Saturday, 16 January 2016


Woohoo I turn 22 today!

Okay actually, turning a year older is not a very big deal to me. What I like about birthdays is the chance to meet up and hang out with friends whom I matter to and matter to me. Also, I took my birthday off Facebook so the ones who remember must have bothered to note it down elsewhere ^_^

Anyway, Tim jio-ed me for dinner today but it turns out the suite was there as well to surprise me. Awww you guys :')

Dinner at Alt. Pizza was good - loved the pizza and fries, and the food arrived really quickly!

Idaho spud cheddar fries
Liana viciously attacked the fries, and Tim almost ordered a second serving. $10 initially seemed a bit much for fries, but the portions were generous enough to feed all 6 of us. Would order this again!

Truffle Shuffle
I am starting to appreciate mushroom pizzas (ever since I tried the one from Mozza), and this one was not bad.

Buffalo Bill
This was a little spicy but still manageable. Tim said the taste reminds him of alcohol? I kinda get what he means, although I cannot explain it. Okay, pardon the strange and vague description.

Crabby Ninja
I am a sucker for seafood so I could not resist ordering something with chunks of crab meat. Sadly, the crab did not go too well with the pizza. Maybe Dominos' top secret sauce would be a better match.

Free Bird
After a while, all the different pizzas started to taste the same to me. This was good as well.

I loved all the pizzas because the crust was amazing! I think the crust was the highlight of everything. They are all thin-crust pizzas, but the dough was soft and chewy. I usually dislike thin crusts because they are extremely thin and brittle, and barely substantial enough to be considered a meal. I prefer chewy thick crusts, but they can be too filling and overpower the toppings at times. Alt. Pizza's crust was the perfect blend of the two.

Pizza Doughnuts
These are doughnuts made from their pizza dough, with Nutella dipping sauce. How could I resist?! Everyone was unimpressed with the seemingly normal doughnuts, but I think I see the appeal - the doughnuts are soft and chewy, just like their pizza crusts, and I think that sets it apart from a typical flour-y and dry doughnut. Sadly, the Nutella sauce was far too diluted for my liking. The Nutella taste was so faint! :(

Vicky wanted to take a photo here, because it has a red carpet. It just looks super cheena in the end, ahaha.
We ended up at McDonald's, eating ice cream and playing Psych. We went home and a few of us continued playing Psych while communicating over WhatsApp Web. Such a happening Friday night, amirite??!

And that concludes the end of my Year 3 Sem 1 Week 1, spent with this lovely bunch of people who never fail to make my day/week/entire semester!

I tend to prefer simple and intimate birthday celebrations (I mean, I could not even be bothered to hold a 21st birthday party, lulz), so a meet-up like this was perfect. I am really very touched by the dinner treats and birthday wishes made without the help of Facebook! 爱死你们了 ♥

It is 3.30am now so my post is a little incoherent and I can no longer keep my eyes open. G'night.

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