Sunday, 29 November 2015


Popped by the Public Garden Christmas flea and Christmas Carousel Market today and burnt a hole in my pocket. I clearly have no self-control and need to unfollow all these fleas and blogshops on social media.

old hen coffee bar cold brew white coffee public garden flea
Cold Brew White Coffee from Old Hen Coffee Bar
Couldn't stand the blistering heat and ridiculous humidity, so I chiong-ed to Old Hen Coffee Bar the moment I reached. They ran out of their Valrhona Dark Cocoa, so I settled for this instead ☹ Not my first choice, but it was extremely shiok to gulp down cold coffee on a hot day.

public garden flea capitol building green pea cookie hush candle peppermint orange tongtiffen gradient chevron pouch foundry and co necklace acexspade
Today's 收获

Not sure what got into me today, but I was in a necklace frenzy today. Got the white marble necklace from Foundy and Co and the black marble one from Acexspade. Almost wanted to buy a third necklace from Freckled Daisy but I managed to stop myself.

Got a Gradient Chevron Pouch from tongtiffen (what does that name even mean?) although I had absolutely no idea what to use it for. Stuffed a few pens in the pouch so it seems like less of an impulse buy now.

The Green Pea Cookie was insanely adorable! I went to the flea at Capitol Building just to get my hands on these. I've always wanted to try them but am too impatient to order online. Let's see how long it takes for me to wipe out the entire box.

Update: the Green Pea Cookies were muthafuckin' good!!! I love Calbee's Snow Pea Crisps, and I also like to balance out savoury food with sweet ones and vice vesa. This cookie is basically the best of both worlds, since it has the aroma of green pea and sweetness of cookie and cranberry (mine was the cranberry flavour). Sounds like a strange combination but it works. Doesn't help that the cookies are perfectly bite-sized, which makes it far too easy to gobble them up until they are all gone. Cost me $15 for one box but so worthwhile. Try it try it!!!

My one regret buy would be the Peppermint Orange candle from Hush Candle, which smells like medicated oil to me ☹ I think I have been conditioned to associate the 风油 smell with nausea and stomach aches, so this was a terrible choice. Sigh, bad life decisions.

Retail therapy has worked its magic and I am now sufficiently upbeat to face the week ahead. Come at me bro (ง •̀_•́)ง

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