Sunday, 21 June 2015


Work has been so incredibly tiring the past few days. Pardon the boring and possibly incoherent post ahead.

Every night, I come home for dinner, shower and fall asleep by accident – with the lights still switched on and everything. I left a candle burning when I concussed last night, wtf so dangerous can?!

Monday shall be my last day of work, followed by crashing Arts Camp if I manage to drag myself there. I am starting to feel more detached and lazy, and it is only now that I realise how impressive it was for all those seniors to still actively come back and help out during camps.

I'm also really excited to meet up with Sam and Xingxing next week! After being a social recluse these few days, having drained all my energy at work, I will come out of hiding.


Anyway, I have been sucked into Reddit again this past week, so here are some random stuff to read! So that my post is not purely boring rants, heh.

I think this is pretty self-explanatory? Anyway, here are 3 that I quite liked!

Five zombies. Four bullets. Two holes. (I liked the multiple possible scenarios)

This subreddit is where people give possible story ideas, and you can reply by writing a story sticking to that idea. 

I love it when the stories are completely unexpected. And since I love all that supernatural/extraterrestrial/apocalyptic/time travel scenarios, a lot of these are really intriguing to me.

Also, some prompts or stories can really make you think – about assumptions we hold, or things we take for granted as the norm. I believe we can never know for certain what is real or what is the truth, and even the simplest thing on earth might not be what we think we know it as. Which is why I like the idea of many of these prompts.

If the prompt interests you, just click on the link to read the stories!

(Confession: I only read the top comment of each writing prompt because I am too lazy, ha ha.)

Okay, that's all, folks! *cue looney tunes music* (Aww man, how I miss my cartoon-watching childhood days.)

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