Sunday, 29 May 2016


It's 5am and I am feeling really blissful and happy while listening to my latest earworm, hee hee (o˘◡˘o)

Time for a quick photo dump of the past two weeks of summer!


With the amazing race team!
2 days of trying out games and me getting fried under the sun. For some reason, everyone can stand under the same sun but only my skin gets burnt, oh well. Too hot to handle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


Mango cheesecake! Not bad, but I still think O'ma Spoon has the best mango cheesecake bingsu ever.
I think bingsus are one of my favourite desserts. And the new outlet at Bukit Timah is so near my house plus it's 24/7??!?!!! This calls out to the nocturnal and glutton side of me.

Bubble Glow Run

Heh, thanks for accompanying me to this lousy run.
This was a big fat disappointment. Damn, we paid over $50 to trudge around some park late at night. There were barely any bubbles or UV light. Everything was just extremely underwhelming.

Okay, at least we got a few photos out of it.

JUMBO Seafood

Hehe, 'twas a good day of Katong Laksa (which was too spicy for me), Captain America: Civil War (which I couldn't understand) and CHILLI CRAB!!!

My phone has way too many photos of the sky.

This is far from photogenic, but I don't think I need a nice photo to convince you how good it was.
My second chilli crab of the year. Life is good (▰˘v˘▰)

Ronin Cafe

Wicked Mocha
This was peppermint mocha done to perfection - it was the perfect balance of chocolatey and minty, omg I will go back for it one day.

We were walking around Clarke Quay and spotted these pastel swings from across the road, and so we walked to Fort Canning and spent ages taking photos with the swings.


One month of summer has passed. Next up: results day, pre camp, arts camp, les mis and summer school!!! Really really hoping that everything goes smoothly.

Thursday, 19 May 2016


So one night, I was torturing myself by reading food reviews on an empty stomach. And the reviews for Hokkaido Izakaya were all so good, I immediately jio-ed Nichol to try with me \(^▽^)/

Milk hotpot with salmon ($18)
THE SOUP WAS HEAVENLY. It was luxuriously thick, creamy and milky - nothing like those 鱼片米粉 where they simply pour milk into the soup. This was legit.

We ordered a bowl of rice to go with the soup, and I think the rice made it even better!!! The soup can get too salty at times, and the Japanese rice balanced it out nicely. 

Omg, this is definitely worth returning for (∩˃o˂∩)♡

Japanese Omelette mixed with milk ($10)
Nichol liked this, but I found it rather plain? It just tastes like a normal omelette to me. I guess it does look tempting when they spread Hokkaido butter all over the omelette when they serve it to you.

Kakiage tempura soba ($12)
This looked quite impressive, with that huge piece of tempura, but it was such a disappointment. The noodles were too mushy, the tempura was too greasy and soggy, and we barely touched it.

Verdict: would return for that glorious milk hotpot, and try other dishes instead of the omelette and soba. Maybe I'll try the potato salad and fried cheese next time! Omg I'm looking forward to it already.

Anyway, it was bloody hot and humid that day so we went to get some dessert at Bingki Korean Dessert. My stomach was bursting but I couldn't tahan the heat, what a terrible compromise I had to make, ha ha ha.

Strawberry bingsu ($15)
Had this all to myself cos Nichol didn't want any. Don't let that mug fool you, it was quite a big portion for one person okay! 

I can proudly say that I finished everything because it was good! The bingsu was super smooth and soft because the ice was very fine. The consistency was almost like ice cream since the ice was so densely packed.

Hehe it was a good day for my tummy! (ˆ ڡ ˆ)

Sunday, 15 May 2016


The start of summer = finally meeting up with friends, especially before everybody has internship commitments or start flying all around the world. Sigh, busy uni kids!!!

Old Airport Road Food Centre
Had our semesterly post-finals suite outing, although this time round it was just dinner at Old Airport Road. Nonetheless, it was a good meal and catch-up!

Xiao long bao, oyster omelette, sambal stingray, hokkien mee and satay!!!
The entire meal cost us $9 each, which I think was super worth it!

Not pictured was the 51 Soya Bean to end off our meal. Omg it was so shiok to eat this when we were dying from the heat!!! We concluded that 51 Soya Bean beats Lao Ban - the texture was just smoother and more delicate.

Missing Liana and Esther, who are enjoying life on the other side of the globe.
Sigh, I miss those days when we woke up together, left for our outings together, went back together to take a nap before grabbing dinner and screening movies in our living room. Now we're busier, plus we have to go our separate ways when we head home since we no longer live next to one another. Missing my suite life in Tembusu :'(

National Museum Singapore
Finally met up with Tim after an entire semester! We planned to visit the Treasures of the World exhibition cos he had free tickets, only to realise it was already free since we were students. HAHAHAHAHA.

