Thursday, 28 January 2016


Liana and Esther flew off for exchange on Tuesday, and received one of the most dua pai send-offs I have witnessed, heh.

Our suite looks so normal here...

... but that was all a lie. I cannot decide if we are too cute or too weird.

Liana & Esther Fan Club

Year 3 swag.

13 people chartered a van to the airport. We are a few steps away from being a fan club.

Waterproof camera for all the tears.

I thought the photos were quite cute, hence the photo spam.

On a completely random note, my earworm of the week is this remix of Photograph. I cannot stop replaying it.

Okay, I need to stop procrastinating and do some work. Yesterday was a blissful day of waking up at noon, having lunch while watching Making A Murderer, taking a nap till dinnertime, then chilling till bedtime.

I thought I became more hardworking this semester but I guess it was just the back-to-school enthusiasm, which has died down.

Saturday, 23 January 2016


This entire week has been filled with food, food and more food. I am definitely a lot fatter and a lot more broke after the past few days.

To recap the very happening but exhausting and money-draining week:


Dinner with Yaxue at Nakhon Kitchen, Holland Village branch. 
Pad Thai (without beansprouts, he he)

Mango Sticky Rice
Their Mango Sticky Rice was quite disappointing :( The rice was too hot and not soft enough, the mango was not cold and not sweet enough.


Woke up and reached school really early on Tuesday morning, but it was a blessing in disguise because I got to see this! 
NUS looked so magical for that brief moment.

Visited Fringe Cafe with Yaxue, which was extremely nostalgic because that used to be our favourite hangout place after school. We would sit there and talk for hours, and nobody from our school ever went to that boring mall which means we could gossip without anyone overhearing >:)
Iced Mocha and Mango Smoothie (or ice blend, I forgot the name), both of which were really good!

I feel so old to actually have a 老地方 to visit and reminisce.


Oh and did I mention, it has been a horrible week of sudden downpours every day. Urgh.
Look at the ominous skies.

Had lunch at Chye Seng Huat Hardware, and it was kinda nice to sit in a cosy cafe while it poured outside.
The Huat Breakfast + Iced Latte
I loved their scrambled eggs and iced latte! Yaxue the coffee snob gave their coffee her stamp of approval.

We wanted to try Tiramisu Hero as well, but it was closed. Apparently they close on the third Wednesday of each month. Our timing was so perfect, kns.

Never mind, because that cleared up some stomach space for the highlight of the week... Jumbo!!!

We shared TWO crabs among the two of us, which was so bloody shiok. No need to fight for pincers because we had two each, hehehehehe.

Yum yum Chilli Crab.

Yum yum Black Pepper Crab.

Look at us eagerly anticipating our crabs, in our aprons and all.

And here's an emo nemo photo of Yaxue.
She thinks the breakwater looks like a dick. Is that why she is emo?


Dinner at Chomp Chomp!

Stingray from Boon Tat Seafood, wings from Chong Pang Huat.
The wings were good (although I suspect there might be even better ones at the food centre). The stingray on the other hand... tasted rather fishy and uncooked. It felt like I was eating raw fish, ugh.

Had dessert at 一碗甜品, which was when I had a mindblowing revelation... THEIR DURIAN MOUSSE IS MUTHAFUCKIN AMAZING!!!
Looks so unphotogenic and unassuming, but do not be fooled.
Okay, they have always been famous for their durian mousse, and I knew about it. I just dismissed it in the past because I thought I did not care for durians and would not like durian desserts. HOW WRONG I WAS.

The mousse was so incredibly creamy, smooth and fragrant. It tasted exactly like durian - not durian-flavoured cream, but durian flesh that just happened to be a slightly creamier consistency. And you can see for yourself the generous, luxurious lump of real durian fruit, which tasted so heavenly.

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe I stupidly ordered Mango Pomelo Sago in the past because I thought I did not like durian enough to order this. I HAVE SEEN THE ERROR OF MY WAYS.

I could not stop spazzing to Yaxue about how much I love the durian mousse, and I am still going on and on about it now. After we left, I turned to Yaxue and said, "I miss the durian mousse already." And then I went home and continued raving about it to my dad, ha ha ha.


Oh my, Friday was such a busy day.

