Sunday, 29 November 2015


Popped by the Public Garden Christmas flea and Christmas Carousel Market today and burnt a hole in my pocket. I clearly have no self-control and need to unfollow all these fleas and blogshops on social media.

old hen coffee bar cold brew white coffee public garden flea
Cold Brew White Coffee from Old Hen Coffee Bar
Couldn't stand the blistering heat and ridiculous humidity, so I chiong-ed to Old Hen Coffee Bar the moment I reached. They ran out of their Valrhona Dark Cocoa, so I settled for this instead ☹ Not my first choice, but it was extremely shiok to gulp down cold coffee on a hot day.

public garden flea capitol building green pea cookie hush candle peppermint orange tongtiffen gradient chevron pouch foundry and co necklace acexspade
Today's 收获

Not sure what got into me today, but I was in a necklace frenzy today. Got the white marble necklace from Foundy and Co and the black marble one from Acexspade. Almost wanted to buy a third necklace from Freckled Daisy but I managed to stop myself.

Got a Gradient Chevron Pouch from tongtiffen (what does that name even mean?) although I had absolutely no idea what to use it for. Stuffed a few pens in the pouch so it seems like less of an impulse buy now.

The Green Pea Cookie was insanely adorable! I went to the flea at Capitol Building just to get my hands on these. I've always wanted to try them but am too impatient to order online. Let's see how long it takes for me to wipe out the entire box.

Update: the Green Pea Cookies were muthafuckin' good!!! I love Calbee's Snow Pea Crisps, and I also like to balance out savoury food with sweet ones and vice vesa. This cookie is basically the best of both worlds, since it has the aroma of green pea and sweetness of cookie and cranberry (mine was the cranberry flavour). Sounds like a strange combination but it works. Doesn't help that the cookies are perfectly bite-sized, which makes it far too easy to gobble them up until they are all gone. Cost me $15 for one box but so worthwhile. Try it try it!!!

My one regret buy would be the Peppermint Orange candle from Hush Candle, which smells like medicated oil to me ☹ I think I have been conditioned to associate the 风油 smell with nausea and stomach aches, so this was a terrible choice. Sigh, bad life decisions.

Retail therapy has worked its magic and I am now sufficiently upbeat to face the week ahead. Come at me bro (ง •̀_•́)ง

Friday, 27 November 2015


Lately, I have been in the mood to wander around town aimlessly when I knock off from work. Today, I wound up at SG Heart Map.

SG Heart Map

They had lots of ballooned-up Singapore landmarks, which were super adorable!

SG Heart Map

SG Heart Map
The dragon playground that was suddenly famous this year.

SG Heart Map
Instructions to childhood games.

Today's dinner was a Chicken Satay Mini Burger from The Travelling C.O.W.

SG Heart Map the travelling c.o.w. cow menu

SG Heart Map the travelling c.o.w cow chicken satay burger

The burger was not bad! It tasted like satay, although I would prefer it to be soaked in peanut sauce; there was not enough sauce for that shiok factor.

There were free movie screenings inside this igloo-like dome by local directors like Royston Tan. I think they are showing 881 and Army Daze tomorrow, among other things!

There was a light show as well, although it was nothing too impressive. This uncle asked me what everyone was looking at, and was terribly amused when I pointed at the lights.

SG Heart Map

This was not a bad way to end the week! :)

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Because in Singapore, Singapore

... you'll find happiness for everyone ♪ ♫

Yaxue and Gary were in Singapore over the weekend (!!!) and so we spent Friday and Saturday walking and eating and walking some more. Reunion with the LDR BFF and meet-the-boyfriend session uh, ha ha.

Photo dump ahead, because I behaved more like a tourist than them and took a shitload of photos:

Ah Chew Desserts

Mango pomelo sago with ice cream

Fresh Milk Steam Egg White with Chocolate Cookie (surprisingly good; surpassed expectations)

Wings Bar

This was an extremely random choice. Gary was mesmerised by the fountain at Clarke Quay so we sat at this aviation-themed bar since it was right next to it.