We were discussing how the British were basically showcasing the stuff they stole during their colonial power, haha.
I don't have much to say about the exhibition because it wasn't very interesting. Or maybe I'm just not cultured and intellectual enough, heh.

Little Wimbly Lu
Had some time to kill after the museum, so I went in search of a cafe to chill. Stumbled upon Little Wimbly Lu, which left me unimpressed. The menu was quite limited, and the decor was incredibly dull compared to its original outlet.

Blurred my notebook so you can't peep, hee hee.
Paid $6 for an iced mocha, which was served in a mediocre plastic cup. It was not bad, but I guess I had higher expectations after visiting the original Wimbly Lu outlet.

My visit to Melbourne and Sydney has reignited my love for cafes. Recently, I've been in the mood to chill at a cafe while enjoying good coffee. HAHAHA pretentious much, I don't even know what is considered "good" coffee.

I've also started penning down my thoughts after overcoming the inertia (because I was previously too lazy to write). I think this is a good way to keep my thoughts in check, especially when I start to get soft-hearted and deluded. Okay, I think this only makes sense to a few people. Moving on.

Chomp Chomp Food Centre
Also finally met up with the CNM OG! Didn't take any modules with them so I barely got to see them during the semester. I can't believe my freshies are gonna be year 3s soon, and I am a lao jiao already??!?!! #不认老

Didn't take photos of our food because we greedily attacked everything. We ended up having two rounds of dinner: before and after Louis the Latecomer arrived. Not that I would complain about having two sambal stingrays though (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Someone saw the chocolate syrup and asked "why MM? Is it Media Monitoring?" ha ha life of CNM students.
Had dessert at Udders, then chilled at the rooftop garden at myVillage until they chased us away at 10pm. We were using the SkyView app and spotted Jupiter and Mars in the sky omg so cool???

Hehe, always fun hanging out with them especially when we can geek out about topics like PR and social media, which would've bored people from other majors.

It's been a good week so far. Looking forward to more meet-ups next week, buying logistics, attending pre-pre-camp and going for Bubble Run! This is the best type of busy :)

Friday, 13 May 2016


Continued from my Melbourne post!

We arrived in Sydney on a hazy morning, which I thought made the view even prettier. The Harbour Bridge looked quite surreal from afar.

Holding up my food to make it look hipster (it was just mediocre hot chocolate).

We stayed at InterContinentel Sydney, which was super shiok because it was just a few minutes walk from Circular Quay.

Sydney Sustainable Markets

We were wandering around while waiting to check in, and stumbled upon this market. They mostly sold organic produce, juices and food.

The atmosphere is really chill - quite a good way to spend your Saturday morning!

Even their cups were sustainable.

Yaxue and Gary had this bacon and egg roll, which was super yummy! I kinda regret not getting it, sigh. It's from a stall called Mr. Bacon and Egg Rolls, and this list claimed it was among "9 of Sydney’s Best Bacon and Egg Rolls".

The market only opens every Saturday, so I guess we were lucky to have chanced upon it!

Something random I saw along the way.

Darling Harbour

We were walking to Darling Harbour and saw lots of people waiting by the bridge. Turns out, they were waiting for fireworks and we arrived right on time. Hehe, I think our luck was not bad that day.

Failed to take nice photos so I'll make do with this.
 They have fireworks every Saturday and you can check the timings here.

Graze MCA

We were looking for a brunch place and found this restaurant located at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It has outdoor seating with a stunning view of the harbour and Opera House, which was really the perfect way to start your Sunday morning (▰˘v˘▰)

Fried eggs on sourdough toast
I loooove eggs so this was heavenly (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Also, I realised most places served free-range eggs, which tastes different according to Yaxue. I did notice that the egg yolk was more plump and viscous (strange choice of word?) And the eggs do look very shiok right!

The Rocks Markets

We went to The Rocks that day, and they happened to have this market going on. They open on Fridays and weekends. I love these sort of markets, so I'm really happy we stumbled upon a few in Sydney!

Huge ass corn from the Australian Corn Company
This corn was really very juicy, like it was bursting with every bite. I think it only cost $2, which is the same price as our pasar malam cup corn hahaha. I devoured everything although I was still full from brunch, which says a lot.

N2 Extreme Gelato

Went to Chinatown and decided to try this famous gelato! It's made with liquid nitrogen, which apparently makes the ice cream smoother.

Mine has "milk gelato with coconut fudge and almonds, rolled in dessicated coconut and finished with a white chocolate and coconut syringe". I chose this because I like the Raffafelo sauce from llaollao, ahaha.