Lunch with Yaxue before she flies off yet again, then went to The Escape Artist with the amazing race progs team! We tried Jack the Ripper, which was a little scary at times but still manageable. I feel like I have grown braver leh, hehe.
Ok yes we completed it but they gave us double the time and loads of hints, heh.

Rushed for lecture after that since I was late (oops), then headed to Art After Dark.
Yet another ominous sky. 

It suddenly poured really crazily right after I took the above photo. Gillman Barracks was not the most sheltered place, and Art After Dark did not seem to take wet weather into consideration when planning their layout, so the rain really killed my mood for the exhibitions.
People slowly creeping back outdoors after the rain subsided.

Confession: I understood nothing at the exhibition. I can look at the paintings and think "wahhh so pretty" but I cannot appreciate and understand all the artsy-fartsy stuff going on behind it. What brush strokes contemporary blah blah, I really have no idea.
Vicky trying to act like she is appreciating all that art.

I thought this looked pretty but really, I have no idea what it is about. 

The words say: This is a landscape painting with trees & cows & shit.
Now this I appreciate.

Next up: Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant.

Recreating our Night-Festival-Followed-By-Swee-Choon-Supper experience, was the Art-After-Dark-Followed-By-Swee-Choon-Supper.
And no, this was not all we ordered.

Overly-attached suite ^_^
I am looking all cui from the long day of lunch > escape room > lecture > art after dark > swee choon supper, from 12nn to 12mn.

Okay, I think I have gone out more than enough this week. It is time to be a recluse and nurse my social exhaustion. 3am now, bloody tired, time to sleep, g'night!

Sunday, 17 January 2016


I am procrastinating right now, and hence this very random entry.

I spent the weekend staying up and sleeping in, basically falling back into the terrible sleep cycle I had before my internship. Sigh, old habits die hard.

That is 6pm, not 6am.
I started 2016 with this grand plan of waking up at 8 every morning, having breakfast and maybe even going for a run, before heading for school. Hahahaha, what a joke. It is rather unrealistic to expect such a drastic turnaround.

Instead of aiming for a sudden change in lifestyle, I shall take things one step at a time.

I am starting to do my readings ahead of lecture, although that might just be the week 1 enthusiasm that might die down eventually. This needs to be done consistently such that it turns into a habit instead of an exception. 加油 eve.

As much as I would like to be an early riser, I think my body clock is just not cut out for it. I am not giving up though - gonna set my alarm for 8am every school day and figure out how I can stop myself from crawling back under the blanket.

I prepared overnight oats for tomorrow's breakfast, which would motivate me to wake up so I can eat it. I dumped loads of Milo powder into my oats, so it is far from a healthy meal, oops.

Once tutorials kick in and it is full steam ahead, I should really study in school more often. The moment I am home, I watch shows and play Soda Crush and forget all about the work I have to do.

On the bright side, I am done revamping my room. Bigger desk, relocated to a brighter spot, which hopefully makes for a more conducive environment. Got a dressing table. Finally packed my room and kept away all the rubbish I brought back from Tembusu.

I feel like I need more clothes for school. Clothes that are breezy so I do not melt from walking up and down the endless flights of stairs at FASS, clothes that are minimal and easy to match so I can pick them out with the least amount of brain power possible.

Some random things on my "wishlist" that I have been eyeing:

  • Bracelets from DivinityLA - this pink one and this seashell one in particular. I bet the shipping would cost a bomb, unless somebody would like to share with me.
  • I have noticed bags from A.PALEPETAL at fleas and thought they looked really unique, only to find out how expensive they cost. I quite like this style, but $139 is far too much.
  • Milo granola from Eastern Granola. Okay, I think I might cave and get this one day. Anything with Milo or Nutella will win me over.

Okay, now that I have these thoughts out of the way, it is time to start on week 2's readings. Time to be productive.

Saturday, 16 January 2016


Woohoo I turn 22 today!

Okay actually, turning a year older is not a very big deal to me. What I like about birthdays is the chance to meet up and hang out with friends whom I matter to and matter to me. Also, I took my birthday off Facebook so the ones who remember must have bothered to note it down elsewhere ^_^

Anyway, Tim jio-ed me for dinner today but it turns out the suite was there as well to surprise me. Awww you guys :')

Dinner at Alt. Pizza was good - loved the pizza and fries, and the food arrived really quickly!

