Monday, 18 April 2016


Left my blog to die because school has been so overwhelming, with all the essay submissions, project proposals and presentations demanding my attention.

Super quick update of the little bit of life I had left, amidst the craziness of year 3 uni life:

Never knew Esplanade had a nice rooftop.

There was some lame show going on at Sentosa, and the fireworks at the end was the saving grace.

End-of-sem dinner with T4 batchmates. Nakhon Kitchen was good!

Shitty photo of Sunday Folks because the guys were getting impatient as me and yy took photos.

Yay ending the semester with my first friends in uni!

Super impromptu supper with my Bukit Panjang buddies! Please don't ever move away :(

Weather in Singapore is cray.

Quite proud of my Snapchat masterpiece.

I was so impressed by this rendition of 不为谁而作的歌 omg so awe-struck.

And now, I face imminent death by exhaustion as I attempt to design a brochure and two webpages from scratch, by Friday. This coming from someone with zero experience with InDesign and Dreamweaver.

I deserve this for procrastinating last week. But I never seem to learn, so I am guessing history will repeat itself in future as well.

10 more days and I am done with the semester! Australia trip and Arts Camp here I come!!!

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