Sunday, 13 September 2015


This weekend has been pretty chill, and I am thoroughly enjoying my alone time spent lazing away at home (▰˘v˘▰)

Had to go back to work for Saturday duty yesterday but work feels less stressful when you're the only one in the office. Saturday duty was not so bad after all.

Decided to take a walk in search of lunch, and saw this.

Spot the marriage proposal.

Bought sushi in the end, so here's a pretentious-looking photo, complete with bad editing done on vscocam (because I have too much time to spare today).

I read that magazine as part of my job, hehe. One of my favourite duties.

I decided to take a nice stroll across the Helix Bridge to get to my bus stop after work, because I completely forgot about the haze. Omg it was so terrible, I could barely inhale without feeling like I would choke to death.

And I actually saw people jogging along the bridge??!?!!! Seriously?! It is very ironic to jog to keep fit when what you are doing is just killing your lungs one breath at a time. Oh well, can never understand health junkies.

Spotted a very red sun yesterday evening so I guess my stroll wasn't all bad. Cheap thrills to the max leh, seriously. I am such a suaku person that a reddish sun amuses me.

The sun was actually redder than this, but my lousy camera refused to pick it up.

Today is a very lazy day spent browsing reddit and doing anything unproductive.

You can see Reddit on my screen. Also, room is still unpacked from when I moved back from Tembusu, oops.

Ooh and I had the most shiok afternoon snack ever.

Lugged back 4 bottles of Strongbow Elderflower apple cider yesterday because they are amazing (and much better than Somersby in my opinion), and bought the Torres black truffle chips on impulse.

Cider and greasy crispy chips. Match made in heaven.

The chips were bloody expensive - $7.95 for less than half a bag??! But they smell sooo heavenly. They smell like legit truffle fries. And they taste like truffle fries too.

Can you see the specks of sea salt?

Munching on this makes me feel like I'm at PS Cafe.  Okay, I guess if a bag of chips can feel like PS Cafe then they're not so expensive after all #denial

Act 一个 atas with cider and expensive potato chips today just because _へ__( ‾ ◡ ◝ )> 开心就好 (although my wallet would disagree).

I seldom have weekends like this, because weekends are either spent going out or sleeping in till dinnertime. It's nice to finally get up before noon and have the whole day to myself. I find joy in doing absolutely nothing, hehe.

What I really treasure these six months are the weekends free from work. I can laze around all day and feel no guilt because there isn't a pile of never-ending readings and tutorials to be completed. Soon, I will be back to that lifestyle of procrastinating and being overcomed with guilt each time I am not studying.

I have a year or two of student life remaining. I really don't know how to feel about that. All my life, ever since I could recall, I held on to the identity of being a student. Going to school has been the usual routine since I was four. To suddenly have that taken away from me when I graduate is a lot to deal with.

Not sure how I will react to graduating from school. From my post-Tembusu sentimental outbursts, I clearly do not handle change very well.

Anyway, spent my whole day on Reddit and here's a Writing Prompt response that I really like:

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