Thursday, 28 January 2016


Liana and Esther flew off for exchange on Tuesday, and received one of the most dua pai send-offs I have witnessed, heh.

Our suite looks so normal here...

... but that was all a lie. I cannot decide if we are too cute or too weird.

Liana & Esther Fan Club

Year 3 swag.

13 people chartered a van to the airport. We are a few steps away from being a fan club.

Waterproof camera for all the tears.

I thought the photos were quite cute, hence the photo spam.

On a completely random note, my earworm of the week is this remix of Photograph. I cannot stop replaying it.

Okay, I need to stop procrastinating and do some work. Yesterday was a blissful day of waking up at noon, having lunch while watching Making A Murderer, taking a nap till dinnertime, then chilling till bedtime.

I thought I became more hardworking this semester but I guess it was just the back-to-school enthusiasm, which has died down.

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