They had lots of flavours with interesting toppings. There was this jam flavour that is topped with an entire donut, omg???

Well, they did call themselves "extreme".

Bowery Lane

I was looking for a good place to chill for brunch, and this place was highly-recommended so I decided to give it a try since it was just a 3-minutes walk from the hotel.

Scout's Breakfast
This had poached eggs, mushrooms, roast potatoes, crispy prosciutto, goats cheese and parmesan crumbs. I have no idea what a prosciutto is.

The food turned out to be rather disappointing ●︿● I don't know why, but it tasted quite sour? Did they drizzle some sort of sour sauce on it???

I liked the ambience though! It was located in the CBD, and you can just pass your time people-watching if you sit by the window. I went there to chill on my own on a Monday morning and it was really enjoyable despite the unsatisfying food.

Circular Quay

I really loved Circular Quay and The Rocks! It's a really great place to take a stroll and just soak up the atmosphere. In the day, there's nice views, street performers and lots of seagulls; at night, it's bustling with dinner crowds and live bands in bars.

Look at the two seagulls, aww so cute.
It was quite a cold morning so I decided to get some hot chocolate while walking along Circular Quay after brunch. Wah, totally enjoying life right ˘◡˘

I got the Banana and Caramel Hot Chocolate from Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe, which was an interesting change from the typical hot chocolate. The banana taste was quite subtle, so the drink was still deliciously chocolatey.

When I finished my drink, I realised that the bottom of the cup was filled with melted chocolate!!! I think they pour hot chocolate over a piece of chocolate, omg so yumz. They need to serve this in Singapore for me to indulge in when I have pms.


The flight from Melbourne to Australia wasn't as shiok because it was a smaller plane and Qantas food is not very good. The view was amazing though! And it was yet another empty flight so I switched over to the window seats and got two seats all to myself.

Halfway through the flight, the pilot made some announcement that I couldn't understand (lol their Aussie accent I catch no balls). Everyone suddenly rushed to the left side of the plane and I got quite a shock. Like wtf what are they running away from???

Turns out, the plane was flying over the Ayers Rock! Even the air steward went to take a look and asked me to send him the photos I took because he had to go to work, hahaha.

It does look quite amazing even from so high up in the sky.

This one wasn't famous so nobody cared, but I happened to look out of the window and thought it looked like pancakes.

Aaand that sums up most of my trip! I really miss the cool weather, friendly people, good coffee and weekend markets. Totally enjoyed the chill and lepak life for those few days.

Just came back from an ocomm gathering, so I'm back into the Arts Camp mood! The upcoming weeks will be quite busy, with all the post-exam meet-ups and Arts Camp planning and preparing for summer school.


Thursday, 12 May 2016


Got back from Australia last night and I am missing the land down under already :( Since I visited Melbourne and Sydney, I shall update them separately!

- Warning: photo spams ahead -

First of all, Emirates was bloody shiok! The flight to Melbourne was amazing. Surprisingly yummy plane food, having three seats all to myself and catching the sunrise from above the clouds.


Sunrise + clouds = pastel skies

I didn't do a lot of super touristy sight-seeing stuff since I just stayed in the city.

Melbourne's GPO

So Yaxue brought me to the big H&M, which is located Melbourne's GPO.
Melbourne’s GPO is located in heart of Melbourne’s CBD and is one of the most iconic buildings in the city. Previously the General Post Office, the heritage listed building now plays home to H&M, along with a selection of amazing eateries, Larsen Jewellery and Absolutely Altered and Tailored.
She said this is one of those spots that people always Instagram, hahaha.
I went there just to take photos, cos the clothes weren't particularly special or cheap. Such an Instagram addict, tsk.

Flinders Street Railway Station
Flinders Street is the busiest suburban railway station in the southern hemisphere, with over 1500 trains and 110,000 commuters passing through each day. Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, its 708-metre main platform is the fourth longest railway platform in the world.
This looks so majestic, especially when compared to our MRT stations. AND WHY IS AUSTRALIA'S SKY ALWAYS SO PRETTY??!

Donwoori Korean BBQ Restaurant

This was a very un-touristy meal, but omg this is the best Korean BBQ I have ever had. Their beef bulgogi was my favourite.

They cook the meat with charcoal. Not sure if it made the food taste better or if my logic is flawed, heh.
Okay, this was located next to Queen Victoria Market, so I guess it was a teensy bit touristy.

You can read more reviews here.

Market Lane Bar

We went to the bar at InterContinental because Gary and their friends worked there, so we had free cocktails.

I had high hopes for this but according to Chris, the new bartender didn't make it very well? Doesn't matter to me, it was chocolatey so I liked it anyway.

