Wednesday, 1 July 2015


The past few days feel like ages ago and I cannot even recall happened each day. This exhaustion and sleep deprivation is baaad.

Okay. Four days ago.


We decided to try The House of Robert Timm's because of their 1-for-1 promotion – big mistake. 

The restaurant was rather empty considering how it was dinnertime, which should've been my first warning. In retrospect, I have never seen a busy and crowded Robert Timm's outlet.

Ordered the Eggs Benedict, which was terribly unimpressive. The egg whites were sour, the taste of bacon overpowered everything else and the bread turned too soggy. I didn't even bother with the baked beans because they were pathetically mundane and did not deserve my stomach space.

Xingxing ordered the bacon and mushroom egg-drop fettuccine and apparently it sucked as well. Disappointing main course for us both (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

the house of robert timms eggs benedict
This was not worth $17 at all. 

Dessert was actually not too bad. My peanut butter chocolate tart was a good balance of crackly peanut butter crust and chocolate filling that had just the right amount of sweetness. Xingxing liked her banana bundt cake with vanilla ice cream as well.

The desserts would have salvaged our meal if they didn't take so long to arrive. We were going to catch Jurassic World right after dinner and ended up missing the start of the movie thanks to this <(`^´)>

robert timms chocolate peanut butter tart
Didn't even get to appreciate what would've otherwise been the saving grace of our meal.

Okay, enough ranting although I actually had more things to complain about. Moving on to happier things ₍₍ ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜ ₎₎

I really enjoyed Jurassic World! I loved the occasional witty banter (do I sound British) and the ending.

Okay, the ending was quite expected. Obviously Chris Pratt and the other main characters will not die, and obviously the bad dino dies. But, I liked the twist because how the indominus rex died was not something I would have anticipated. Only on hindsight would I notice the foreshadowing.

Overall, 'twas a great time catching up with this busy medicine student! I am thankful for the ever-ready listening ear that made my Tembusu life so much more bearable and I am glad our friendship didn't die down simply because we've moved out of Tembusu (⋈・◡・)✰


I don't know why but Chris suddenly wanted to try this ramen place, so we met for dinner on Tuesday. Oh man, the theme of the night turned out to be "disappointing foods".

Okay, so the ramen place turned out to be this restaurant called The Ramen Stall. I know right, such a creative name??!!??!! I also love how they branded themselves with a stereotypical "Asian" font.

Thankfully, we decided to just share a bowl of ramen to leave some stomach space for other food. I forgot to take a photo of the food but never mind, there wasn't much to capture anyway. Slightly undercooked noodles + okay-ish pork base soup + sour cha shu = a bowl of disappointment.

Headed for dessert at Density Frozen Custard, located right next to The Ramen Stall. This was more of 'misleading' than 'disappointing' because I was expecting custard. Like, the yellowish bouncy jelly-like stuff.

Turns out, frozen custard is actually something very similar to ice cream. I still don't understand the difference but I found a review by danielfooddiary which explains it.

They have very limited flavours each day since everything has to be made fresh daily, and we decided to get a scoop of the oreo cheesecake. Also didn't take any photos because the ice cream was very no-frills, just one ball of ice cream in a bowl.

I wasn't very impressed by the ice cream frozen custard at first because it didn't taste very creamy, but I realised later on that this actually worked in its favour. I usually hate cheesecake because it is too thick, so cheesecake-flavoured ice cream always get sickening after a few bites. This ice cream, on the other hand, was actually quite light, so the cheesecake flavour was actually not bad! Also, they were very generous with the oreos so there's chunks of it in every bite.

density frozen custard
The cafe interior!

Next disappointment was Victor's Kitchen. I wanted to eat their 菠萝叉烧包 but it wasn't as nice as usual ƪ(‾_‾)ʃ  Somehow, the bread and 菠萝 part was quite chaota, sianz cravings not satisfied. And thus, we concluded our Disappointing Food Trail.


I am halfway through my first week of work and am struggling to get my sleep cycle back to normal. Okay, scratch that. It was never normal to begin with, so it's more of "get my sleep cycle normal for once."

We had orientation for the first two days, which I survived on 1 hour and 3 hours of sleep respectively. I think my liver is dead.

The most exciting part of orientation was probably the tour of the property, because this suaku Singaporean here has never stepped foot into certain areas of MBS yet.

I was really looking forward to visiting the Skypark for free, but it wasn't as amazing as I expected. I guess the view would be much more spectacular and romantic at night but aiya not like it makes any difference to this foreveralone, ha ha ha.

Look at all the office buildings, filled with lifeless zombies slaving their days away. I dread becoming one of them.

I think this view would be more romantic at night. I need to quickly find a boyfriend to drag here before my staff discount ends.

Clement was very excited about the floating platform because of Rag and Flag ha ha.

We got to visit the Orchid Suites and omg it's so shiok, probably because I was really tired and wanted to just lie down and sleep. Even lying on the carpeted floors seemed like a tempting idea.

It's been too long since I traveled and got to pamper myself with nice resorts/hotels.

My favourite part of the tour was surprisingly the casino viewing area. Sadly, photography was not allowed (but you can easily find photos online) so I have no photos to post and 做纪念 (▰˘︹˘▰)

I was mostly stunned by how massive the casino was –  just row after row of table games and slot machines.

It felt strangely calming, probably because the place was really empty in the morning. Somehow the huge yet empty space was really peaceful to me (I just really really hate crowds). 

The only casinos I have seen were the ones at Las Vegas, where slot machines are everywhere as you make your way through hotel lobbies. But those are just small clusters of gambling area, so I never really thought much of it. 

I guess the gold and deep red colour scheme, dim lighting and carpeted floors made everything feel quite grand. I would be more turned off by the casino if it got super crowded and was filled with second-hand smoke and a cacophony of slot machine sound effects.

Okay, enough gushing over a casino. I just really love peaceful, empty and carpeted areas with dim lighting. I can just chill at such a place by myself all day, and it would be the best day ever.

Moving on, because gambling actually doesn't interest me at all.

I was pleasantly surprised by the food they offer in the dining hall (I forgot the proper term but aiya I am used to the phrase 'dining hall' thanks to Tembusu)!

The food is served buffet-style, and I only tried the Western food so far, but there is something yummy every day.

I was comparing this with the dining hall at Tembusu and this one wins hands down (okay surely that was not a fair comparison).

Yesterday's lunch. The clam chowder and mashed potatoes were gooood.

Today was actually my first proper day of work, and I am not sure what to think of it. The workload is not as daunting as the idea of screwing something up. 

I feel like I have always been very sheltered in school, even up till university. If I screw up in school, what is the worst that could happen to me? Late submissions or doing badly for a test/assignment, none of these seem to have very real consequences. Sure, I feared the idea of getting a terrible CAP, but not as much as I fear doing something wrong at work. 

One day of work is surely not enough for me to reflect much. For now, I guess all I can do is push myself to do as well as I can.

I believe we grow only when we step out of our comfort zones, and we learn best from mistakes.

The working environment, especially in such a big company, is certainly very foreign to me. I feel like I am suddenly thrown into the Hunger Games arena (okay quite an exaggerated and inaccurate analogy) and have to find ways to survive because there is no other option.

No, it is not enough to merely survive, I need to aim to thrive in the environment because what is the point of settling for anything less? I will just be wasting my time and everybody else's as well.

Regardless of how the internship turns out, it will still be a valuable experience at the end of the day, that is for sure.

ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

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