Sunday, 17 January 2016


I am procrastinating right now, and hence this very random entry.

I spent the weekend staying up and sleeping in, basically falling back into the terrible sleep cycle I had before my internship. Sigh, old habits die hard.

That is 6pm, not 6am.
I started 2016 with this grand plan of waking up at 8 every morning, having breakfast and maybe even going for a run, before heading for school. Hahahaha, what a joke. It is rather unrealistic to expect such a drastic turnaround.

Instead of aiming for a sudden change in lifestyle, I shall take things one step at a time.

I am starting to do my readings ahead of lecture, although that might just be the week 1 enthusiasm that might die down eventually. This needs to be done consistently such that it turns into a habit instead of an exception. 加油 eve.

As much as I would like to be an early riser, I think my body clock is just not cut out for it. I am not giving up though - gonna set my alarm for 8am every school day and figure out how I can stop myself from crawling back under the blanket.

I prepared overnight oats for tomorrow's breakfast, which would motivate me to wake up so I can eat it. I dumped loads of Milo powder into my oats, so it is far from a healthy meal, oops.

Once tutorials kick in and it is full steam ahead, I should really study in school more often. The moment I am home, I watch shows and play Soda Crush and forget all about the work I have to do.

On the bright side, I am done revamping my room. Bigger desk, relocated to a brighter spot, which hopefully makes for a more conducive environment. Got a dressing table. Finally packed my room and kept away all the rubbish I brought back from Tembusu.

I feel like I need more clothes for school. Clothes that are breezy so I do not melt from walking up and down the endless flights of stairs at FASS, clothes that are minimal and easy to match so I can pick them out with the least amount of brain power possible.

Some random things on my "wishlist" that I have been eyeing:

  • Bracelets from DivinityLA - this pink one and this seashell one in particular. I bet the shipping would cost a bomb, unless somebody would like to share with me.
  • I have noticed bags from A.PALEPETAL at fleas and thought they looked really unique, only to find out how expensive they cost. I quite like this style, but $139 is far too much.
  • Milo granola from Eastern Granola. Okay, I think I might cave and get this one day. Anything with Milo or Nutella will win me over.

Okay, now that I have these thoughts out of the way, it is time to start on week 2's readings. Time to be productive.

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