Tuesday, 15 September 2015

So Reddit and my own morbid curiosity led me to this YouTube video, which is 55 minutes of probably one of the most raw, close-up footages of the scene at World Trade Centre during 9/11. Not even kidding, it feels like you're in some first-person shooter game, right there in the aftermath.

First thought was: holy crap this cameraman has got balls. And holy crap that is very good video quality in such a situation.

In a way that means absolutely no harm, I hope this video doesn't get removed because it really helped give me a slightly clearer idea of what exactly went on that day. The attack took place when I was 7, and I live nowhere near America. I could never truly sympathise very well with all the sentiments regarding 9/11. While, I am absolutely nowhere near understanding how it must feel for those who were personally affected by this in one way or another, the video brought me a bit closer to understanding what happened on the ground that day. The police and firemen doing their job and putting themselves in the face of danger, the civilians rushing out of the buildings all distraught, a scene that looked almost post-apocalyptic.

I have watched many videos of the plane crashing straight into the building, and those were terrifying to watch. But this video gives a different perspective. It's more calm and has a strange sense of normalcy in such a tragic situation. Sure there were loads of smoke and debris and the occasional person hastily running away from the scene, but all those NYPD/FDNY/Secret Service people were mostly so composed that it almost felt mundane, if you were to ignore the thick layers of ash (or whatever it's called). And that just seemed rather ominous and out of place.

In stark contrast was this other video, once again thanks to Reddit. It was filmed from an NYU dorm and so horrifying to watch at that one split-second. This had all the chaos and terrified screams. And this really made me wonder how I would react if I were in her shoes. What if it were me, just looking out of the window of my Tembusu room when a plane crashes through the CREATE building, right in front of me?

Reddit (who else) also had this link to an article about how Disneyland reacted to the 9/11 attacks. Nothing particularly outstanding, but it is just slightly disconcerting to imagine fear in supposedly the happiest place on earth. It is a very eerie juxtaposition.

I like putting myself in different scenarios to wonder how I will react and to try and imagine how others felt when they were actually in those situations. I like finding out about people's first-hand experiences in all sorts of situations e.g. in North Korea, during the Japanese Occupation, during the Black Death, in ancient Egypt. This is probably why I enjoyed Chinese Cinderella and Totto Chan so much when I was young. I know I must sound like a complete weirdo now. Well, I think it's just interesting hearing stories about situations I was never in and knowing more about what other people went through.

Yep, that's all I have to say for now. End of my random ramblings.

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