Thursday, 22 October 2015


Hola amigos, meet my new baby!

I have officially abandoned my allegiance to Android and hopped onto the Apple bandwagon. No regrets for now, although my phone refuses to vibrate when I receive Whatsap notifications and I still cannot figure out why. Help.

In other news, met up with Derek, Klar and Joanne last Wednesday!

Derek is one head taller than everyone so he looks like a middle finger when he stands between us.

Had dinner at Saizeriya, and my fav was their escargot. So yummy and buttery, oh man I want to go back and eat it again ╰(⊹◕۝◕ )╯

It was a great time catching up with these guys, as always. As we grow up and our lives get busier, you learn that friendship is not defined by frequency alone.

Also, to quote Derek, "our generation is too fixated with replacing things, not fixing things". Not sure where that fits in but I just wanted to quote him somewhere, hee.

Reached home that day to a really nice surprised, cos Dawn sent me a postcard! (^▽^ʃƪ)

Holding it up against a white wall just to make it look more pretentious artistic.

Had dinner with Mabel on Thursday and I am now a fan of Sushi Express. Omg the torched salmon and scallop sushi and crab pincer!!!!!!

I am extremely hungry and craving for lots of food. I should not be talking about food right now. Moving on.

Went to Tokyu Hands and saw this.... which was featured on Clicknetwork's Tried and Tested.

Ok, I am definitely too immature to be 21 but HAHAHAHAHA. 

Keeping up with the unintentional Japanese theme of the night, we dropped by Maccha House for dessert. I ordered the Salted Caramel Maccha Panna Cotta with soft serve.

I was never a fan of matcha, and...

Matcha is so... bitter. I don't understand its appeal the slightest bit. Someone please enlighten me.

I also spent the whole time trying to secretly video Mabel because I am addicted to this app called Phhhoto, which produces "instant moving pictures".

It's a rather badly-named app, but I love acting hipster with it (albeit failing terribly).

So here's one of Mabel laughing and judging me for being so obsessed:

And my 孔明灯

And now for some cheap thrills, because I am dying at work and need something to make life more interesting...

Free cake from the newly opened Patisserie Platine, because they used it for a photoshoot. It was... meh #unimpressed

Thai iced tea cake

Today at the 54th floor of the hotel, I spotted tiny humans at the roof of ArtScience Museum and it amused me greatly. I think this gives you a clear indication of the monotony of my life.

It looks like a giant monster robot hand trying to crush the humans.

Was supposed to buy a magazine today and ended up roaming around town aimlessly. Walked around for two hours and splurged on food and basically bought anything but the magazines because they're not out yet.

Oh well, here's a photo dump of the random shit I take photos of.

I think the stress is getting to me and I bought this on impulse.

Might as well take a pretentious photo if I am paying so much for this.

$15 for a small bottle of hot chocolate from Angelina... this had better be worth it. Sigh, this is the sneak preview of my stress eating.

I bought a bar of chocolate and couldn't even wait till I reached home to eat it, so I ate it while walking around Raffles City like the greedy pig that I am.


I can feel myself slowly degenerating into a crumbled pile of sleep-deprived nocturnal intern. Shall not go into details but I really, really need a week-long break.

Okay, skyping the suite now so my week is made ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡

Finding happiness in the simplest of things to fuel me through each day. Not too bad a habit to have, actually.

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