Idaho spud cheddar fries
Liana viciously attacked the fries, and Tim almost ordered a second serving. $10 initially seemed a bit much for fries, but the portions were generous enough to feed all 6 of us. Would order this again!

Truffle Shuffle
I am starting to appreciate mushroom pizzas (ever since I tried the one from Mozza), and this one was not bad.

Buffalo Bill
This was a little spicy but still manageable. Tim said the taste reminds him of alcohol? I kinda get what he means, although I cannot explain it. Okay, pardon the strange and vague description.

Crabby Ninja
I am a sucker for seafood so I could not resist ordering something with chunks of crab meat. Sadly, the crab did not go too well with the pizza. Maybe Dominos' top secret sauce would be a better match.

Free Bird
After a while, all the different pizzas started to taste the same to me. This was good as well.

I loved all the pizzas because the crust was amazing! I think the crust was the highlight of everything. They are all thin-crust pizzas, but the dough was soft and chewy. I usually dislike thin crusts because they are extremely thin and brittle, and barely substantial enough to be considered a meal. I prefer chewy thick crusts, but they can be too filling and overpower the toppings at times. Alt. Pizza's crust was the perfect blend of the two.

Pizza Doughnuts
These are doughnuts made from their pizza dough, with Nutella dipping sauce. How could I resist?! Everyone was unimpressed with the seemingly normal doughnuts, but I think I see the appeal - the doughnuts are soft and chewy, just like their pizza crusts, and I think that sets it apart from a typical flour-y and dry doughnut. Sadly, the Nutella sauce was far too diluted for my liking. The Nutella taste was so faint! :(

Vicky wanted to take a photo here, because it has a red carpet. It just looks super cheena in the end, ahaha.
We ended up at McDonald's, eating ice cream and playing Psych. We went home and a few of us continued playing Psych while communicating over WhatsApp Web. Such a happening Friday night, amirite??!

And that concludes the end of my Year 3 Sem 1 Week 1, spent with this lovely bunch of people who never fail to make my day/week/entire semester!

I tend to prefer simple and intimate birthday celebrations (I mean, I could not even be bothered to hold a 21st birthday party, lulz), so a meet-up like this was perfect. I am really very touched by the dinner treats and birthday wishes made without the help of Facebook! 爱死你们了 ♥

It is 3.30am now so my post is a little incoherent and I can no longer keep my eyes open. G'night.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


2016 started on a really hectic note, and so I left my blog to die. Quick update on the past two busy weeks!

Goodbye MBS :'(

Ended my internship last Friday, so the first week of January was spent tying up loose ends and handing over everything to the new batch of interns.

Last (free) visit to the SkyPark Observation Deck.

Farewell dinner at Pasarbella @ Suntec.

The nicest, cutest and prettiest colleagues that I was so lucky to have :')

Last meal at TDR.

The new interns!

Last day of work :'( They gave me a really pretty Swatch watch, which I have been wearing for the past three days!

Back to school

It has been eight months since I last did any studying, and I am still trying to adjust back to school life.

I was never good at doing readings and writing academic papers, so this is going to be a tough battle ahead :\

Reunited with the overly-attached suite on day 1 of school!

Lunch, eyebrow threading, mani-pedi and dinner with the overly-attached suite on day 2.

(Early) birthday dinner with Nichol

Had dinner at Habitat Coffee and dessert at Windowsill Pies today, and it was Nichol's treat since my birthday is on Saturday! Awwww, I love how we are still as close as ever after all these years ^_^

Shrooms - basically like Eggs Ben but with mushrooms. Not bad!

Chilli Crab Linguine - love the chunks of crab meat and man tou, but too spicy for me.

S'mores - quite sweet even for my sweet tooth, and rather mediocre especially for its price ($8). 
And that concludes my year thus far. It is a pretty good start, but I foresee tough times ahead because it is only week 1 of school and I cannot understand my notes. Sigh.

4 semesters to go. I need to quickly 开窍.

P.S. my blog has been receiving over 100 hits every day because people reading up on JCs keep ending up on my blog post about NYJC. Omg, this is quite scary and I hope no teachers end up on that post, oops.