Thursday, 25 June 2015


I am sofaking tired from crashing arts camp and coming home at 4am for the past three days. Finally feel sufficiently energised after hibernating today.


Monday was my last day working for FFFA, and I think I'll really miss working with Jeannie and Jac. It really feels more like an NM project than work. 

And thanks to Jeannie's sushi obsession, we got all hyped up about Japanese food and had lunch at The Sushi Bar on Tuesday! MY FAV JAPANESE RESTAURANT YAY.

We tried the new outlet at Ngee Ann City (#05-34/35), which looks more swanky than the one at Far East Plaza. It was pretty empty on a weekday afternoon.

Ordered my usual Scallop Mentaiyaki because it is super addictive. I love how the thinly-sliced scallops taste with the mentaiyaki sauce, but the sauce here was a little too overpowering. Too much sauce too little scallops!

the sushi bar scallop mentaiyaki
Jac added the chopsticks to the photo "for additional texture" haha

We decided to try this Unagi Avocado Roll (can't remember the exact name), but I'm not a fan of unagi so it was just normal to me. 

Sorry Ross.

the sushi bar unagi avocado roll
It was arranged to look like an eel ahaha A for effort

And the reason we visited The Sushi Bar... Salmon Aburi Roll!!! The only time I willingly eat cucumbers and don't find them gross. And that's saying something.

the sushi bar salmon aburi roll
I'm so upset that the photo is blur :(

And then someone noticed that the lump of wasabi looked quite cute, so we made ourselves a friend. I named him 'Wasabae'.

Wasabae ended up looking rather terrifying after we gave him a face lift.

Meet Wasabae, our new intern.
And finally a photo of us three! I'll miss all the Mr Bean sessions with y'all :(

We look like we're floating.

Signed my Employment Agreement today, which means the internship is confirmed. I am so nervous about screwing things up and doing a lousy job, omg (◍•﹏•)

On the other hand, I am glad to have this to take things off my mind. 

Recent events got me thinking a lot about people around me and how redundant it is to hold on to those who only bring negativity to my life. 

To be honest, I don't know why I tolerated being ignored or bossed around or spoken to condescendingly, something even others noticed with their own eyes, but I think it's about time I stop giving chances. 

In the past, I have been tempted several times to just phantom away from this, but I always stayed because there are some people whose company I really enjoy. I think it's about time I care more about my own happiness and distance myself from those who ruin my mood.

Regardless, I am very thankful to have friends who share my opinion and/or sympathise with my perspectives and these are the ones to keep in my life (⌒.⌒) I would've left long ago if not for some of them.

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