Monday, 1 June 2015


Couldn't be arsed to update my blog the past week and so I left it to die, oops. In my defence, I was sick and ended up staying at home for three days straight so there wasn't much to talk about.

Some stuff I've been meaning to update but procrastinated for an entire week, hehe.

Pitch Perfect 2

Watched Pitch Perfect with the H2 Math people after A Levels two years ago, so we decided to watch Pitch Perfect 2 now that finals have ended, hur hur.

Pitch Perfect 2
ANNA KENDRICK <3 I love that outfit btw.

Most of them seemed rather unimpressed with the movie but I quite liked it actually!

Okay, there was no plot and the movie wasn't amazing, but it was a great feel-good movie. Caught myself smiling at certain parts of the movie, aww :')

Also, I love Das Sound Machine! Powerful song choices (e.g. Uprising by Muse) that were a fresh addition to the other acapella groups. I think they were better than the Bellas actually.

The final performance by the Bellas was not impressive because the "voice" that they "found" on their retreat seem to be the same snoozefest they started with in Pitch Perfect 1 before Becca swooped in to save them. Still, it was really heartwarming so I'm happy with the ending!

I'm just sad they didn't show more of Becca and Jesse together because they were so adorable! Maybe I will rewatch Pitch Perfect 1 to get my dosage of Jesse, hehe.

Buffet lunch at TODAI  

Went for buffet with Yong Shin because there was a 1-for-1 promotion.

FREE FLOW CRAB, need I say more?!??!!?

todai restaurant buffet alaska crab
(That photo above happens to my 1000th post on Instagram, oops. I need to maintain.)

It is usually very bo hua for me to go for buffets because I am so picky, but I think the crabs alone earned back my $25.

todai restaurant buffet
Round 1 of crabs

todai restaurant buffet dessert
Oreo swiss roll, chocolate cookie, creme brulee, lemon tart, some fruit cake, chocolate mousse and chocolate gateau!

I had 2 rounds of crabs and dessert and seafood risotto (you can see my plate of risotto in the background above, hehe)! Those were the main highlights of my lunch, everything else were just random stuff I took to fill up my plate, heh. Still good, but not my favourites.

Super shiok especially with the 1-for-1 deal, so happy just thinking about it hahaha this is making me so hungry now (ˆ ڡ ˆ)

I'm just sad I missed all the other seafood (abalone and scallops!!!) because they were not available for lunch buffets :(

Somebody bring me back for their buffet dinner please ( ´༎ຶㅂ༎ຶ`) <- these are tears of hunger


Okay, work and meet-ups ahead now that my week of nua-ing is over! Looking forward to eating more good food! But not looking forward to the release of results on Tuesday noooo .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

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