waffles but not ice cream, so it was not exactly 50% off. We were confused by the menu for a moment. Still, I am not complaining about the Tuesday promotion!

Although... I suspect this is actually their normal price and they just charge you more for all other days, heh.

So many things that made my day today, and I am thankful! ◠ ◡ ◠

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