Wednesday, 13 January 2016


2016 started on a really hectic note, and so I left my blog to die. Quick update on the past two busy weeks!

Goodbye MBS :'(

Ended my internship last Friday, so the first week of January was spent tying up loose ends and handing over everything to the new batch of interns.

Last (free) visit to the SkyPark Observation Deck.

Farewell dinner at Pasarbella @ Suntec.

The nicest, cutest and prettiest colleagues that I was so lucky to have :')

Last meal at TDR.

The new interns!

Last day of work :'( They gave me a really pretty Swatch watch, which I have been wearing for the past three days!

Back to school

It has been eight months since I last did any studying, and I am still trying to adjust back to school life.

I was never good at doing readings and writing academic papers, so this is going to be a tough battle ahead :\

Reunited with the overly-attached suite on day 1 of school!

Lunch, eyebrow threading, mani-pedi and dinner with the overly-attached suite on day 2.

(Early) birthday dinner with Nichol

Had dinner at Habitat Coffee and dessert at Windowsill Pies today, and it was Nichol's treat since my birthday is on Saturday! Awwww, I love how we are still as close as ever after all these years ^_^

Shrooms - basically like Eggs Ben but with mushrooms. Not bad!

Chilli Crab Linguine - love the chunks of crab meat and man tou, but too spicy for me.

S'mores - quite sweet even for my sweet tooth, and rather mediocre especially for its price ($8). 
And that concludes my year thus far. It is a pretty good start, but I foresee tough times ahead because it is only week 1 of school and I cannot understand my notes. Sigh.

4 semesters to go. I need to quickly 开窍.

P.S. my blog has been receiving over 100 hits every day because people reading up on JCs keep ending up on my blog post about NYJC. Omg, this is quite scary and I hope no teachers end up on that post, oops.

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