Sunday, 26 July 2015

"Your Once-in-a-Lifetime is Now"

I've pretty much left my blog to die since work began. After coming home from work, having dinner, showering and doing news briefs in advance for the next morning, I have no time or energy left (o´Д`)

Okay, I suddenly want to talk about Semester at Sea because it's something I really, really wish to sign up for, but costs a bloody fortune.

This is pretty much like The Suite Life on Deck. Throughout the semester, you live and study on board a ship as it sails to several countries. You study when it's sailing, you travel when it's at port.

I've never really felt the need to go for exchange, but this is entirely different. I read through the website, scour for blogs that document people's SAS experiences, and I feel this extremely strong urge to sign up for it.

Well, the only thing stopping me is money, because it could cost up to $40k according to NUS' IRO page. That is the equivalent of going on exchange 4 times (2 times for more expensive places like London), or staying in Tembusu for 8 years.

I guess there are tuition fee reductions, work study and scholarships to try but it still seems like a lot to ask for.

I think if I can at least find ways to cut down the cost by half, I would really consider applying. I don't mind delaying my graduation for one more semester anyway, because I think the experience would be worthwhile.

This is something I will never ever regret choosing; I can feel it. There are certain things I know I will never regret even before I sign up for them, such as when I followed my gut instincts and chose NYJC despite the long commute every day.

Sigh, I want this so badly, with every fibre of my being. Is that very cheesy and exaggerated? Good, then I think I managed put my point across.

It's too late to apply for the Spring 2016 voyage because it's in January, plus Fall voyages appeal to me more (since Spring voyage includes certain countries in Asia that I can visit more easily).

There are so many queries I need to clarify with IRO and/or SAS.

It might be a little late to apply for SAS because it would be in year 3 sem 2, but I am not allowed to go for SAS on my graduating sem, which means I will have to take honours in the end. Unless SAS only clears about 3 modules, which means I can take 2 modules when I come back, and then file for graduation. But I will only do that if my school fees are charged according to the number of modules I take.

So many things to consider. Oh man. I am currently considering this plan:
  • January - May 2016: year 3 sem 1
  • September - December 2016: Semester at Sea Fall 2016 voyage
  • January - May 2017: year 3 sem 2 (graduating semester to clear leftover modules)
  • June 2017: graduation ceremony with my batch mates who took honours (although I don't take honours)

OR, if SAS helps me clear at least 4 modules (because I am not allowed to go for SAS on my graduating semester):
  • January - May 2016: year 3 sem 1
  • September - December 2016: year 3 sem 2 at SAS Fall 2016 voyage
  • January - May 2017: year 4 sem 1
  • August - December 2017: year 4 sem 2 (graduting semester)
  • June 2018: graduation ceremony

Here's the itinerary for the Fall 2016 voyage:
  • Embark: Southampton (London), England
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Civitavecchia, Italy
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Casablanca, Morocco
  • Dakar, Senegal
  • Salvador, Brazil
  • Havana, Cuba
  • Panama Canal Transit, Panama
  • Callao, Peru
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Puntarenas, Costa Rica
  • Debark: San Diego, CA, United States 
Although I think the destinations wouldn't actually matter because I'll have fun regardless of the places I go, and any place would provide me with an amazing experience.

I am just very drawn to the idea of living and studying on board a ship, meeting people from all over the world, taking classes that seem interesting and could be tailored to the countries we visit. It's like an upgraded version of Tembusu!

I've never wanted anything more.

I don't know how updated the course listings are, but some classes really do look interesting. And there's Intercultural Communications! I'd much rather take that module with a class full of students from all over the world, than in NUS where I'll probably only learn from the lecturer and readings. 

My excitement for SAS is kinda like my excitement for Tembusu x 10. 

I was hesitant about Tembusu due to the cost as well, but went for it anyway because I wanted the experience. Although I had my gripes about certain aspects of Tembusu or my own Tembusu life, I never regretted my decision. 

Okay, considering how much I've wanted this for quite awhile now, I should seriously give this a second thought. I've dismissed it previously because I thought it cost too much, but there's always financial aid to consider.

This blog entry was initially supposed to be about Da Night (aka T4's drinking and talk cock night at Grand Corpthorne + clubbing at Zouk), but I digressed because this is just such an amazing programme I think I would die happy and my university life would be exponentially more fulfilling with this included.

This requires a CAP of 3.5 and above to qualify, which used to be a problem for me but not anymore (yay). And NUS doesn't limit the number of people applying (well, it's so unknown and expensive, no wonder not many people sign up for it anyway), which means my chances of getting it wouldn't be too low.

Aahhhhh, if only money was not an issue.

My university life would be complete with Tembusu + MBS internship + Semester at Sea (˃ ⌑ ˂ഃ )

"Your Once-in-a-Lifetime is Now" - I like their tagline a lot.

Also, 2 random blog posts by this dude who went on SAS:

I am done blogging about this because it makes me want it more, which would really suck if I couldn't go for it :(

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