Monday, 26 October 2015


It has been four months into the internship and this might be the beginning of the most hectic period ever. Perhaps that explains why I have been indulging in lots of food and colouring.

Still, my life right now still feels exponentially less stressful than those who are currently in school, hehe *gloats*

I finally completed the very first page I attempted in my colouring book, so I just had to share such a momentous accomplishment with everyone. (Okay, sarcasm is hard to dish out in text form)

johanas basford enchanted forest
I got really sick of colouring trees and leaves at one point.

I spent my Friday night and Saturday afternoon colouring birds, and I must say they look quite decent for someone as unartistic as me.

johanas basford enchanted forest birds
I finished colouring the reindeer as well but I don't really like it cos it's just brown, which is boring.

Also started on this hot air balloon today. As you can see, I am on a roll here.

johanas basford enchanted forest hot air balloon
Even more leaves. Oh boy I am running out of ideas to colour them leaves.

I love looking at other people's colourings, and this person is amazing. Watching videos of this other person colouring is also very therapeutic.

I sold my Secret Garden colouring book to Jit since I have too many to finish right now, so she is a part of this now, hehe.


Met Jit for dinner on Friday and I cannot think of a better way to end the week!

We wanted to go to this hidden hipster bar located at a carpark, but the bar is outdoors and the haze was terrible. So... change of plans and we ended up at Marché instead!

Btw, the haze was so bad that we stepped into the hotel lobby, looked out and asked, "is it raining or is that the haze?" (。_+)\

It has been a looong time since I ate at Marché, and the rosti was as amazing as I remembered. Omg I feel so happy just thinking about the rosti!!!

marche restaurant suntec
Jit dipped mushrooms and roasted vegetables into the cream sauce that came with my crepe and she said it was good.

There were also lots of adorable little kids in the restaurant and Jit creepily and sneakily took photos of this little boy at the table next to us. When his dad placed the coconut in front of him, he happily waved his hands in the air ohmygoodness cuteness overload!!!!

I feel like such a creep, heh.

Adding on to the cuteness is this planner I found at a stationery shop that day.

Tiny little blobs trying to balance sushi on their heads!!!
Me and Jit could not stop gushing and spazzing over all the things in that store, hahaha I think we sounded like suaku bimbos with short attention spans going "OMG LOOK!!!" every few seconds.

And I think it's been too long since we got to have a good chat in person, now that her internship ended and she's back in school. We spent the entire time talking non-stop and I am not even exaggerating here.

Hi jeeeeeteeeesha I wonder if you are reading this ~ヾ(^∇^)


This Bukit Panjang bumpkin over here is thrilled to see Milk & Honey open an outlet at Bukit Panjang Plaza!!!

I tried their Chocolate Divine flavour previously and thought it was meh, but this Nuttilicious one was so good! Set me back $6.80 if I am not wrong, but worth the happiness and satisfaction that comes with such indulgent dessert.

Milk & honey nuttilicious
That is not mere chocolate sauce - it is Ferrero Brittle sauce, which basically tastes like molten Ferrero Rocher. 

Met Yongshin and Choonz for brunch today and we had the legendary Blk 163 Ke Kou Mian that I only knew of recently despite living in this area for the past 17 years.

blk 163 ke kou mian
Who knew such a nondescript stall at a neighbourhood food court could be so popular?

We had to wait 1 hour for this, and they open from 2am to 2pm. They are basically popular enough to do whatever they want (like open at timings as strange as my body clock) and still have customers.

And now, the long-awaited bowl of maggie mee...

blk 163 ke kou mian
I am typing this at 1.30am and this is absolute torture.

This bowl of warm, soupy goodness was just $3 - $2.50 for the noodles and $0.50 for the egg.

It was basically pork, maggie mee and egg - nothing fanciful. But, I understand its appeal because it is one of the best supper/comfort food you can ask for. Eating this on a cold rainy day would be so blissful (▰˘v˘▰) The noodles were also soft yet super springy, which is perfect.

I wish I lived right next to Blk 163 so I could just go downstairs and dabao this every single day. I will never go hungry at suppertime again. Cup noodles will be rendered inferior and unnecessary. I will grow fat and all my hair would fall off, but it would still be worthwhile.

Okay, I am slightly exaggerating but I just really love maggie mee. I always get judged when I order them at those Hong Kong 茶餐厅, whereas this is 3 times cheaper and 100 times better.

Yay, Ke Kou Mian, I dub you the pride and joy of Bukit Panjang.

Thank you Yongshin the Bukit Panjang Guru for enlightening us and bringing this into my life, hahaha

Yay my Bukit Panjang buddies!


Went shopping after my ke kou mian brunch and decided to get the Godiva Chocolate Twist Soft Serve on a whim.

$8 for an ice cream cone, and it was not worth the splurge, sigh.

godiva twist soft serve
Look at that, the soft serve is already drooping in disappointment.

I tried the chocolate flavour a year ago and it was really good, but this one was just so mediocre. Maybe I got the wrong flavour?

The soft serve was not decadent enough to be worth $8, let alone worthy enough to be served at Godiva. This was thin and icy, and I think people might confuse it with McDonald's soft serve in a blind taste test. It was more cloying than chocolatey, which is the wrong type of sweet.

I think it is safer to stick to the chocolate flavour next time. Don't be adventurous and try their new Twist flavour. Bleurgh.

At least the portion was generous. I was already full by the time I reached the cone.

Okay, moving on from the brief moment of being disappointed over ice cream (seriously, how could ice cream let people down??? But it did).

Bought myself two pairs of Relaco lounge pants from Uniqlo and I am super happy with my purchase!

They are soooo comfy and if I am ever desperate enough, I think I can wear these to sleep and wake up the next day wearing them to school. If I am ever that burnt out from school.

uniqlo lounge drape pants
They are called 'lounge' pants and I really wanted to just lounge in it all day. I was so reluctant to take them off.

I actually went to Suntec to roam around the Public Garden flea, but it is getting boring. Every single flea has the same few sellers, and they all sell the same few things. The jewellery look the same, the stationery look the same, and I no longer find anything unique there. Oh well, this will help me save money. I would rather spend on food anyway.

It has been a good weekend with friends and food and shopping and colouring. I am so reluctant to go back to work tomorrow. 

The weekends have been treating me well, but I need a much longer break to recharge from all the work and deadlines and high expectations that I am setting for myself. 

Time to sleep and wake up four hours later to set off to work. 


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