I think this was called Chocolate Delight or something.
Crazy rich and decadent chocolate mousse, paired with Mövenpick raspberry sorbet. Super indulgent but I felt less sinful because it was free, heh heh >:)

Chris ordered the Sticky Date Pudding and went crazy over it because it was just that good. They served it with fried ice cream on the side, which I think is enough of a reason to order it if you ever visit that place.

Queen Victoria Market

Since Yaxue lived right next to the market, I decided to explore alone for a bit. To be honest, there was nothing much to see or buy? Just lots of tourist souvenirs and organic produce.

I thought this looked quite pretty though!


And since Melbourne is known for its good coffee and cafe culture, I just had to visit a hipster cafe. Krimper was located along an alley, which already gave it extra hipster points.

Our hipster food, hehe. 
Gary ordered the Bao-nedict, which he said was very good! It has stout braised pork, spinach, poached eggs, hollandaise. I think it's basically a fusion of kong bak pau with Eggs Benedict.

My french toast
This has pavlova, caramelised peach, vanilla honey mascarpone, dulce de leche, candied pecans (I didn't find any pecans on my plate leh, 跑到哪里去?) Everything was really yummy, especially the honey mascarpone! But omgosh this dish was way too sweet - probably best to share with someone.


I have been looking forward to this ever since I saw it on Instagram!!!

Nutella Swirl. They dig a hole in the ice cream and fill it with Nutella, yumz.
This tasted like the Nutella ice cream from Island Creamy, but it's smoother cos it's gelato! Quite a generous portion for $4, I'd say.

Dock 37

This was some random dinner at the Hilton hotel, cos they bought the Groupon deal. It's located next to the Crown Melbourne Gas Brigades and Yarra River, so they view is pretty nice :)

Wilderness Beef Tenderloin. Juicy beef and cheesy risotto!
Pana Cotta. This was kinda meh
Around $40 for entrée, sides, main course, dessert and wine. Quite value for money I think! My main course alone already cost $42, hehe.

- end of Melbourne post -

I think it is quite obvious that I cared about food more than anything else this trip (ˆ ڡ ˆ)

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


I am free from finals!!!

Okay, I was free since last Thursday.

The only difference is that I can now laze around guilt-free, whoops.

A quick glimpse of my post-finals life:
(spoiler: it's all food)

Springleaf Prata Place

Went to the newly-opened outlet at Rail Mall, cos the West side is cool yo.

Our feast for three (clockwise): Umami 50, Murtaburger and Plaster Blaster.

Plaster Blaster aka the Eggs Ben prata. The only prata that had a solo shot because it was photogenic, hee.
Plaster Blaster ($5) has two slices of ham and a poached egg with hollandaise sauce. This was surprisingly good! Quite a small portion for $5, but too much of it would probably get sickening so it was just right. Kinda like Goldilocks eating the baby bear's prata. Anyway, the egg and ham justified the price in my opinion.

Umami 50 ($8) has luncheon meat, chicken floss, mayo, eggs and cheese. This was super yummy!!! I loved the chicken floss, and I think it did a great job balancing the otherwise savoury prata.

I didn't eat the Murtaburger, so no reviews. Yongshin said she preferred the Umami though! Yay chicken floss is always good. I like my porridge to have a 1:1 porridge-floss ratio.

Before I digress... time for some photos of my beloved Bukit Panjang buddies (almost alliteration there).

HAHAHAHA so shameless.


Chir Chir

Dear Chir Chir, why don't you offer smaller portions of your food?

I think Daphy and I developed some sort of chicken aversion after tackling the huge portions of fried chicken.

Honey Butter Chicken
Okay first of all, the fried chicken only comes in one portion. It costs $28.90 lah, so you can kinda guess how much food there was. Second, the honey butter seasoning was quite shiok, but it gets very 腻 after awhile because it was just too much!!!

The chicken was really tender and juicy though!!! And I really liked the honey butter seasoning. Just that it should be eaten in moderation, ahaha.

Mac n Cheese ($9.80)
This was kinda meh, nothing worth raving about. Probably not worth your stomach space if you are going there for fried chicken? Maybe the toppoki with cheese would be more interesting.

We planned to have dinner at Tae Woo (cos I made her crave for jajangmyeon when I complained to her about my own cravings muahaha), but we were too full and decided to skip dinner.

So I finished lunch at 4pm and only ate some cup noodles at 1am. That, coupled with my sleep pattern, my body clock must be feeling really confused.

Looking forward to my summer filled with Australia trip, arts camp and hopefully summer exchange!!!!!!!!!!! Dear prof, please reply my module mapping email T_T