Lol @ the wings pun...?

Pimm's No. 1 ($50 for a 1.5L jug)

Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant

After the drinks, I had such an intense craving for greasy, unhealthy food. That, together with all the walking, made Swee Choon so shiok!!!

They loved the Beancurd Prawn Roll. I think it's better than their Har Kow.

G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge

田鸡 is basically chicken but better. It is the superior chicken. How does such a gross animal taste so good?


Yaxue wanted to eat at the Skypark, so we chose Spago out of the three restaurants. But it was expensive so we went to the lounge instead. Not the best idea...

Foie Gras-Espresso Mousse Tarts. $19 for these teensy weensy tarts that were the size of a $1 coin.

I know right, like omg the portions were huge! We were so full after eating one tart each, we could barely move!!!11!1!!1

Forbidden Kiss (left) and I'm So Sexy (right). Brief moment of awkwardness as I placed my orders.

Snapped about a hundred photos of the skyline at sunset and behaved like an embarrassing tourist.

So in conclusion... bar bites had shocking portions but drinks were really good. View was amazing, and I am glad we chose to go at 6pm because we got to catch the view at sunset and at night.

Marina Bay

Since Gary was obsessed with fountains, I told them about Wonder Full and we went to watch it, hehe I am like some MBS ambassador.

Now they are the ones being embarrassing tourists.

Eat ice cream also must act一个

Gluttons by the Bay

Since "dinner" was far from filling.

Awww yaaaassss.

HAHAHA embarrassing tourists part 2.

Part 3

Clarke Quay

Went back to Clarke Quay on Saturday night, bought some drinks and sat by the bridge.

This was not bad! Tastes like sparkling grape juice. Better than their apple cider.

Yey cui faces after being out and walking the whole day

A series of unfortunate photobombings

And now, featuring all the people who photobombed us, hahaha.

Hello uncle.

I was trying to take a pano for them, but this guy stole the limelight.

And during my second attempt, they were too distracted to look at the camera.

Wah this one very win. Quite literally the centre of attention.

Ok I photobombed Gary over here. Oops.

And more photos with Yaxue's selfie stick aka Super Asian Device.

Hehe my favourite shot because we look so candid and awkward. Also, we got photobombed again.

I like how we can somehow synchronise our poses without even trying, hehe.

Yay I am so exhausted right now, but it is the good kind of exhaustion. I feel physically tired from being too active and from going out, as opposed to being mentally drained from life.

It was really fun being like a tourist in my own country, travelling on foot everywhere I go and passing by places I would not have noticed otherwise. 

I think this weekend helped me appreciate the food in Singapore even more than before - how good food is easily available at affordable prices, and how you can find food anywhere at any time of the night.

One day, I will spend some alone time roaming about the island and being a tourist in my own home once again. 

Okay, eet eez four in the a.m., time 2 sleepz! Brb hibernating the whole of Sunday.

Sunday, 15 November 2015


I discovered a couple of amazing Instagram accounts today and omg it is so addictive to scroll through their feed!!!

It is extremely pleasing on the eyes to scroll through the sea of pastel colours. Absolute eyegasm.



I think I mentioned this account before but it just fits into the whole theme:

Now if I was only half as talented as these people...

Saturday, 14 November 2015


Because I am too lazy to type much, here is a photo dump of recent exhibitions at the museum:

The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World

(Damn that's a long name)
(P.S. this exhibition is free!)


Also, I reached the office at 7.20am on Friday because I was all prepared to rush out press kits for the exhibition's press launch, only to see this at my desk:

I am very 感动 can??!?! :')

8 weeks of internship left. I don't know if I am excited to go back to school or if I am dreading it. I feel a mix of both, which is utterly confusing since these are emotions on opposite ends of the spectrum.